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iPhone app for Music Artists

June 4th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about iPhone app for Music Artists. Here’s the list of some. 

iPhone apps are available for various purposes inclusive of searching caves in a specific geographical location. So, you will be really unsurprised to see that there are extremely handy apps for music artists too. Here is a list of the iPhone apps that are perfect for music artists.

Third Coast Percussion

When you want know the nuances of spacing, experimentation and repetition, and if you are in the experimenting phase of any music genre, then Joseph Genden has developed the third coast percussion in honor of John Cage’s 100th birthday. This is the apt app that you can find for knowing all about the genius of John Cage.

iPhone app for Music Artists

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Blur Music Apps

Specific Music Apps, designed by Blur, is for iPhone and iPad. This is an artist app, which has everything about the music. You can get to know:

  • 21 year history of the band
  • Brimming music
  • Interviews conducted specifically for the users installing app
  • Photo galleries
  • Setlist.fm has its own special setlist and the same information available in the app

And loads of other features that are comprehensive.

Wasteland Companion

This is a musician focused apps, and fans can get access to the Twitter page of M. Ward, albums, show listings, videos and the newsletter apps. Also, these features are not only for the fans, but also for others, and they can install this app. This app is a database of public radio stations that exist in the country, which you can access online.

Across the fifty states of the USA, there are hundreds of public radio stations, and they can be accessed using this app. The users can also save the station, which is their favorite, and access the saved station without much hassle, truly easily in the future.

Bjork’s app

Biophilia, an app album of Bjork is a must have music app. A group of music related people, the graphic designers, composers and the artists, this app has anything about Bjork. The specialty of Bjork is the high percussion, bass drums and the dub-step. You can get access to all the music releases that are launched. This is an experimental concept, which is believed to be more daring. If you love Bjork’s pop music, and the experimental electronic, then get hold of this app.


You cannot rule out the possibility of this artist specific apps. It is highly easy for artists to reach multitudes through the smartphone apps. Most of the time the Lady Gaga apps is much spoken about. the Artpop is the one that had come into the iPhone apps market and gets appreciation even more than the Lady Gaga app.

Band of the Day

If you want to know about the new band that is getting into the industry freshly every other day, then band of the app is the highly useful app. This app is more or less like a plugged in friend. For people who look for new music each day, then the band of the day app is the best app. This app curates the samples seriously and gives you a sample of 3 to 4 songs, which is extremely unlike the other apps that provide free samples.


This apps great feature is the availability of more than `1000 individual apps. Whenever new sessions are launched, you can access them. If have a liking for the Indie genre, then you would definitely love this app. You can listen to the tracks with the two options, the newest and the recorded play-lists. You can also share these songs on the social networking sites.

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