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iPhone app for picture collage

April 5th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you iPhone app for picture collage. Here are the list of some:

Whether you are interested in scrapbooking or looking for some exciting ways of showcasing that wonderful portfolio of your photographs, you’d surely like this AppGuide. These apps lets you build collages of your photographic collection. You can select a suitable background for your photographs and place them at various angles, in an overlapping manner or otherwise, in order to create a photographic masterpiece. Now let’s see the apps available on the market.

Essential Apps. Photo Wall Pro – Collage App

This app is created by App Street Software Private Ltd. With Photo Wall Pro, you can choose a suitable background from around a dozen templates, an in-built add on pack or from within your own very photo collection. With it you can regulate orientation, canvas color, aspect ratio, brightness, and dimension. You have the option to add clip art, text and photos as desired. You can maneuver every object using your fingers, turning it smaller, larger, or rotate in the desired angle. Other features are regulate the transparency of every item and move the object either on top or underneath others within the collage. Primarily, whatever you can think of photowise, you are able do it by means of this app. If you are uncertain, there is the free light version, which provides many of the features of the more complex paid version.

Collage Creator

Collage Creator developed by SilkenMermaid is a fine app for collage creation. You can choose one from several options. You can add photos and pinch to make them larger or smaller, shift them about as you like or move the photos on top or underneath one another as desired. If you choose the lite version, you are able to save as much as five collages.


This unique app is created by Voxeloid Kft. PicMix remains an extremely powerful tool, with a host of features. It is a bit complicated to manage, but its potential for those who want to truly customize their montages is great. Place photographs on top of another, or use the brush option to mingle them together, a feature that is really neat. A lite version is available although it saves low resolutions photos only.  Still, as you use it you’ll get a good idea as to whether this app is okay with you or not.

Decent Apps Collage

Developed by John Moffet, this helps you select any background color you like and add anything like 16 photos. Features like rotate, zoom, change colors, adjust transparency, cut off any part of a photo you like etc. are easy with this app. Another exciting feature is that, you can select the photos you want to place on top or recede into the background. As to saving the collage, Moffet suggests emailing it to a friend of yours. A lite version is also available that lets you  use the app using fewer features.

Picture Collage HD ‘Lite Edition’

Developed by YJSoft, this free app has only the barest features. After selecting a photo, click “Collage” and with it a very simple collage comes into view. With this app, you are able to move the photographs around, although you cannot adjust their size, rotate or change backgrounds. If you need more complex features, you can always upgrade to their paid version with which you can enjoy the finer features.

Now that you know of the various collage apps, you can buy a suitable one and have fun creating collages of you photo album.

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