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How to Remove Apps Permanently From iPad

February 26th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this tutorial we will tell you how to remove apps permanently from iPad. Complete procedure is explained below:

Deleting or removing any application permanently from your iPad is absolutely child’s play. All it involves is simple two or three steps and you can get rid of any application forever. So, here we go.

  • Place your finger on the icon of app you wish to delete from your iPad. Hold it until you see all the icons on the screen have started to wiggle.
  • As soon as they start wiggling, you’ll immediately see  X symbol on upper left hand corner of each Icon. Appearance of X symbol is actually first step in deleting any application from your iPad.
  • Now simply click or tap on the X symbol. As soon as you click or tap a dialog box will appear on the screen asking you to confirm whether you wish to delete this application or not.

Remove Apps Permanently From iPad

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  • Now obviously you’ll have to click on the delete button. And as soon as you click on the delete button, another dialogue box will appear on the screen requesting you to the application that is about to be deleted. Either you can go ahead and rate the application or simply tap on ‘no thanks’.
  • Once you are done clicking on ‘no thanks’, the application will be deleted from your iPad.
  • However, we are not completely done yet. There is another very important step i.e. to remove application from the sync application list from your itunes. Don’t ignore this step, this will avert the deleted application from re-syncing to your ipad whenever you connect your iPad to your PC.
  • To execute this final step, connect your iPad to your PC or laptop. Next open your itune and go to the application option. Immediately next thing you’ll see is list of applications. Now search for the application that you are looking to delete permanently. Once you find the application, just right click on the application and click on the delete.
  • Immediately a dialogue box will pop up asking either you want delete the application & move it to recycle bin or move it to iTune media folder section. You need to choose move to trash option for permanently deleting the application from Itune. And, now finally you can rest in peace.

In the end we would again like to reiterate that deleting the application from iTune application list will completely undo all the chances of deleted application being again re-sync into your iPad. So, this is how simple & easy deleting an application from your Ipad is. We do hope that our step to step explanation will prove to be handy when next time you set on for deleting any application from your iPad.

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