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How to use Facebook Photos for Android Contacts

December 11th, 2012 · No Comments

In order to add Facebook photos for your contacts in Android phone, you can follow the simple procedure given below. It’s a very easy and efficient way how to use Facebook Photos for Android contacts.

Based on the Android version you use, you might notice a plain silhouette bugdroid appearing on your contacts where you have not added any custom photo. Though it doesn’t look any awkward, you would feel much better if there photos of your friends and family members displayed on your phone contacts.

It will also be shown when anyone calls you and you can recognize them instantly. This will be very useful when you in some meeting and have to turn off phone’s volume. You can instantly recognize the person calling if their photo is present, instead of reading their name and figuring out who they are.

use Facebook Photos for Android Contacts

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Step 1

First open the Facebook Application for Android which you can download for free from the Android market (Google Play). This App can help you keep up with friends and access Facebook from your Android mobile.

You will get notified for all comments from your friends and also enjoy group conversations, chats and share videos, photos and status updates easily. You can download it and install the app in your device instantly.

Step 2

Navigate through the photos region of your friends and choose a picture you would like to keep as contact picture.

Step 3

Choose the menu button and select option Set as. You will see a small pop-up menu from which you can choose the option Contact photo.

Step 4

Once you find the exact contact in your address book you can easily set the picture from Facebook as your contact picture. You can crop the photo and select appropriate portion of the photo before setting it as Contact picture. Now you can observe a friendly face rather than dumb bugdroid as a contact picture.

Majority of Android device automatically synchronize your Facebook account with the phone. You can combine Facebook contacts with already existing contacts in your phone and automatically apply the profile pictures of your Facebook friends to your Android contacts as well.

For that what you need to do is go to Settings menu in your phone and choose “Accounts and Synchronization” option.

After this, you can select “Add Account” and choose “Facebook” It will open the Facebook App and ask you login to it. Once you enter the email address and password for your Facebook Account, you can view list of account and by choosing “Sync All”, your Facebook contacts will automatically get synchronized with your Android contacts and the profile pictures will get applied as contact pictures.

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