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iPhone Apps for Hands-free Texting

July 17th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you some of the best iPhone apps for hands-free texting. These apps are easily available on iTunes.

There are plenty of iPhone Apps which can help in hands free texting and work based on voice inputs. Some of the popular and most widely used Apps are as below.

Voice Texting Pro:

This App is an excellent option for hundred percent hands free texting and is based on voice input, you need not use any buttons or touch input. Using this App you can send unlimited texts and it allows you to convert your voice input to text. Also you can send these messages to anyone without any charges. Also this app does not require any subscription fees once you have purchased it. The operation is very simple, you just shout out the message you want to send and then say the name of the name of the contact for whom you wish to send it. The message will get auto-loaded and you just need to hit send.

The new features including creating custom messages or editing previously saved messages. You can also group multiple messages into a single composite message by using “Say More” option.  You can also edit the contact information and auto save them. You can also create nicknames for all your contacts and edit the pronunciation for each of them. There is also an enhancement to cancel surrounding noise and you can cancel a text message by shaking the phone. You can turn off/on any specific features by using voice input. You can also load the text message to Google SMS service by using “Say Google SMS” feature. The App is 100% secure and does not save your contact information in any server.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is an excellent iPhone App for translating speech to text. It makes the concept of voice based texting a reality. You can use this software to dictate text messages, E-mails, important notes or do some actions on your phone. In single click, you can send the dictated text through SMS or E-mail. Once the transcription is done from text to voice, you can edit the text again using either voice input or typing. You can replace the typed words using alternatives which are suggested or delete any existing phrases and/or words.

Vlingo Speech-to-Text

It has 6 voice recognition features which include social update, maps, web search, social update, SMS support, E-mail and voice dial. You can easily begin your conversation using help of “Press and Speak” option available on main page. The app combines speech recognition and various other technologies to convert voice input from users to text messages. It can listen to speech from users and help you connect with various people, different businesses and other activities which can keep you on the move. This hands-free texting app is compatible with iPhone 4 and later version.  When it comes to texting while you are driving your car, it would be really helpful to make use of hands free texting apps like Vlingo. If you are searching for a virtual assistant which can be controlled using voice input, then Vlingo is the best App for you. It has various features like voice dialing, messaging, web search, directions and is integrated with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The App is available for free and you can download it from iTunes store without paying any subscription fee. Vlingo is the best virtual assistant and hands free texting app.Voice Text Pro:

It is another hands-free texting app which is controlled through Voice. It is compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. It’s very simple to use and user-friendly. All you need to do is mention the contact names to whom you wish send the message followed by actual text message. It allows users to save and edit text messages. The App costs 4.99 dollars and can be downloaded from iTunes store.


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