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iPhone Apps for Deaf

July 21st, 2013 · No Comments

In this article, we brief you up with today’s best iPhone apps for deaf. Some of the most popular iPhone apps for deaf are given below:

Technologies without humanitarian touch cannot sustain for a very long time, as money is not everything. There are numerous tools which are leveraging on the advancement of modern technologies. Some of the useful tools and applications are available in the market free of cost, thus ensuring the reach of the tools to the needy people who cannot afford to buy everything.

Smartphone are very successful in bringing many applications closer to the users as they provide “one click” access even while on the move. Smartphone apps have become instant success. Driven by the innovation and passion, app developers have started expanding the horizon by introducing many useful apps in market and Apple Inc’s iPhone is not much far behind in providing apps which are helpful for people suffering from hearing problems.

iPhone Apps for Deaf

App developers have developed some iPhone apps which has turned Smartphone into a hearing aid. Let us see the popular apps for the deaf.

  • Play It Down

As free iPhone app, ‘Play It Down’ works in two ways for the single user i.e.

(1) Playing the audio files to be heard by the persons suffering with low hearing problems

(2) Testing tool to get the approx. “age” of the ears.

Usually hearing power of ears gets low as we advance towards old age and this app has the “Ear Knob” features which tests the age of the ears of a particular user.

By moving the “Auto Old” slider up to the “age” of the ears which was detected through Ear Knob, users can play the audio tracks as per that age.

  • Dragon Dictation

This free app from Nuance Communications converts the voice into text while someone is speaking. This app is quite helpful for the people with hearing problems as they can read through the transcribed text created by Dragon Dictation.

  • British Sign Language

This is also a free iPhone app from Duchy Software which is useful for the people who are well versed with British Sign Language. This can be used by people who are well versed with American Sign Language too, as both sign languages have some common signs and fewer variations. It shows the two handed finger gestures that denote alphabets.

  • Louder TV

When the vision gets affected, we can wear glasses and have a clear view of things but when hearing gets affected, we do not have fashionable ear-wear similar to eyewear. Due to hearing impairment, some people stop watching TV shows along with other people around them as they are unable to adjust themselves regarding volume of the TV. Louder TV is a paid app for iPhone users & it helps the viewers suffering from hearing impairment. With this app, they can watch their favorite TV shows with a volume that is audible to them.

  • Tap Tap

In our daily life, we come across with various alerts and signal like traffic signals, signboards, visible marks etc. Such alerts also include audio alerts like emergency siren, bell sound etc. Deaf and hearing impaired persons fail to listen to such audio alerts. Tap-Tap is the right iPhone app for such people. This commercial app captures the sounds originated in the environment and retransmits them via iPhone which can be picked up by the deaf.


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