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How to Turn on Cookies on Android Phone

August 26th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you how to turn on cookies on Android phone. Here’s the complete discussion:

Technically cookies are messages transmitted to the web browser from the web server. It stores the messages/information in a text file. After which whenever the user requests for the same page, the browser sends the request to the server and gets back the response. The primary purpose of cookies is to customize web pages according to the user requirement. For instance if the user has already set a custom setting for a page then every time he opens the page, the browser should identify the user and open the site according to the instructions stored already. Whenever you are entering the site with the help of the cookies, you are asked to fill out some questions (also known as forms) which contain some very basic information like name, occupation, interests etc. Cookies essentially use the same information to identify the end user.

A cookie allows you to read and save the cookie data from the Android browser which is set by default or from the chrome browser. Standard users can handle cookie behaviour and modify the way information is stored on the cookies. Some of the steps which need to be taken care while activating cookies on the Android phones are-

  • To begin with, Fire the android/phone browser.  Ensure no idle background apps are running,How to Turn on Cookies on Android Phone
  • Once when you have started the browser you will have to push “Menu” button on your handset. By doing so, you will be directed to the page where you can see the list of running apps.The options available in this window are -“Go”, “new Window”, “Bookmarks”,” forward’, “Refresh” and more options. Choose “More options”Once “more options “is chosen, you will be given a list of available functionalities of the web browser. Here you will have to select the option “Setting”.
  • Settings give you the various options for handling the functionalities of your android set. You can also control the browser settings from this very window. You can go through all the options available in this window. You will have to keep on scrolling down until you find the option to “accept cookies”.
  • When you reach to the option of “Accept cookies”, you just have to check the box or select the radio button. When you select the box, it will display a green color check mark which depicts that the functionality has been accepted by the device. This will enable the cookies for your hand set.
  • Should you wish to turn off the cookies at a later point then you will have to run through the same steps mentioned above and “un-check” the box in front of the text- This would disable cookies acceptance. Please note that this just changes the cookies behaviour on the local environment, i.e. your handset.Additionally, if you wish to remove all forms data and information stored by cookies you can select “clear all cookies data”, this option is available in the menu of the “Accept cookies” itself.



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