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iPhone App Google Adsense

August 1st, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about iPhone App Google Adsense. Here are the complete details:

The iPhone is a procession of Internet as well as multimedia-enabled phones intended and advertised by Apple Inc. This application is a third-party software series. The Google Adsense is a supple, trouble free technique to bring in revenue by displaying relevant and appealing advertisements next to our online content. It works on pay per click technology and helps to raise CTR or TRP of a website.An iPhone app is such an application, which is typically developed by a corporation other than Apple®, and intended to be used purposely on the iPod Touch or iPhone.

The following are described as few iPhone applications of Google Adsense:

  1. AdSenseZen is created as the most striking AdSense iPhone application. It not only keep tracks of your adsense earnings but also organize them in certain formats following which we can also focus on other striking events of our life. It is hassle free and also keeps a log of clicks, ad impressions, CTR, graphical pictures and information. It is not only safe from the security point of view but also provides speedy and accurate results.
  2. Quick Adsense by ESCOZ Inc. is another Google Adsense Application for iPhone and iPads. It is an uncomplicated and swift technique of verifying your account in AdSense. Version 2.3.1 is latest which rectifies errors by means of custom date ranges.

The following screenshot depicts app for iPhone


iEarn was amongst the foremost iPhone apps on the way to present our Google AdSense data. iEarn have in recent times made few advancements to enable us view the particulars. IEarn will demonstrate us the same data as nearly all other Apps.Certain ocons such as the statistics icon or Since Last Payment icon will too illustrate us a little info like eCPM, Impressions, CTR and Clicks. Its shortcoming is that it is only restricted to single account of AdSense. Though the speed of this application is little less but in spite of this, it accomplishes the job.


iAdSense is appealing yet indispensable. It is fast as well as accurate, till the time we keep on pressing the refresh button after the starting screen of Please wait appears. It is inexpensive and provides almost all the goods on single page download this application and call it complete. Keep in perspective that neither, it will not offer channel breakdowns, nor it provides for numerous accounts however it does demonstrate the usual CTR, Impressions, eCPM, Clicks, and Earnings along with 3 incredibly restraining time options i.e. Today, Yesterday, as well as This Month.


It’s quite similar and amid QuickSense and SenseApp. However, QuickSense is “faster” as compared to SenseApp apparently more reliable. Besides this, it provides the utmost history and paycheck aspect of any of the applications discussed so far. We only are required to select a day or a channel for ad and we will get the required information to fine tune our advertisements. It is undoubtedly an extremely useful Google AdSense Application for the iPhone.

It has also received the approval seal of Mac101.net.

We have covered few of our favorites applications used lately.



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