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How to sell your old iPhone and Get the Best Value

October 16th, 2012 · No Comments

Technology is one of the most exciting and worthwhile hobbies. But all us tech buffs and geeks have one common complaint – our old gadgets lose their value very fast!

Yes, I’m sure you all agree to this – How many times have we bought the latest and greatest gadget – perhaps an iPhone, a graphics card, or even a tablet – and seen how, after just a few months, it becomes old, outdated and worth barely a fraction of what we paid for it.

This becomes very distressing when we want to buy a new phone and wish to sell our old gadgets in exchange. But, if you are careful, there are ways around it. Here are some tips that will help you sell your old gadgets such as an iPhone and get a very good value for it:

sell your old iphone

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One of the best places for offloading old gadgets and other gear, EBay can be the way to bet best value for your old iPhone or tablet. Just be careful – as with any online transaction


Craigslist can also be a great place to sell you old iPhone. You can list it for sale, and you might even find a listing for a local shop that buys and sells used gadgets and phones.

Other Local Classifieds

Some of the local-oriented classifieds can be very good places to sell your old iPhone.


Gazelle specialises in iPhones and other Appla gadgets. In fact, you also won’t have trouble selling broken iPhones here!
SellMyMobile: Perhaps the best-known of all such cell phone and tablet sites, SellMyMobile might offer you the best possible deal. You can see what the going market rate is and even get free shipping in certain cases. Best of all, you might even be able to sell your iPhone even if it is not in working condition – there’s no need to toss it into the garbage!


Another mobile phone sale site, this is also a goof option.


NextWorth doesn’t just let you sell your old iPhone, but is a great place to offload any old, unwanted gadget – from GPS systems to calculators.


Yet another fantastic site for selling your used iPhone BuyMyTronics is regarded by many as offering the best value in the market. Check it out!

Apple recycling

Yes, it’s not that well-known but Apple alos runs their own recycling programme – you can sell old iPhones, iPads, and even Macs and PCs to Apple. In return, you’ll get Apple gift vouchers!


Owned by eBay, InstantSale is amongst the hottest new sites in this area. Some Internet users say that InstantSale offers excellent value for your old iPhone

There you are! We hope these sites help you sell your old iPhone for a good value. Of course, as with any online transaction, be careful and doublecheck before entering into any commitment to buy or sell a device!

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