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How to Start an eWaste Recycling Business

November 22nd, 2012 · 1 Comment

Here is an article for information with regards to how to start an ewaste recycling business.

E waste is the term coined to all the discarded and refused electronic devices and peripherals that are dumped into landfills. Every year, approximately 55 metric tons worth e-waste is deposited throughout the world and the mercury is only on the rise!

A survey has projected that majority of the consumers and enterprises that discard electronic devices and shred them to landfills through agencies are not completely aware of the benefits of recycling and re-assembling the discarded elements. Or in some cases the recycling aids don’t reach them on time.

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You should be reading this article If you are contemplating on starting up an e waste recycling company. An avenue which doesn’t just safeguard natural resources but also protect the environment from breathing polluted air.

What’s in it for you?

If you are to reap economic benefits and boost your turnover smart recycling of e wastes is the only solution. If you didn’t already know e wastes can be source of precious metals such as Gold, zinc and copper. Let us think from a business perspective, without much startup costs you get to explore many dimensions of an avenue.

Presently, a mere 25% of consumer durables are recycled. Which means, you have ample opportunity to capitalize on the rest of the unutilized resources. Howbeit, to be successful recycler you would need the acceptance and cooperation of individuals and authority. Here are few working tips to foster an e waste recycling business.

Know what you are doing

 An e waste recycler essentially aids and simplifies recycle and reuse of electronic appliances starting from office computers to discarded mobile phones. So you need to begin with a diligent market research.

Know which authorities to ring and which ones to knock.  You don’t have to be a Federal law expert but gain usable knowledge about e waste recycling policies laid by the State. Create a target customer base, and target the various corporates in your vicinity and educate them about recycling and re-assembling the electronic devices.

Create a Business Model 

 You definitely aim at profiting from your venture, for that a stable business model and vision is necessary.  You may chose to outsource the recycling facility to another agent amd transport all the waste accumulated from various clients or chose to do recycle it yourself. Keep in mind, the investment on infrastructure.

Gain due Authorization and License from State Authorities

Be open to questions and advise them what you aim to achieve from your business. Usually rounds of inspection and investigation are carried out by Police and the Natural Resource and Precious Metals department, cooperate with them. Sum up and file all the official and legal documents for future reference.

Hire Professional Recyclers for a Quality Service

If you don’t have any prior experience with Recycling, hire professionals who know how to play with the tools well and are self motivated. Carry out background check and experience verification as they would be dealing with precious metals. Govern your business with ethics and values. Have high regards for the environment protection laws.

Market your Business Well

Don’t forget, you would be dealing with an offbeat venture which many people have no clue about. Create your identity by distributing pamphlets, fliers and advertisements in local media. Create a social networking page and build up your audience. Your cause wouldn’t be let down!

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  • 1 bhimraj // Dec 30, 2012 at 10:06 am

    sir please provide us e-west recycle business related all information like model plan,profit,franchisee etc regards bhimraj 098283-23456