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Impact of Improper E-waste Recycling

November 17th, 2012 · No Comments

This post focuses on the impact of improper E-waste recycling and its effects on both human lives and the eco system as well.

In the modern world the technology has really made our lives easy. But this is just the bright side of the coin. It also has made it normal for the people to discard their old gadgets quite frequently.

This adds to the ever increasing e-waste in the global markets. This e-waste need to be either disposed of or recycle your cell phone very efficiently. If either or the above processes go wrong, the ramifications can be quite disastrous. This post focuses on the improper recycling of this e-waste and its effects on both human lives and the eco system as well.

 If you think that you have nothing to do or to concern with the e-waste recycling process, you have really misunderstood the situation.

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In some densely populated countries like Indian and China, this e-waste is brought from all around the world and aggregated for either dumping in landfills or for incineration.

When the e-waste pile is burnt at high temperatures, it administers some really dangerous toxics into the environment and as a result the people in close proximity to the area may inevitably suffer from some chronic diseases.

It is not the elite involved in funding these processes that suffer but it is the black marketed slaves that are made to carry on the process and that ultimately pay the price in terms of their own health. In the worst cases, the harmful toxics that have been dismantled into the air may cause damage to the epithelial cells and can even cause lung cancer.

When this waste in dumped into soil, it tends to add heavy materials like lead and mercury to the soil which can enter the food chain easily causing irreparable damage not only to the present generation but also to the coming generations in the form of genetic diseases.

Also these metals can in turn dissolve into water bodies, proving even more lethal to both the human lives and the aquatic flora and fauna.

Also the improper recycling of e-waste results into loss of some precious elements in that waste which could have safely been extracted and reused in the form of raw material itself. This not only increases the cost of manufacturing the electronic goods but also increases the load on already overburdened global natural resources.

The e-waste management process thus should be taken immense care of so that there is no probability of the above mentioned scenarios at all. An efficient recycling process will not only ensure maximum animal and human safety but will also cut down the manufacturing costs incurred while extracting raw material and will support, to an extent, the concept of sustainable development as well.

It is pretty amazing that how a simple and supposedly beneficial recycling attempt (which is more of a disposal process) of burning or dumping the e-waste can affect the humans that sit at the top of the food chain in such a dramatic manner. So, next time you give away your old gadgets hoping that they find a better use, please check that the recycling facility uses a proper recycling method other than the former two methods.

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