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iPhone App for blind Children

June 14th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about iPhone app for blind children. Here’s the list of some.

There are plenty of Apps designed especially for visually impaired children. These Apps can help blind children to learn and also amuse them. Some of the popular iPhone/iPad apps for blind children are listed below,

Dragon Dictator

This app is very useful voice-recognition App which is powered by naturally speaking from Dragon. It can convert your voice input to email messages or text instantly and it’s five times faster that typing manually on a keyboard. You just have to stress and pause wherever you need punctuations and the software will automatically take care of conversion to text messages. Dragon dictation also allows users to update status on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You can also set reminders with your own voice. This app is supported with wide range of international languages like English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.

Talking Scientific Calculator App

It is a scientific calculator which works with voice input. It’s very easy to operate and has option for recording your own voice. You can download the free version from App store which has two options including voice over for blind children and high contrast for children with low vision or color blindness. This App also supports multiple languages and the full-version costs 2.99$ which is easy to download and install.

iPhone App for blind Children

Musical Hands

It is one of the popular iPad apps in which the screen is separated into 3 rows of different colored boxes and each row acts as different musical instrument. You get different sounds when touching each box along with burst of colors at the point of touch. This app helps visually blind children to enjoy music of different nature just by touching different rows of colors boxes in the App.


Awareness is an app for visually impaired children with headphones. It allows users to listen to music in your headphones and also to be aware of external sounds at same time. There is a microphone which can feed noises while listening to music or using some other App. You can hear a door bell ringing, someone calling you or car horn when listening to music in your headphones. This can help to keep track of other sounds though you are listening to music with your headphones.

Voice Brief

It is an excellent utility for any visually impaired person that can read out loud all the information in your hone including Facebook status updates, stock prices, weather, twitter feeds, emails, RSS feeds etc. It can be configured very easily and works perfectly with clear and natural voice. There is free lite version available which you can try and if satisfied you can buy the full-version for 3.99 dollars.


It is an interesting app for blind children developed by Tilenus Group. It helps users to identify the color of clothing and various objects surrounding them which could be a fun game for blind children. It allows them to quickly recognize the colors of surrounding objects by taking pictures with the iPhone camera. It takes white as reference color and should be used in bright light for accurate recognition. It is very intuitive and simple App which is very useful for blind children. The profits obtained from this App are donated for social purposes and to charity organizations.

Sound Shaker App

It is an excellent app for visually impaired children which make sound whenever they tap on the screen. You can hear different sounds for longer duration you hold the finger on screen till you hear a bird tweet or egg cracking. There are high-contract visual for children with low vision and game responds automatically to finger movements. Another app similar to this is iLoveFireworks which produces cracker sounds and beautiful animations when you touch the screen.

Braille Touch

This is an excellent app for blind children which allow users to type quickly on their touch screen using Braille method. You can download the App trial free and try it. The App uses braille to enter user inputs and whenever you type each character it will sound the words which you have typed. It is an excellent tool for blind students and kids. Many users have reported to type around thirty words per minute with great accuracy using this tool.

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