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iPhone Apps for Hands Free Texting

June 17th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about iPhone apps for hands free texting. Here’s the list of some.

Hands free texting has become an essential need today as texting while driving is not only dangerous but illegal too. Hands free texting not only makes texting safe while driving but also makes it convenient for the users to text while doing their daily routine without interruption. You can send messages while eating, reading or driving easily with the help of these hands free texting apps available for iPhone users. Hands free texting apps reads your incoming text or mail to you and allows you to reply to those text through voice control.

 Voice text Pro

Voice text Pro is a voice activated hands free texting app for iPhone.  Build by HRL Technologies, a developer of speech recognition applications, providing voice enabled solutions to mobile users.  It provides 100% hands free interface which can be controlled through speech. It converts all your voice messages to text messages and the user can send these messages to anyone for free.

User can create new message or edit the old ones, create contact picture and nicknames and can even edit pronunciation of contacts. It is very easy to operate. First, say contact name, then say text message and just hit ‘send’. If you want to cancel the message, just shake the iPhone. You can also combine multiple messages with ‘say more’ feature.

 Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a voice texting application that allows users to send text or email messages through voice recognition technology. It saves a lot of time of the users by speaking instead of typing. This app allows the users to text, call, access and launch apps, open files, create and edit email documents, search for information, find directions and much more – all in a voice controlled manner.

It is not only convenient but 5 times faster than conventional touch-and-type texting. To use this app, just hit a button and record your dictation, which is changed from voice to text. You can also edit these texts afterward through text or voice control.

Vlingo – Voice App

Vlingo is a voice activated virtual assistant for iPhone users. It allows controlling your iPhone through voice control. It can be used while driving for messaging, performing search on phone or Google, voice dialling and even for getting directions. It can also be linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts and can be used to control social accounts online.

This app has an adaptation functionality that has a capability to learn your patterns, and helps to overcome any misunderstandings while speaking. It has a very simple ‘press and speak’ button making it very easy to use. Vlingo let users to perform all tasks on iPhone while on the go.

If you want to text and drive, use these apps. Not only because it’s convenient but safe too. Also, these apps are very easy to use. It allows reading incoming texts and responding to them through voice texting easier and faster. These apps can also be controlled through Bluetooth. Once activated, these apps keeps on running in the background and allows you to control your phone through voice control technology.


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