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Increase Internet speed on Android Phones

July 31st, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you how to increase Internet speed on Android phones. Here are the complete details:

Internet is the lifeline of any android phone. Fast and reliable internet connection enhances the user experience. It gives more browsing speed, better online gaming experience and fast data downloading.

The internet speed in android phones depends on the strength of the signal and the maximum internet speed provided by the ISP. But most of the users have to deal with slow internet connections. This problem of slow internet speed can be solved by using these techniques and apps which helps in increasing the internet speed.

Set Data Preference in Settings

This is the most basic step for increasing internet speed in android phones. Setting ‘data prefer’ instead of ‘call prefer’ in settings menu will increase transmission of data and will boost internet speed. It can be done by opening ‘settings’ menu, then choosing ‘wireless & network’ and then ‘GPRS transfer prefer’. In this menu, select ‘data prefer’ instead of ’call prefer’

Using Opera mini and UC browser

Opera mini and UC browser are much faster and reliable than conventional Google chrome. Google chrome uses much more data and time while opening web pages. So if you want faster internet surfing, go for UC browser or Opera mini as these both are better options than Google Chrome.

Use 3g Network or WCDMA Network

3g network is much better than usual 2g network. It can increase internet speed very much and also keep download rate steady. To start 3g services on your android phone, select ‘enable 3g’ from settings menu. First, go to ‘settings’ menu, then open ‘wireless & network’ and choose ‘mobile networks’. Select ‘enable 3g’ on that menu. Also select ‘3g only’ to prevent your phone from switching to 2g from 3g network.

Disable Android Apps from Accessing Internet

Many apps such as Gmail and Facebook Messenger keeps on accessing internet in background which makes the internet connection slow. They reduce downloading and browsing speed of the web browsers on the android phone. You should stop these apps from accessing internet. You can also download apps such as ‘task manager app’, ‘droid wall’ and ‘LBE security’ which prevent other apps from accessing internet in background automatically. ‘Droid wall’ and ‘LBE security’ needs the android phone to be rooted before installing them

Apps to Increase Internet Speed on Android Phone

Internet speed mostly depends on the strength of your network signal. If signal strength is increased, internet speed is also increased. There are many android apps available in the market which increases internet speed by increasing the strength of your network signal. The most used apps are:

  • Network  Speed Booster
  • Internet Speed Up Booster
  • Android Speed Booster
  • Internet Accelerator Booster
  • Network 3G & Wi-Fi Booster                       
  • Quick Internet Speed Booster                                             

Although the list is very long, these apps are the best and have top ratings

If you’ll follow these simple tips and apps, it will boost up your internet speed 40-50% faster. You will notice the improvement in your internet speed. These methods are compatible with almost all the android phones available in the market and helps in increasing their internet speed.

Hope this article about Increase Internet speed on Android Phones helped you.


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