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iPhone app for ECG

April 25th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about  iPhone app for ECG. Here’s the complete details.                                           

Technology enhancements have brought about numerous changes in the life of human beings. Integrating smartphone technologies with medical science was just a matter of time. All of us must have heard about the term EGC (Electrocardiogram), one of the most essential readings dealing with heart beats of an individual.

An iPhone app for ECG is available in the Apple app store. This application is fairly beneficial for medical practitioners, lab assistants and junior physicians .There are numerous applications related to the ECG readings on the iPhone which has been reviewed by many iMedicalApps. The applications have been judged on the basis of its content, the process of using it and finally on the basis of the outcomes of the practicing physicians.

Although we have gone through numerous applications, but we found that there were some applications which were designed only for some specific purposes. After analyzing the application for at least a week’s time the team came to the conclusion that three applications suitable for the medical practitioners are an ECG Guide by QxMD, ECG notes by Skyscape and finally Instant ECG by anesthesia. All the three applications were equipped with almost all the knowledgeable information’s which could be easily available.


If we talk about the junior practitioners or professionals then we find that ECG Guide and Instant ECG will be more useful and powerful for them. As they are moving ahead in the learning phase, where they could gather a wide range of knowledge related to their topics. As some of the samples which can be cited are Clinical correlations, rhythm Interpretations and different kinds of quizzes where they can test their knowledge which they have gained. The physicians will be able to purchase it easily as the price is nominal.

ECG Notes by Skyscape is a quite comprehensive application which covers a detailed study of the subject. It will be more beneficial for the professionals who have already done a detailed study and want to enhance their knowledge. Its details are suitable for practitioners who are having a deep knowledge on the common pathologies which are present on the ECG. Its user interface is not that impressive, due to which it has been let down in the market.

Instant ECG focuses on teaching different end users with respect to the ECG’s and also have implemented numerous question answer sessions, quizzes and over all around 12 samples of ECG Rhythm in the form of the movie. So that the students can easily understand what it wants to display.

They facilitates with sufficient reference section which helps in getting into the details further on the topic assigned. So finally the team which has analyzed the application came forward to the output that, they will prefer to have an ECG Guide by QxMD, which is currently available.

Apart from the above mentioned applications there are some more applications which are available, which require the mention-ECG-ipocketcards, Easy ECG and ECG Rhythms etc. Each and every applications have come up with some strong points due to which they are being preferred by the professionals.

Some examples which can be cited are of Easy ECG-which is quite common among EMT’s (which require applications which are simple which will help diagnose ECG rhythms in an easy and quick manner. Whereas ECG ipocketcards are beneficial for the students who are looking for the recap key before their examinations or any special case regarding the ECG.

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