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iPhone App for Catching Cheaters

June 27th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about iPhone app for catching cheaters. Here’s the complete detail.

Now a days cheating with your partner have become a major issue in marriages. Or we can say that after some years of marriage, if the mind of a partner becomes free then he/ she can cheat you in your relationship. And if you think that your partner is cheating on you then it’s the best to check on him/ her.

Some signs that can help you prove your partner is cheating on you

Here are some of the facts that can help you have doubt on the loyalty of your partner.

  • Your partner is spending too much time at the workplace,
  • Your partner is making calls without letting you know,
  • Your partner is acting more differently as he/ she is,
  • Your partner is deleting call or text logs, etc.

So these are some of the facts that can arise in your mind. And if you think that these facts are really happening in your life then maybe your partner is cheating on you.  And if your partner is avoiding family events or gathering just to go somewhere else or your partner is continuously refusing to go out with family then you must be worry.

The generic concept of reacting in a situation when your partner is cheating on you is that he/she gets annoyed at your thoughts or a situation where you are in doubt of your partner’s sincerity is that you panic and get finicky and while doing so get fanatic thus putting his guard up. Your partner will get an easy way to change the topic and your partner will get flee out of the conflict and you won’t even realize that.

How to catch that your partner cheating on you?

The best way to find out that whether your partner is cheating on you or not is an app known as StealthGenie. It is the amazing iphone spying and tracking software that lets you monitor all of the activities of any iPhone.

It is easy to install and monitor the iphone you want to spy on. It starts uploading the iphone’s usage information and its exact location which can be viewed from any place in the world just by logging to your StealthGenie account. This application works in stealth mode which means that your partner won’t find that what he/ she is doing, you are getting all of that details.

Features of StealthGenie

  • Spy on Calls
  • Spy on SMS Messages
  • View Their GPS Location
  • Read Emails
  • Instant Messengers
  • View Multimedia Files
  • Check Internet Activities
  • Listen to Their Surroundings
  • Remotely Control Phone
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Check Calendar Activities

So now you know that what you can do with the StealthGenie. To Access all these features what you have to do is just buy this app and you can monitor each and everything on your partner’s phone.

Hope this article about iPhone app for catching cheaters helped you.

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