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iOS Apps For Teachers

February 13th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will tell you some of the best iOS apps for teachers to seek extra attention from his/ her students.

Everyone certainly misses his/her golden school days. The smell of new books, the chalk rubbings on the board and that ringing bell makes you nostalgic. Well, gone are those days when students had to burden themselves with the hassles of those hefty books. Today technology has made it possible for children to live their school lives rather freely and comfortably with everything around them being digital. They can work remotely and submit projects from their homes as well. They can have access to their entire books on a single tablet.

Technology has done the same for teachers as well. It has made their lives comfortable too. With the help of technology they can work efficiently and can be fair to each and every child as technology does not know anything about partiality.

iOS Apps For Teachers

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So this post is dedicated to some cool and fun apps that can be utilized by teachers for that extra attention from his/her students.

1. Pick Me!

There is always a tense environment in the class whenever the teacher asks a question. The kids are always trying to hide behind the backs so that they can avoid eye contact. ‘Pick Me!’ is a fun app for teachers which helps them in choosing a child at random to ask questions. You just need to enter the names of the entire class and then spin the roller. It will give you a random name and also you can track individual child’s scores to have a look at his/her performance. It will definitely make education a lot of fun and techie.

2. iGrade

When you are teaching many different classes and a lot of children, it becomes really difficult for you to keep track of their grades. Carrying those thick grade books around wherever you go is neither a style statement and is nor comfortable at all. Well, iGrade is here for your rescue. It will keep track of your grades and tally up sores for you efficiently and really faster than you could.

3. Smart Seat

Seating arrangement is always a mess to put up with, especially for teachers. You cannot please everyone in a single go. This app will help you in doing the same. You can store the names of children with their nick names and photos as well on your phone. This seating planner also comes with an attendance tracker for your convenience so that no child is allowed to slip through the loopholes.

4. Teacher Clicker


Well, every child has his/her individual learning graph. Not everyone has the same learning pace. It is really difficult for a teacher to put up with everyone’s learning speed. The teacher clicker app will help you a lot in that area. You can formulate quizzes and tests on your phone and let children answer them as per their convenience form their devices itself so that none is embarrassed in front of the class and you are easily able to keep track of their performance via your device.

5. TeacherKit


It would really be nice if you had a teacher’s assistant but Alas! Every school cannot afford one. TeacherKit will compensate for the same for sure. It is like a teacher’s personal Swiss Army Knife. It helps you in organizing your classroom, keep track of grades, monitor behavior of children and much more. In short it will do everything for you except teaching your class.

6. Edmodo

A teacher can do his/her best when he/she is in the class. But as soon as the bell rings, the students are on their own. You have no control of the taught material. But with Edmodo, it is possible to have an influence on them even outside the class. It is like a teachers and students social networking app that helps you to be in contact with the children at any time and form anywhere. You may upload the taught material on the app or can hold discussions and debates virtually or share information even after the class dismissal.

7. Outliner

Keeping a hold of the syllabi, daily topics, grades, student information and other responsibilities can really drive you nuts sometimes. The Outliner app will make your lives a bit easy for you.  With this app you can make and easily navigate through your daily agendas and topics, decide the topic for today’s class, and keep all your information with you all the times virtually without any hassles.

8. Keynote


This app is good for both teachers and students. This app makes your data really presentable and student friendly. You can set aside those boring papers and blackboards with this app. Make use of 3D charts and interesting graphics in this app to make your presentations impactful and interesting for the students to pay attention to and keep it in their minds.

So, get a hold on these apps on your iOS devices and make learning experience really amazing and interesting for your students and a bit comfortable for yourself.

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