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iPhone Apps vs Windows Phone Apps

February 17th, 2013 · No Comments

In this post we will compare iPhone apps vs Windows phone apps. Have a look on some of the similar apps on iOS and Windows phone.

Apps are a vital thing that defines a phone platform. These days there are various platforms available for mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, iOS and many more. The app developers also develop similar apps for these various platforms but sometimes these apps differ in their appearance and functionality based on the respective platform. In this post let us have a look at some of the similar apps on iOS and Windows Phone and compare them side by side.

Although the Windows Phone apps look much more elegant and beautiful as compared to their iOS version, thanks to the metro UI of Windows Phone 8, but sometimes they are not as productive as their iOS counterparts.

In some of the Windows Phone version of various apps, sometimes your text runs off the screen and sometimes there are a lot of empty spaces. Although there have been recent updates that are being pushed to fix all these bugs. Also, Windows Phone use swiping as their main navigation element which is no doubt beautiful but is sometimes not as efficient as expected.

iPhone Apps vs Windows Phone Apps

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Windows Phone apps are like as if they have been designed by an artist whereas the iOS apps on the other hand feel like they have been developed by a utilitarian mathematician. The iOS apps are although simpler in looks but are nevertheless much more functional and productive.

Let us have a look at some of the popular apps on both these platforms and compare them side by side.

1. The FaceBook App


As you may see, the Windows Phone based app is much more intuitive than the iOS version of the same app but it does not really display more information than the iOS counterpart. Although the Windows Phone based version is much closer to the regular Facebook that we browse on our computers. So, obviously Windows Phone version tops the iOS version here for sure.

2. ESPN ScoreCenter App

This app looks almost similar on both these platforms with the same left and right swipe navigation. But since the Windows Phone platform already uses native swipe navigation system, the app looks much cooler here as compared to the stocky appearance in the iOS environment.

3. Kindle


This app for sure looks cooler and soothing to the eyes on the Windows Phone platform as compared to the iOS style that is not at all good for the eyes. But there is a catch. The iOS version has more functionality as compare to the Windows Phone version. For instance, it is impossible in the Windows Phone version to sort the title by author whereas it is simple to do so in the iOS environment. So, maybe iOS version is better than the Windows Phone version.

4. Evernote


This app is kind of more functional on the Windows Phone platform as you can easily pin your notes to the live tiles of your home screen for better visibility but this sometimes over burden the individual tiles. The iOS version on the other hand has no such additional features and is quite simple.

5. Spotify


Again the app looks more elegant on the Windows Phone platform as compared to the iOS platform but the navigation here is not as snappy and smooth as compared to the iOS counterpart. So the iOS version can be considered better here.

6. Weather Channel


The app seriously looks way too good on Windows Phone platform as compared to the iOS platform as is evident in the image above. But the problem here is that the app has been split into various screens in Windows platform which presents lesser information on a single screen whereas on the iOS version all the info is on a single screen and easy to access. But nevertheless, the Windows Phone based version is much better overall.

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