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How to View Live TV on a Cell phone ?

August 21st, 2012 · No Comments

An informative article on how to view Live TV on a Cell phone using various available options.


Most of the modern smart phones sold in market today have the ability to stream videos from internet and it gives the potential to broadcast live streams similar to mobile computers. Many mobile services usually charge around 10 dollars per month for live TV service.  But it’s not necessary that you need to pay monthly fee to watch live TV. If you have a smartphone with free internet connection, you can watch live TV feeds without paying any monthly fee.

Mobile broadband is fast enough to stream live TV on your phone. Though there are web-based live TV services like TVcatchup.com, you might be interested to watch cable or satellite channels that you usually access only through your home Television. In order to view live TV in your cell phone, you need to install an application like Mobile TV Pro.

Using this application, you can view more than two hundred live streaming TV channels on your phone. The subscription charges are usually in range of 10 USD per month and you have to purchase the software separately. This is just one-time fee for purchasing the software after which you need not pay again. This software is compatible only with Windows phones.

You can watch all types of Music, Shopping, Weather, Movies, and sports channels and also receive live radio stations. This software is very powerful and installation is very simple. You can download the software from the provider’s website and instructions are provided for installation. After you install, you just have to run it to access more than 200 live TV channels from your cell phone. The software just costs 49 dollars and you can purchase it from the website.

Another way to view live TV on your phone is through another application called MediaPortal along with a free plug-in called iPiMP. The application broadcasts TV channels from your PC which should have a TV Tuner card along with DVB-C for cable and DVB-S for satellite channels. You can use the TV-Server configuration in your computer’s TV Tuner application and choose the local TV Transmitter. You can scan through the channels available and view them on your cell phone which gets streamed from your computer through internet.

There are many applications like this which allow you to watch live TV channels on your phone. Another popular one is Slingmedia for which you need to install a device called Slingbox on your TV. It is easy to install the software on your phone and it can be downloaded from the website http://www.slingmedia.com.

The Slingbox allows you to control the source of video and audio channels and broadcasts to your mobile phone through Internet. The Slingplayer mobile is also compatible only with cell phones running on windows phone OS.

Similar to Windows phone apps, there are many applications which are compatible with Android phone that allows you to watch live TV. For instance, YuppTV is a free App which can be downloaded from Google Play.  It allows users to watch live Indian TV channels from anywhere in the world using Android phones with Internet connectivity. All you need to do is just download the application from Android market and install it on your device.

Then you need to register yourself with www.yupptv.com and obtain the username and password. After registering, you can login to the website with your username and password and enjoy watching live Indian TV channels from anywhere. The application has been created especially for Indian users to let them watch their favorite Indian TV channels from any part of the world free of cost.

Similarly, there are plenty of free applications available in Android market which allows you to watch live TV on their smart phones.

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