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iPhone apps for sound engineers

June 25th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we will tell you about some of the best iPhone apps for sound engineers. Here’s the list of best iTunes sound application.

BeatMaker 2

BeatMaker 2 is one of the most advanced and popular audio application. Reason behind its popularity is the combination of various tools, ease in use, professional and user friendly interface.

It gives 150+ high quality instruments, synthesizers for orchestral sound and importing sounds feature. Connect your MIDI (media input digital interface) accessories and then control your instrument of BeatMaker.

It is compatible with almost all devices like iPod, IPod and Iphone of 3rd generation and above.


  • Trigger pads: 128.
  • Cut audio loops for creating another sound presets through Chop Lab.
  • Lower and higher passes in filter/pad.
  • Different modes: hold and loop, 1shot.
  • Management of polyphony and absolute groups.


  •  Offers different instruments creation with Audio Tracks, Drum & Keyboard Sampler.
  • Different effects: Six-Band Parametric EQ, AutoPan, Filter, Reverb, Compressor.

Several different features in this app are:


Golden Ear


  • Lossless feature.
  • Designed mainly for Audio lovers.

The main feature of this application is its lossless music player. It supports almost all lossless different audio formats, which includes WAV, APE etc. It can list tracks individually so that we can choose our favorite one. You can provide images if you want cover art.
It also include grouping of files, depending upon artists or albums. Playlist feature is also present. Easy to use Interface with three modes Shuffle, One loop & Continue mode. Just use iTunes file sharing and send audios to the iPhone and you are done.

List of included feature:

  • Support for CUE file.
  • AirPlay support.
  • File transfer protocol support.
  • Cover art feature.
  • Support for LRC file.
  • Feature o sleep timer.

RTA By Andrew Smith


A Real Time Analyzer is a professional acoustical analysis tool for Iphones. It includes 2 modes 1/3 Octave & Octave modes. We can have faith in this app’s results as it is well tested in iOS devices. You can recall graphs after saving them, GPS location feature with date & time.

User friendly and rich Graphics User Interface features with scrolling up and down feature, zoom and compress dB scale. Display mode of landscape can be flipped to 90X2 degrees. Full calibration in RTA.



AudioTools app provides nearly all professional-grade audio need. A huge collection of various professional tools includes: Speaker Polarity Test, SPL, FFT and RTA. You can customize AudioTools with additional modules like SPL Graph etc. You can upgrade as per your requirements.

Feature included in this app are:

  • Delay Finder.
  • SPL Meter.
  • RTA.
  • CLF Viewer.
  • FFT.
  • Polarity.
  • Generator.
  • Line Level Tests.
  • Audio Scope.
  • Recorder.
  • File transfer of results via Wi-Fi to PC / Mac.
  • Audio Calculators.

All the above mentioned application can be helpful for those who loves sound or in other words for audiophiles. These applications can also play an important role in searching and studying the pattern of the audio layers with the help of various features associated with these applications especially for sound engineers.

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