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Iphone app for Google+, Facebook & Twitter

June 20th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about Iphone app for Google+, Facebook & Twitter. Here’s the complete detail.

In this fast moving world, everyone wants to stay connected with each other through various means, whether it is socially or personally.

There are large numbers of Google+ apps available for iPhones that are being shown in the App Store. From importing photos to posting something on social networking sites like Facebook etc. These apps can do a lot more. These apps will surely give a new experience to you as they are great for Google+ and mobile Google+ experience.

1. iStatus+

The major advantage of this app is that, it has very simple user friendly interface which is the main required feature of any app. Through this app we can post on multiple social networking sites like Google+, twitter etc. All we need to do is to connect our phone’s network and start posting to Google+, Facebook and Twitter simultaneously! This app’s easy to use interface gives an advantage to remain socially updated.

2. Social+

This app gets the second spot in my list because this app is not quite as good as the earlier one, but it still does the job well. You will just stay connected with all friends through this app: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace & many more.

3.  Google Apps Browser

This app is rich in feature, but a bit of disappointment if all you will be looking for posting to various social networking sites. It has got quite a lengthy list of features, so I will suggest you to use it yourself.

To use your favorite Google apps Google Apps Browser is the fastest way. It Gets  instant access to more than 15 Google apps on your iPad or iPod, iPhone–including Gmail, GTalk, Voice & Reader, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.It has both free and paid version.

4.  Move2Plus

This app provides the most easiest way to upload  all the stuff on the social networking sites especially facebook.

This app does not loses any data or structure related to you albums like tags or captions etc. and transfer them to your Google+ account. Move2Plus also removes redundancy. During that process nothing will be removed or edited in albums. With some advantage, Move2Plus is one of the fastest up loader of pics, videos that you have saved on IPhone.

It does all the work quickly and in a secure manner to avoid security threat. This app can select multiple photos, videos and upload them to our Google+ account

5. Google+ Photo Importe

The extreme feature of this app is that this app can upload more than 50 photos in less than 60 seconds. It uses Instagram, Flickr and Photobucket to get access to photos. It feels like this app is mainly for importing of pics albums etc.

6. Photo Importer

This app works similarly to Move2Plus. It make use of single tap to upload albums to Google+ accounts. Photo Importer for Google+ just chooses an album and with a single tap on Start button,  you are done in a few seconds depending upon the network. There is an HD version of this app specially for iPad which named as   Photo Importer for Google+ HD.

To remain socially updated, there is no need to use PC or laptop which has the unwanted binding of having limited space usage with a possibility of no network coverage. You can simply use the above mentioned apps in your Iphones to access social networking sites anywhere anytime and can remain connected with all your friends and relatives

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