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How to put bookmark on iPhone home screen

April 29th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Here in this tutorial we will tell you how to put bookmark on iPhone home screen. Complete procedure is explained below:

About iPhone

Today, all the people including businessmen, teachers, students, mothers, labor and even student folk love carry mobile phones. As the mobiles have become affordable with improvised technology, people are in search of devices that are designed with more reasonable features and available at fewer prices. But there are few people who are ready to pay any price to get a rich mobile gadget that can go beyond calling and can handle many tasks.

To make that to happen, engineers at Apple Inc have designed iPhone. Apple engineers made it by creating the first retina display with touch technology. iPhone is especially designed to make people feel more personal and make them feel the a computer was functioning for them not a just a simple mobile.

It has become popular in various fields like weather results, playing games, shopping, and entertainment and so on. iPhone is a smart phone which has given new definition and dimention to the cell phone manufacturing by not being a phone. It is a combination of digital camera, mobile phone, iPod, and a tablet pc. Rather than a physical keyboard, users can operate the onscreen keyboard by two finger touches. The main feature of it is that it has internet browsing and networking capabilities.

bookmark on iPhone home screen

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How to add bookmarks

iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the world. It is smart because of hoards of apps that can be downloaded on it. It is also smart because of its impeccable engineering that enables the users to take advantage of its functionalities. Website bookmarking is one such fantastic feature. Let see this in detail now.

If you are using iPhone extensively for web browsing then you might be frequenting certain websites more often than not. If you wish to store the URLs in some place so that you can quickly access the website without typing out the URL, you can do it through ‘bookmarks’ feature. This write-up lets you know on how to bookmark websites and also how to have these bookmarks on your iPhone’s home screen.

Firstly go to the website or webpage that you wish to add as bookmark. To do this open iPhone’s web browser (it is Safari by default) and type the URL for the last time. Then tap twice on any part of the webpage that you wish to mark as an icon. Now at the bottom of the screen you would be seeing a plus (+) symbol. After you click this plus symbol you would be shown with three options i.e. ‘Add Bookmark’, ‘Add to Home Screen’ and ‘Mail Link to this page.’ Select the option ‘Add to Home Screen’ and click on it.

Now the screen would be showing the selected webpage portion as a small icon and having a blank space next to it. This is the text box where you have to type the name of the bookmark. Once you are done with the name, click ‘Add’ button that you can see on top right corner of the screen.

That is it, now the website icon with the name given by you would appear on the home screen of your iPhone and from now on you need to type the URL to access favorite websites.

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  • 1 Lorenzo // May 2, 2013 at 8:51 am

    You can also use this technique to add popular bookmarklets such as Evernote web clipper and Pinterest Pin it button to your home screen.