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iPhone Photography Apps For the Professional

March 6th, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you about the list of iPhone photography apps for the professional. Here’s the list of some:

There are plenty of camera apps available for iPhone ranging from free to paid apps. You can find some of the popular and widely used photography apps for professionals in this article.

iphone photography apps

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It is considered to be an ultimate camera App for professional photographers and is developed by a group named Tap Tap Tap LLC who was the first group of developers to work on iPhone camera. This App is most downloaded iPhone app for photography and has number of unique features. It is the only App which has the option of manually changing the focus and exposure settings while taking pictures which is important feature for any point-and-shoot camera. It helps you to take pictures with proper light balance depending on current lighting conditions.

There are preset filters available which gives a well-composed and balanced look for the pictures shot using this app. Another important feature is the clarity of the photos which is created using a powerful algorithm which can intelligently manage the colors and light inside a photo. There are plenty of built-in filters with various color tones that make the App very attractive for professional photographers. Other interesting features include Viewing ISO, Social sharing, Lightbox, Adjustment of shutter speed etc. There is a VolumeSnap feature which permits users to shoot pictures with help of clicking of Volume Plus button. The latest version is Camera+ 3.0 which can be downloaded from iTunes store for a price of 0.99 dollars.

AutoStitch Panorama


This App costs 1.99 dollars in iTunes store and allows users to stitch multiple pictures together for panoramic shot with help of manual as well as automatic mode. It will allow users to join pictures in full resolution giving high quality to images and you can attach maximum of forty images together with 18 megapixel resolution overall. It also allows users to stick images in any sides so that you can create wider and also taller pictures as you wish.

Camera Awesome

It is a powerful photo App which has already become very popular throughout the world due to its unique and stylish user interface which includes range of cool features. Some of the options include burst function, sharing in social media, image stabilization and self-timer. The app includes 4 compensation guides which can help you take clear pictures. It has plenty of in-built filters which can be switched between easily and makes the process faster. The App is available for free download, but  you should pay for add-ons like presets, filters and textures you want each set costing 0.99 dollars.



HDR means High Dynamic Range that is range of methods to permit higher dynamic range between darkest and lightest image areas which helps you to add more contrast to the photos you shoot than what is available in normal digital cameras. This App was introduced by Apple along with their native camera app which allows users to take 3 different photos at same shot with 3 different exposure levels which are then combined to create a more contrast and clear picture. It will add more color and light to the photograph and enhances its appeal.

There will be ambient sounds playing in background based on what time of day you are using the App and background picture will change depending on whether its day or night. There are bunch of cool filters available to add more style to your photographs especially for scenery, ground and sky. There are cool frames to enhance the style of your pictures. This App can be purchased from iTunes store for 1.99 dollars.


This cool App costs $2.99 from App store and has fighter pilot-style HUD interface which is user-friendly. You can make adjustments to contrast, color temperature, brightness, exposure levels and various other features in this App. It allows users to add filters as well as rotate or crop pictures. You can change the white balance, exposure and focus settings dynamically while taking a picture and has user-friendly editing system.

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