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iPhone apps for losing weight

May 1st, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this tutorial we will tell you some of the best iPhone apps for losing weight. Here’s the list of some:

Delve deeper into the world of the iPhone apps  and you will find it hard to deny the fact- the apps do have the power to bring order in our lives that sometimes seems chaotic! Even though, many would comment that apps simply glue people to their devices, and this is true because there isn’t any walk in life that cannot be teamed up with an app. When it comes to planning your weight loss regime, you need to make a comprehensive analysis of food, nutritional value as well as which to avoid.

Here are some useful apps that you may try.

iPhone apps for losing weight

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1. Lose it!

Yes, this is surely the name of an app, and it deals with the calorie intake you can calculate the amount of calories you consume and its accuracy has been proved to be almost correct. You can scan barcodes when you visit malls and just know how many calories it contains. This will download nutritional value of the product almost immediately and you can also join the lobby of supporters of this app.

2. My Fitness Pal

This pal will give you a complete analysis of your weight in lieu of your height, assess your life style and recommend you how to achieve the target that you have set. You can even check calorie count and download information of food in your local restaurant. Need to share data or get informed then log on to the web and share, it with supporters and friends.

3. Fooducate

Most of the apps will tell you about the calorie, but does any app tell you about the food that one must avoid. Yes,  this app does and hence its popularity. It will let you segregate the non-healthy food in your grocery store and decrease research. Nevertheless you can also scan bar codes to know the calorie count even with this app.

4. 99cents

This app lets you know the calorie content of your entire platter rather than informing you individually about each food. It is easier since you will be given net total to be tallied with your set target or range. You know precisely how much you should eat rather than counting yourself for each singular item that you consume. Innovative isn’t it, it saves you trouble!

5. Lovacore

This is yet another approach in eating healthy. You must consume only fresh vegetable sown at the right time and not processed and pack food. For example, spinach harvested fresh has larger quantities of nutrients than the ones that are out of season or out of cold storage. It is known by all- the farther from the vine, the less nutritious it is. Lovacore is more of an educative app and tells you how much more tome to eat your favorite fruit or vegetable.

6. CSPI Chemical Cuisine

This app is a small gym instructor in your pocket. It has a careful planning for your cardio exercises, then strength training and of course video input for each step. What more? It also describes about a food additive and its safety ratings so that you can make healthy decisions. To team up your regime with some peppy music just let the app stream some from your own playlist.

7. Endomondo

Want some navigational tip while you are hiking or biking or running? This will connect you with Google Map and won’t simply let you get lost. You can also compare your own progress and assess your own history. This app also allows you to update your progress if you want with friends and notify them after every mile.

The app market is full of unique apps- “eat this, not that” is the name of an app that tells you which is more harmful among two imperfect choices.

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