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iPhone Apps for Credit Card Processing

June 24th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about iPhone apps for credit card processing. Here’s the list of some.

iPhone apps have brought a certain degree of comfort in our busy lives so much that they are now capable of credit card processing from your iPhone. Just imagine-now you can have in-house services or sell your product via applications existing on your iPhone. Most of them are priced negligibly compared to the purpose they serve.

Here are the names of some of the top-most apps:

1. GoPayment

This app is the mastermind of Intuit and is good enough to satiate small, as well as large traders. They can handle large volume quite good enough and has free offers pertaining to set up, card reader and other mobile apps. They do not charge you in a monthly basis but will definitely charge you per transaction.

2. PayPal Here

Most of us have used PayPal while doing online shopping on the web portals, and its popularity is great in this sector. But the PayPal app from the android and iOS devices is relatively new. Mobile Technology has made it reshuffle its account settings and now we see the PayPal Here application on the smartphones. As soon as you install it the card reader feature will immediately be supplied to you. All transactions are saved at the same place-so whether you are using the mobile app or the PC app your data will be stored at one place.

3. Inner Fence

Inner Fence is a joint venture from Merchant Focus and AppNinjas to offer a Credit Card portal compatible with not only iOS but also Androids, Mac and windows OS. It has a big platform and hence various traders with different OS can use this app. It has all the regular features of other Credit Card Processing apps but where it outshines the rest is the card reader feature. But you will have to pay a monthly sum of 20-35$ depending on your usage and location.

4. SalesVu

SalesVu also has a similar app that has been partnered with Mercury Payment Systems. This app is compatible with iPhones, iTouch and iPad devices and is good enough as the Point-of Sale system. Some of the attractive features in this app are Bar code scanning, cash drawer Management, employee time keeping and pre-programmed prices.

5. Pay Anywhere

This is the North American Bancard initiative and is close to Square and GoPayment credit card processing applications. It has a good e-mail service with access to FAQs. There are video tutorials and phone support but of course via North American Bancard call centres. This app finds applications with small traders.

6. Propay Jak

ProPay Jack is yet another awesome app that charges $39.95 for the card reader with an annual fee of around 60-80$. Mid volume users and low volume users who do not need to accept regular credit card payments can reap its benefits. One point that is worth mentioning with this application is that it enables you to save encrypted sale data for later transactions in case one is out of coverage area.

7. Square

When it comes to functionality and style, Square has outnumbered a large number of apps. It is ideal for low volume merchants and smaller concerns that need an occasional credit card processing backup. There are no monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements and not need for payment gateways. But often bigger concerns sulk in the name of Square because it does not have merchant support number for immediate complaint lodgings. This again makes the complaints be lodged one after the other without any solution!

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