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Iphone app for safe driving

June 19th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about Iphone app for safe driving. Here’s the complete detail.


Nowadays, smartphones & their apps are dominating in mobile communication industry. Home phones has been continuously losing their importance and popularity against smartphones. Recently launched applications for smartphones covers wide variety of functionality and now we have applications for different purpose with maximum features.

This new iphone app is recently launched by Text Safe Teens & now it is available on itune app store.

Iphone app for safe driving


The main motive of this app to protect people from unwanted accidents or danger while driving. the basic working of this app is based on email, means that you will get email notification whenever a driver’s cell phone will be in use and his or her vehicle will be in motion.

Basically it is a tool based on communication which help man, woman, teen and old, or you can say each and every one who drives a vehicle and promise that he or she will not use mobile and will not do text with driving. This app works on iOS 4.3 or later versions.

This application is available with different payment schemes which are given below.

  1. One Time Fee$2.99
  2. Monthly Subscription $1.99/mo$1.99
  3. Subscription$19.99

Features included in this app

* Emergency number can be set like 911, mother, father, etc.

* Monitoring of phone by third party under the account.

* Notification through email if vehicle driver tries to deactivate the app.

* You can create an email account within 60 seconds.

* Email notification if vehicle driver is using cell phone for any mean like mailing, internet, texting, calling or any unwanted use of the cell phone during motion.

The reason behind this application’s development is the dependency of distracted driving of a parent. That addiction includes texting, mailing, facebook, internet surfing, score checks, playing games any application installed in cell phone.

Absence of self confidence and preparation to be safe, that person wanted to teach his or her young age children (teenage) the capability to manage and guide the use of features of the cell phone which were so dangerous. After realization that, this app not only help them but it can prove to be be helpful for other people like parents of teenage drivers who wanted to help everyone to be be safe while driving.

So, the main aim of this much awaited app is to protect those drivers who are addicted to the use of cellphones while driving. But after release, this app proved itself in keeping drivers focused on driving and also prevent them from distraction to traffic.

The founders next mission was to help non-profit and community organizations get their message out about the dangers of distracted driving. Starting in November 2011, all non-profits that promote the Drive Safe Mode app will receive a revenue share from the app downloads. This is aimed to help get the message out to their local communities.

With the launch of this app, safe driving will not be an issue for mobile users, all you will be required to do is just install this application on your iphone and start enjoying with safe driving, really this app deserves its cost and will not disappoint you in its functionality and features at all.

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