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iPhone App Diabetic Meal Planner

April 18th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we have enlisted some of the best iPhone app for diabetic patients.

Since the iPhone users are more interested in applications which can make their day-to-day life easier, there have been some cool apps which help to manage and keep track of blood sugar level for the diabetes patients and make their life easier. Some of the popular apps which have been targeted for diabetes patients are explained below.

Diabetes Meal Planner

It is a very popular iPhone App which helps diabetes patients to keep track of their blood sugar levels and maintain proper diet routine. Glycemic index of a particular food product requires testing of minimum 10 individuals on controlled diet and is found out through chemical testing.  This App can be purchased from iTunes store and it will automatically calculate the Glycemic Load (GL) and Glycemic index (GI) for the food items you intake every day and will help you design a healthy diet for decreasing the diabetes level, weight loss and improve your overall body health. The App will also provide detailed analysis of Fats, proteins and carbohydrates intake per day from your meals.

Glycemic Index is generally measure of quality of carbohydrate depending on how fast the blood glucose levels are increased and helps you to keep diet under control. This term was introduced authors of health journal named “The New Glucose Revolution”. The Low Glycemic foods due to natural of slow absorption and digestions will create gradual increase in blood insulin and sugar levels which is important for diabetes patients. Both South Beach Diets and Atkins highly recommend the use of Glycemic Index to keep track of blood sugar levels.


Glucose Mate Free

This App was released during the year 2010 and makes it easier to track blood glucose levels and will automatically log the statistics on daily basis along with diet intake and corresponding sugar levels apart from measurement time. It also presents a chart with trend analysis for glucose levels and to assist your physician in find out the best medicines for decreasing your diabetes levels. It also includes various others features such as tracking your glucose levels, tracking the number of profiles, trend analysis, statistical analysis, track medications and send the glucose level information to your doctors through e-mails. It’s very user-friendly and provides detailed reports of your glucose levels along with tracking of medication etc.


It is an alert and messaging service which helps you to share test results of blood sugar to your support group or doctor through text or E-mail. You can download the free 30-day trial or purchase the full version of 9.99 dollars per month. The important feature of this App is alarms which will keep you updating of blood sugar levels based on the schedule you have set. If you have missed a test, it will send the alerts to your support group of Doctor. It will remind you when to take the blood sugar test and also the medications and provides alerts whenever needed.


MyNetDiary is a powerful iPhone App for tracking diabetes and provides tips regarding the diet apart for tracking glucose levels in blood. It’s very user-friendly and comprehensive with extensive features that help thousands of users to keep track of insulin and blood glucose levels. It will automatically log the diet patterns along with intake of carbohydrates and other nutrients. It’s difficult to track diabetes since you will have to provide the details of all food items you consume at least few times per day.

MyNetDiary makes your job easier by providing the most comprehensive food database and saves time for you. It also allows you to record the timing of food intake, medications, exercises and blood glucose level. It also helps you to keep track of more than thirty five nutrients which include sugar alcohols and fiber. It will also allow you to enter multiple glucose readings per day and you can assign a label for each one along with optional notes. You can also enter the symptoms or feelings associated with the reading which can help you to observe patterns. It will provide a detailed statistics and report of your blood glucose levels.

Diabetes Health Mobile

It will provide you access for top blogs and news articles posted in Diabetes Health website which includes information about Type 1, Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, important medications, diet tips etc. It also helps you to keep track of your blood glucose levels and monitor your diet patterns. You can send the tips to your friends through E-mail or social networking websites like Twitter.

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