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How to Scan Documents Using iPhone

January 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will guide you how to scan documents using iPhone. The article enlists five great apps that helps in scanning documents using iPhone.

A document scanner would be probably the best innovative app at the time it was developed. This is a really cool app that allows you to scan your documents on the go without the need of any additional resources other than your phone. This post will enlist five such great apps that will help you in scanning documents using your iPhone.

1.     Turbo Scan


This is a document scanning app that comes with a cool 3X feature that allows you to take 3 pictures of your respective document and then the app combines those images to give you a clear scan of the document.  You also have the liberty to scan more than one pages and then create a single document out of them.

The only drawback is the lack of sharing option via dropbox or icloud. Though you may e-mail the document directly, but you can open the doc with any compatible app.

The app costs around $ 1.99 from the Apple store.

2. Scanner Pro

This app comes with an in-built sharing option via icloud which was not there in the previous app. Also it has a grid assist option that comes in real handy while scanning documents.  You can very quickly scan multiple pages and then combine it into a single document rather than to have a separate document for each page which is quite useful.

Exporting a document is really easy with this app. You can either upload the document to dropbox or share it using icloud to other apple devices.

Also you may mail the documents easily from the app itself. The only drawback is that there are no text options available. The document can either be saved in a picture format or PDF format. The app will cost you $ 6.99.

3. Genius Scan

This app is really customizable and results in good scans and the most important advantage is that this app is completely free. The free version allows you to scan and save the documents in a desired format and then share it via email or open it with the compatible apps.

In case you need to use the cloud services, you need to pay $ 2.99 to upgrade to the pro version.

4. Cam Scanner

This is another useful and free app for scanning documents from your iPhone.

You can easily scan, password protect, share, tag, merge or upload the resulting document via cloud services all in the free version of the app.

The drawback here is that the free version will add a small Cam Scanner watermark at the bottom right corner of your document. So if you are scanning some personal or proprietary document, you may have to face problems there.

The pro version of the app is worth $ 4.99

5. Prizmo

This is by far the best scanning app for you. It not only scan docs, but also business cards or even white board texts. Also the app has the ability to convert the scanned docs into editable text files which is the unique feature of this app exclusively, among all the apps enlisted here. The app has complete sharing and editing features for you and the results are quite accurate.

The app costs you $ 9.99, but is worth it.

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