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iOS Apps for Programmers

February 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we have enlisted some of the most popular iOS apps for programmers. Here’s the list of some:

There are more than 200,000 Apps available in iOS App store and hence it’s pretty difficult to find out specific Apps for programmers that fit to your requirements. This article lists some of the Apps which can be handy for programmers and developers.

ios apps

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SDK Tutorials

SDK Tutorials is a simple App which is especially suitable for beginner programmers who want to write iPhone Apps. This App includes step-by-step instructions for beginners to start coding and also nineteen code snippets. The Application also provides Airprint which can help you to take both PDF and paper version of the tutorial.  The App can be downloaded from iPhone App store for 9.99$.

For i: Code Editor for iPad

This is an excellent code editor which helps in you editing code using your iPad and includes visual keyboards that can assist programmers to code in faster and effective manner. The app permits file transfer through local Wi-Fi connection and has support for different programming languages including SQL, Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, Java , Objective –C and C#. If you are a programmer in any of the mentioned languages, you can this code editor for editing your Applications.



Domainstorm is an application especially for web developers which help them to purchase domain names for your new websites. It is a free App from network Solutions that is aimed for helping web developers in purchasing domain names. It can assist you to find new domains and brainstorm ideas for new domain names and allows you to bookmark favorite domain names for later purchase. It can also provide contact information for current domain names including WHOIS information.



Evernote is a free App for taking important notes including programming tricks, tutorials and different information about your new Programs. It has a web interface which is user-friendly and can be accessed from Windows/Mac clients as well. It is very useful notes maker for programmers. It even allows users to save passwords in Encrypted formats for different applications.


Many programmers and developers get irritated when a critical web server is down or not reachable. iSSH is a handy App for programmers which has different methods of connectivity including VNC (Virtual Network computing), Telnet, SSH and various other features. The price of this App is 9.99 dollars and can be downloaded from Apple Store. It is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and can be used to access your Desktop/Laptop from remote location. It can be handy tool for programmers who travel frequently to many places and want to access their Desktop on the move.



Nezume is an App especially targeted for web developers who use Ruby programming language. The App is complementary tool for Heroku service and helps you access the Heroku Apps using your iPhone. It can help in managing your console/execute tasks, toggle maintenance mode and also restarting your web application. It costs 4.99 dollars and can be purchased from App store.


iOctocat is a simple App which helps to get information regarding open source programming from GitHub. It can provide personal news feeds, site search, individual commits, repositories and user profiles. This can be an excellent App for beginner programmers who want to learn programming for iOS.

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