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iPhone Apps for Measuring Distance

June 18th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about iPhone Apps for Measuring Distance. Here’s the list of some.

Now with the iPhone it is no longer necessary to wonder how far you stay from one point to another. If you are in a distant land, where you never know things about the transportation or to know about the nearby fuel station, then there are iPhone apps for the specific purpose. These apps are extremely much advanced than other route maps available online. Here are a few apps that are best for measuring distance from one point to another and you can trust them at any point of time.


You can use the Planimeter app to measure distance and land area on a map. This is the app that can be used both in the iPad and iPhone. You can do the following with this app.

  • Search an area by location and add the current location.
  • Add a pin number to search and add as many pin  numbers as required to calculate the distance between various areas.
  • You can also export the output data.
  • Change of measurement units is possible.

Distance Map

This is the substitute for Planimeter. You get all the features of Planimeter and is highly accurate to calculate the nautical miles. This can be used both on iPad and iPhone but is expensive than Planimeter if you want to use it on both devices.

Distance Measure

This app needs an internet connection to measure the distance between the points that are entered as inputs. This app measures the distance using the online maps and hence the internet connection is required. You can measure the distance between any two points in the map. You can also measure the distance between more than 2 points of a surface area.

It should be a polygon that has three or more points to be measured. The measurement units available are miles, nautical miles, and feet. To get the measurement of the two points is to tap the device and give in the 2 way-points.

Distance – Find my Distance

If you want to know the distance between two points along the map, then the Distance – Find my distance is the best app for the purpose. This app lets you find the distance by a different method of input. You need to draw the line on the map based on the area you from where you would like to calculate the distance from the area where you need to end up.

The earth curvature is noted and the same is taken into account for calculating the distance between the given points. If you want to move the map, there is an option called ‘move’. To measure select the measuring mode.

Measuring v1.2

This app can be used on iPhone and iPad. You can measure any two areas even the length of the rivers can be measured. You can also use it for simple tasks like measuring your yards. The greatest advantage is that you can measure even odd shapes, which is extremely useful. You can measure bigger areas like mountains and rivers, and that does not mean that you can measure only bigger areas, but also smaller areas like your garden also can be measured.

Map Distance

You can draw lines even if they are curves along the map and ask the app tool to find the distance. This is advantage of this iPhone and iPad app over the others in the market.  You cannot expect the roads and routes to be straight always, and in such cases this app can help you measure the distance.

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