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iPhone Apps for Lost Keys

June 7th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about iPhone Apps for Lost Keys. Here’s the list of some.

How many times you have lost your door keys, car keys or iPhone and how much time you have wasted in searching for your belongings? Well, it would be now easy to find your keys and iPhones through technology. There are apps that can help you find your lost keys without wasting your time, so here are some best apps listed for your lost keys and for your beloved iPhone:

Hone for iPhone-4S

This is very simple and efficient key finder app developed by Geoffrey Litwack, Los Angeles. You have to attach the key-chain with Hone and download the application, launch Hone iPhone application. As the downloading is complete, the device would be paired up automatically with your iPhone. Whenever you lose your keys switch on the “Find Button” of your iPhone as Hone will sense your keys, it will alerts noise, thereby you will get an idea that your key is near.

iphone apps for lost keys

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This app is specially designed for the situations when you have lost your car keys. This device works on any type of car having locks and electronic windows.  SmartStart is an iOS app that has to be installed on your Apple iPhone device. SmartStart is a subscription based application that can not only deal with your lost car keys issues but can also start, heat or cool and open the trunk of your car. But remember SmartStart can only solve your lost car key problem if your car has a remote-starting feature, otherwise you can not install the receiver of Viper SmartStart app.


It is extremely interesting iPhone app, it connects to your key or purse or iPhone via fob that you don’t want to move it out of its place. HipKey gets connected to your key and whispers in low sounds when paired with iPhone, when Hipkey will move far from your paired device, your smartphone and fob both will start freaking out.

This is alerting you that your keys or iPhone is being carried away from its position, and you would be alarmed. You can set it as only you can move your keys, purse or iPhone and nobody else. It is truly safe and efficient way to keep track on your precious belongings.

Proximo fob

Today iPhone is not just a gadget, but it is an office that handles your important notes and information. You can secure your iPhone by loading Proximo and attaching Proximo fob to your purse or car keys. The Proximo fob will raise the alarm when you leave behind any one of them. It keeps track of your iPhone and other important things like keys and purse, proximo raises an alarm when it is separated from its paired device from given distance.

Phone Halo

It comes with CobraTag sensor, which is a dongle, that can be attached to keychain or purse or laptop bag or any other valuable item and a CobraTag app. You have to download the app on your iPhone, BlackBerry or android device and attach the CobraTag sensor as mentioned. The two connects via Bluetooth.

When you get off for your paired belonging, CobraTag will raise alarm, you can then keep a track and find your belonging. CobraTag connects via Bluetooth, and it raises alarm as the paired device gets out of Bluetooth range. You get messages, mail of your lost key, or purse or any other paired device, it also helps you to track down your paired belonging via GPS connection.

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