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Iphone app to measure the distance

June 21st, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about Iphone app to measure the distance. Here’s the list of some.

People have some courage in getting the idea about the distance between the 2 points of their journey for general help. May be Google map helps a lot in getting distance information but not at much extent. Distance information can be helpful for those who want to go though public transport, it can be helpful for those who drive vehicle, it also helps runners, joggers etc. We are comparing our recommended apps in this App Guide Article.

Iphone app to measure the distance

Plani meter

Planimeter is a ruler for Maps and it is a tool for all different types of measurements on Google Maps like: angle, area, distance. This app make use of Google maps & Global positioning system (GPS), various network location services. Distance between two destinations on Maps and area contained within that portion is calculable.

This app is useful in distance measure, various activities, Distance finding applications, sports, run campaign planning, golf area, golf course distance measure, running, walking, riding, tracking etc.

Plani meter can be used in industries in measuring for long or short road repairing, seal coating, roofing, fencing, underground works.


-Different measuring units.

– Accurate area measure and efficient GPS distance with calculation.

– Distance between two or more points.

– Angles between the lines.

– Navigation through different points.

– GPS accuracy settings

– Manage files: open, save, preview, share

– Export file data to Google Maps.

 Distance Map

DistanceMap is one of the best alternative to the app Planimeter. To have this specific app on your both iPad and iPhone will nearly cost you around $6.00. Planimeter is amust have app for nearly half of the cost of the above said apps. This app have most of the same features as Planimeter. The main benefit of this app is for boaters. The app actually works with nautical miles, which is helpful for those on the water. DistanceMap is a nice alternative to the essential app.


– It can calculates distance while driving and walk.

– It also calculates average of different speed, on going speed and total during this calculation.

– You can take screenshot of the latest trip with the help of “capture” feature and you can share it also with friends and relatives.

– we can generate session summary of calculations.

– It can run as background process and therefore cannot be interrupted from other activities.

– It allows us to save mobile battery because of “Pause/Resume” functionality

– Battery optimization on selecting the given option.

Map Distance & Area

It quickly calculates distance. New scale bar is also included. Some interesting features are vehicle driving(length measurement), bike riding(length of trip) , real estate(area of particular location), walking(next class distance), etc.


– Instant estimation of  distance and area with ease.

– Map has updated Scale bar.

– Automatically scroll if needed.

– Accurate Latitude & longitude on map.

– Searching  functionality.

– Multiple units used for easy understanding.

Map Distance

Map Distance is an ordinary app which cost around $0.99. It does gives some functionality which essential app does not do. It has an ability to draw a line with simplicity with curves if required which is the only feature that worth its buying. Generally you will be unable to go through straight lines. We can draw or customize our required route and can calculate the distance . This app as mentioned above does not have much features like other apps. This is an alternative to Path on Map Distance. We will hope to see improvement in app in near future.

So, whenever you decide to go on any tour, if you want to know about the distance between the destination and source of your journey, you can use these apps on your Iphone without any doubt. These apps will surely deliver accurate result.

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