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iPhone Apps for Farming

August 24th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about iPhone apps for farming. Here’s the complete details:

Agriculture professionals have been starving at large for mobile apps which can assist them in doing their jobs in a better way. There is no way one can get enough of them. Here are some of the best iPhone apps for agricultural purpose.

Speed Scout (Aphid):

This I-Phone application is capable of determining whether soybean aphids reached the threshold for each plant. The number is 250 aphids. Plants are generally considered infested just in case the aphids are more than 40 in number on a sample. This app recommends any further treatment or scouting options on the basis of how many plants are infested in a specific area.

Optimizer 2.0:

This app helps farmers to forecast corn yields. It gives enough data to farmers via daily text messages and also via one web portal. The messages which are sent on a daily basis include the highest limiting factor and expected corn yield for the farm. The projections are designed on the basis of the variety of seeds, weather data, soil type and any other limiting factor.


Precision planting developed this app which provides farmers with an uncomplicated method of calculating and storing the estimates of corn yields. Farmers are capable of organizing estimates on the basis of field, farm and client. They are also capable of seeing the place of every estimate on one map along with satellite imaging.


iPhone Apps for Farming

This is the winner as one of the top ten new products in 2012. This software can be used by multiple users, which you can run even without any Internet connectivity. On the other hand, it works with Internet connectivity as well. Users can take quite an advantage of its GPS technology and geographic info. There are templates for data collection functions such as field spray, employee timesheet, food safety and more.

Farm Manager:

This app lets farmers’ record livestock, machinery procedures and cropping. In addition to that, they can also access the information with utmost ease. They can also record crop history: from the time they got sown to the time they got harvested. The use of fertilizer and chemicals can also be recorded. This includes rate, date applied and type.

Nutrient Removal:

The Mosaic Co.’s new app provides growers and retailers with valuable nutrient removal data in support of higher yields. Utilizing years of agronomic research, the Nutrient Removal app is a next-generation take on the data previously seen in the “Balanced Crop Nutrition” guide. The app also allows users to test potential yields, generating results that are crop- and region-specific. (I-Phone, I-Pad, Droid)


The PrecisionEarth soil sampling app makes it easier to collect grower, field and soil sampling data. The app uses only open standards so the data you load and the data you export will work with your current GIS, Web and desktop applications seamlessly. Users can load and display directed sampling layers and boundary vectors, export soil sampling location and display background maps. (I-Phone, I-Pad)

Corn Planning Calculator:

This app provides real-time useful calculations for the planting of corn from specific inputs resulting in the correct spacing of the corn being planted. Inputs such as population desired, cost per acre, seed counts and spacing in inches or metric format are achieved. (I-Phone, I-Pad, iPod touch)

Grain Shrinkage Calculator:

The Grain Shrinkage Calculator returns the results for the number of bushels after the moisture removal from field to storage for seven common grains: corn, wheat, soybeans, oats, barley, buckwheat, and rye. (Android)

 JD Link:

This equipment management app from John Deere is a telemetric system designed to remotely connect owners and managers to their equipment, providing alerts and machine information including location, utilization, performance and maintenance data to manage where and how equipment is being used. (I-Phone, I-Pad)

If your favorite app is not listed above or in my original column on best mobile apps for agriculture or in “13 New Mobile Agriculture Apps for 2013,” tell me about it at matt@croplife.com or post it in the comment box below. Also, please continue to check back often for updates on newly launched agriculture apps added to my honorable mention list.

Honorable Mention

MyTraps.com enables growers and consultants to electronically manage insect data and pesticide records on a secure Website by entering the data into the site through a Web browser or Smartphone. (Available on most mobile devices)


This app extends the functionality of a 20/20 SeedSense monitor from Precision Planting. FieldView functions as a second display in the cab, so users can view real time, row-by-row maps of their planter’s performance. Then, when planting is complete, simply remove the I-Pad from your cab and have all of the 20/20 data with at your fingertips. (I-Pad)


This app from TapLogic allows users to enter farm records, equipment service logs, spray records and take notes or pictures. You can also draw field boundaries with GPS or by hand. Sync to your Web account where you can print reports, review history and draw and print field maps. (Android, I-Phone, I-Pad)

Soil Test Pro:

Developed by TapLogic, this GPS-enabled app makes soil sampling for the farm easier than ever. Features include unlimited access to FarmLogic’s precision age specialists, aerial imagery of all maps, and test results in 5-7 days. (Android, I-Phone, I-Pad) 


This app from Farmscan allows users to map and calculate coverage area for tractors, implements and farm machinery based upon distance traveled and implements width. It record multiple fields and jobs, including applied products (e.g., fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide). (Android)


CropNAtion is a virtual social network for farmers to share information, images of their crops and track agriculture trends in their region. The app has been recognized by CropLife America and has received the AgGateway Information Technology Innovation Award. (Android, I-Phone)

Dynamic Pricing Platform (DPP):

This mobile app allows farmers the ability to view cash grain prices, basis levels and to make, manage, and monitor firm offers at their convenience. (Android, I-Phone)

ARA Mobile:

The Agricultural Retailers Association app features many of the same dynamic content from its Website, including community discussions and messaging; membership directory; event calendar information and registration capabilities; and news and information. (Android, BlackBerry, I-Phone)



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