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iPhone camera tips for taking better pictures

May 21st, 2013 · No Comments

Here we will tell you some of the iPhone camera tips for taking better pictures:

Who doesn’t like to click? Some do it out of sheer passion while few just like to capture the world around. And thanks to the smartphone era clicking high quality pictures have become ridiculously easy. Clicking on the go is as easy as 1-2-3 and most of the times your most “liked” profile picture of your Facebook might be an outcome of your smartphone.

Today, Smartphone’s like iPhone is the preferred mode of  clicking great photos. Known for its very able and effective camera, an iPhone can easily click some wonderful macro shots and close-up portraits. Some benefits of mobile clicks over the DSLR shots are – Firstly, it’s quite easy to carry and easily accessible anywhere. Secondly, it lets you share the photographs with your friends and circles on the social network instantly. iPhone photography is quite a happening subject today and thankfully there is not much huddles there.

Today we present few life-saving (click saving) tips which can help you shoot some wonderful clicks through the iPhone –

camera tips for taking better pictures

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  • Concentration and Focus

You will have to balance the phone with both the hands and then rest the elbows to your chest. Then do try to stabilize yourself with the nearby wall just to gain the support. The fact what matters is the range of your camera  and the way you have positioned and handled it while you are clicking the snap. The first and the foremost step to take care is to pay attention on the object you have to focus and then when it is focused get the photo clicked.

  • Appropriate Light required

Sufficient light is required when you have to click the snaps. So you will have to judge the exact position for getting it clicked. With the impact of the better light you will be able to get picture perfect snaps clicked. Try to click the snaps at the place which has its own natural light. As natural light helps you in better concentration on the object and also the visibility is clear.

  • Awareness about the feature of your camera

Before moving ahead with your camera, you should be well aware with the features which are available on the device. Each device is equipped with a unique camera .Understanding the quarks of your camera, will surely help on in taking better snaps.

  • Different directions for the clicks

The mobile is so handy that you can carry it to any locations. Whether it’s going to be in between the flower and clicking its beauty from inside. Then you can take your phone just above the object and get it clicked. No specific position is specified for getting the snap clicked. Picture can be taken from different angles and bit in some tricky way. Experimentation is always suggested for getting the perfect clicks possible.

  • Focus locking and Exposure Required

You should use the option of exposure and focus of your camera, when you get the target within your focus area. So that the wiggles and the shakes of the camera does not hamper the quality of your picture.

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