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How to Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone with Cydia?

March 20th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you how to turn your iPod touch into an iPhone with Cydia. Here’s the complete procedure explained:

People who are using iPod Touch are frustrated with the hype given to iPhone and wish that they could convert their Music player to an iPhone. With help of Cydia and few apps, you can actually convert your iPod Touch to an iPhone with similar functionalities of an actual phone. This is an excellent option for users who wish to own an Apple phone, but not willing to pay lot of money for expensive contracts. Using Cydia and some other 3rd party apps, you can receive calls through your iPod, send SMS, browser internet using 3G, transfer files through Bluetooth and do range of interesting apps.


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You can get all the benefits of jail broken / unlocked iPhone which includes Installious, Cydia and option use your iPhone with any Mobile Carrier. You can also customize the iPod and install any 3rd party Apps of your choice. Cydia is basically an application which allows users to add 3rd party apps to their iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. It is similar to App store where you can download plenty of applications like Productivity Apps, Networking Apps, and Games etc.

You can choose from range of themes which can alter your Wallpaper, status bar, dock, icons etc. You can also use Winterboard app which can help you customize the chat bubbles, dialer keypad appearance, Wi-Fi Signal indicator etc. In order to convert your iPod touch to iPhone, you should jail break your iPod using Siphon SIP/VoIP which is a jail break app that can be installed through Cydia. Jail breaking refers to process of unlocking your iPod so that you can install custom 3rd party apps in it other than the original Apps from Apple.


It adds support for cool features like multi-tasking, installing custom Apps and also customizing the appearance of your phone. You should also be aware of that fact Jail breaking will deprive your device of warranty from the manufacturer. In order to Jail break, you require iTunes version 9 or later, a data cable, Spirit Jailbreak software and your iPod touch. Once you have unlocked your iPod, you can install custom Apps for making voice calls, exchanging SMS, Bluetooth file transfer and other features.

You can install Skype which allows you send and receive messages between any countries and all you require is Skype credit. In order to make voice calls with your iPod Touch, you require headphones which have in-built microphones along with them since there is no separate microphone installed in iPod Touch. For making calls, you can use Skype to call any mobile or landline numbers around the world. Another custom 3rd party App which can be installed is Fring which helps you to use Skype and other SIP VoIP providers for making video calls. It can also be integrated with IM services like Google Talk and MSN. You can also make user of SIP phone services by providing the SIP details in Fring Settings under Add-ons. You will be provided free credits for signing up by some SIP providers.

It’s difficult to convert an iPod touch to iPhone without having 3G connectivity and there is an App which can provide this feature to your iPod. iBluever is an amazing App which can be installed through Cydia and helps you to use the 3G internet connectivity from another phone with help of Bluetooth Dial UP. You can purchase the iBluever App from Cydia Store for 5 dollars and install it in your iPod touch.

Once you have installed this, you can use any other phone’s 3G connectivity for browsing through Internet with help of Bluetooth Dialup between two devices. This allows you to make voice calls, browse internet and also SMS using 3G data connectivity. Another important App which allows you receive and send files through Bluetooth are iBlueNova which can help you transfer files between any Bluetooth enabled devices. Hence, by installing such 3rd party Apps through Cydia, you can convert your iPod Touch to iPhone.

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