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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone Without Using Power Button

February 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you how to take a screenshot on iPhone without using power button. Complete procedure is explained below:

iPhone is and has always been an amazing device that comes up with cool innovations with every hardware or software upgrade that it introduces every year. With the introduction of iOS 6, the iPhone experience has completely changed. Not only the Google maps are replaced by much cooler and useful Apple’s own maps, but also there is a deep integration with FaceBook provided in this new firmware along with hundreds of User Interface changes and fixes.

That being said, there is also a new and quite hidden feature that allows you to take a screenshot of your iPhone’s screen without fiddling with the home and the power button, trying to wriggle your fingers every time you want to take a screenshot.

This feature is known as assistive touch feature that allows users with disabilities to easily handle the device and perform various functions without even pressing the home button. This feature was also available in iOS 5 for various Apple devices like iPad, iPod and obviously iPhone. But in iOS 6 the assistive touch feature also allows you to mysteriously take a screen capture of your iPhone’s present screen. In this post we will learn how to do the same in iOS 6.

Screenshot on iPhone

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In order to access this assistive touch feature, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility. In this menu, you will find a ‘Physical and Motor option under which you will see the ‘assistive touch option. Before you access the assistive touch settings you need to switch it ON from there. This is shown in the image below:

When you are done with it, you will see a new floating panel on your screen which will be having four options on it. These options will be named as Gestures, Device, Home and Favorites.

You just need to tap the floating panel that you see. After it has been activated by your tap, you need to select the ‘Favorites’ option. In Favorites, you will see the ‘Screenshot option. When you tap this ‘Screenshot’ option, it will act as the same event as pressing the power and the home button together to take a screenshot and a screenshot of the current screen will be clicked and saved to your phone.


So, you will now be easily able to take screenshots using this assistive touch feature without even bothering to press the home and the power buttons every time you need a screenshot of your current iPhone’s screen. This software supported method of capturing a screenshot of the present screen is much more intuitive and easier to implement even if you are using a stylus on your iPhone or iPad and is definitely more comfortable than the hardware method of pressing the home and the power buttons simultaneously in order to take a screenshot that might not even work because it is normal to have a certain unacceptable delay between the pressing events of these two buttons.

Also, there are various applications that do the same job of taking a screenshot of your current screen without pressing the home and the power buttons but then most of these applications require you to jailbreak your iPhone in order for them to have access to your phone’s base software and kernel. This is definitely not a recommended step and you also have the risk of bricking your iPhone which will be really very painful.

So, it is better to use the in-built assistive touch facility provided by Apple itself. It is not very difficult to use except the fact that you need to turn it ON every time you want a screenshot unless you do not mind that irritating floating panel on your screen all the times.

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