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How to Set up an e-waste Recycling Fundraiser?

November 29th, 2012 · No Comments

Here we have highlighted some of the steps to explain how to set up an e-waste recycling fundraiser.

E-waste refers to used electronic devices like Cellphones, Laptops, Printers, Printed Circuit boards, hard disks etc. which get dumped in soil as landfills. E-waste is harmful to the soil and makes the ground water toxic. In order to prevent the pollution and to re-use the materials from the used electronic devices, E-waste recycling is considered a very important technique.

Organizing E-waste recycling fundraisers like Cellphone collection programs have become more popular now. Through such fund raisers, used devices from public can be collected and donated for charity purpose. The unusable goods will be sent for recycling where they will be crushed and raw materials like Lead, Iron, Aluminum etc. and other metals can be extracted from them.

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The recycling programs usually offer certain dollar amount for each recycling unit and this makes the contributions of every donor tangible. E-waste recycling fundraisers are not just excellent opportunity to educate and safeguard the community, but they can also help in protecting the environment. Some of the steps in organizing an E-waste fundraiser include:

  • In order to setup an E-waste recycling fundraiser, first you should contact the recycling fundraiser companies to find out what kind of used items they accept, the shipping costs involved, marketing support offered and payout details. You should find out companies that provide necessary shipping materials and take care of marketing support as well. They might assist you in promoting your E-waste fundraising event online through social media and their website.

For example, there are some companies like Pacebutler which help in organizing Cellphone recycling fundraiser programs. They provide fliers for advertising and also take care of shipping charges.

All you have to do is provide your contact details and get the Cellphone information kit. You will get prepaid shipping labels through which you can send the collected cell phones to them. They pay up to $150 per used phone and issue a check within 2 business days.

  • Hire some volunteers who can assist with activities in your fundraising campaign. You would require support in marketing the campaign through ads in terms of fliers, banners and social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. You need to place containers in different places where you conduct the campaign to collect the used devices from public.

You can ask the volunteers to paste the banners and fliers in common places like bus stands, train stations, schools, churches, hospitals and corporate offices where you conduct the campaign.

You will also need help in packing the collected items in proper containers and shipping them to the recycling companies. All these tasks can be done by separate volunteers who can take care of marketing, packing and shipping the collected items.

  • Promote your fundraising campaigns through social media like Facebook Fan pages, Twitter posts, online forums etc. Also use traditional media like local newspapers where you can post ads on community announcements. You can also advertiser through local TV channels and radio stations about your fundraising campaign to receive more support from general public. You can also get support from schools and non-profit organizations in your locality to help in promoting the fundraising campaign.
  •  Get help from local business through donation of used electronic items or by helping in promoting the campaigns through fliers in their business area. You can get help from companies which manufacture electronic devices to assist you in such fundraisers. They might have tie up with recycling companies and can help you in shipping the collected items to them. You can also negotiate on the pay for each collected item which is sent for recycling through such companies.

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