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How to Fix Poor Call Quality in Cell Phones

August 29th, 2012 · No Comments

Here’s a DIY guide on how to improve call quality in cell phones.


We know how much dropped calls or interrupted reception can be problematic, frustrating, and even unaffordable at times. However, there are not any particular remedies for this; there are various reasons for the reception quality to be bad. Here, are some basic measures that you can take on your own though, just to help you get the best reception quality possible without much fuss.

1. The place where you are situated while the call is on is a critical factor for reception quality. If lots of trees, in a valley, or maybe inside a building surround you then there’s a whopping possibility of the networking reception being unusually low. You need to go to a better position, like on a flat surface, which is not crowded. Of course, this factor is valid if you are quite away from the network signal towers.

2. Go as far as possible from electronic devices around you. These include any kinds of computers, televisions, etc. Being near such devices hampers the signal reception on your network, so avoid going close to them. If getting far off from these devices is not possible for you, just turn them off until you finish your call.

3. Keeping your battery charged up to a certain minimum level helps. The more your battery is charged, the better will be your signal reception. Most people often do not even realize that it is their almost dead battery that is responsible for poor call quality.

4. If you are experiencing persistent problems with reception quality, do consider calling up your network provider and telling them about it. They might give you some quality improvement options, which will help you gain better calling quality.

5. Another option where you will have to spend a little bit of money is to get an external antenna or a power booster. It is an expensive option, no doubt, as these antennas and power boosters may cost somewhere in the region of a couple of hundred dollars. However, using these accessories will assist in improving the networking reception drastically. This is an excellent way to get fantastic quality reception when you are in your car or any place where you see the reception quality is poor. The only drawback here is that these devices are not portable.

This comes with a warning though. There are some internal antennas available on the cheap prices. DO NOT BUY THEM. They may seem a better option at the first look, as they claim to double up your reception quality, but they rarely do so. If your phone came with an internal, built in antenna, check whether it is not damaged and in proper condition. If it is certainly in an improper condition, check on the information to request a replacement.

6. In addition, buying an amplifier or a repeater system can be an excellent option. Again, this might cost you several hundred dollars; moreover, physical connection is not required always and has the potential to improve the reception on some cell phones simultaneously. This can be extremely useful in places like an office, where several users’ cell phones can get decent quality reception at the same time.

7. If nothing works with your network provider, try changing your network. The network providers operate independently, installing their own signal towers and using different frequencies. So if, your current network is not helping you get higher quality reception, try out the reception on other networks.

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