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List of Android Phones with NFC Support

July 17th, 2012 · No Comments

Here’s a list of android phones with NFC support, which also includes other details.

Considering the vast craze of the Android Smart Phones and enormous potential of the technology like Near Field Communication (NFC), their combination together has to be a mouthwatering contest for the technocrats and hardcore cell phone users. Near Field Communication is the contemporary and perhaps the most effective technique of information sharing between the two devices today.

It has certainly surpassed the Bluetooth technology in terms of ability as it has wireless transfer system using radio communication means of transfer. A mere tapping of two devices having NFC technology and support can share large data with higher and exceptional speed. Near Field Communication is a relatively new yet rapidly emerging and establishing technology available today.

Android Phones with NFC Support

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There are remarkably few smart phones, which support this technology. Here, we present a list of the finest Android phones those support NFC Technology and thus are worth having a go.

1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the Android smart phone famous for two most compelling reasons. It is the first phone to be launch with the support of Ice Cream Sandwich, latest version of Android Support, and it is also the phone to have the first ever facility of NFC Technology. No wonder it tops the list of Android Smart Phones with NFC technology.

2. HTC Amaze 4G

HTC product, this, is obviously a smart phone that is a host of the novel and path breaking features of its own and also boast of the fluent and tested support of Near Field Communication technology. Considered as a rival of Samsung Products, HTC is also a stand out device. However, it has not gained much popularity as Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but its remarkable features like 4.3- inch screen and 8MP camera make it stand out of the crowd.

3. BlackBerry Curve 9380

No matter to what extent this obsession of the Android Smart Phones rise today, the place of BlackBerry devices is actually favored one in the market of Business phones. This unique product also does not disappoint and has NFC technology support.

4. Huawei Sonic with NFC

This particular Android Smart Phone does not belong to the familiar group of Samsung or HTC products but is undeniably a device to reckon with. It is touted as the cheapest available Android Phone with NFC support today and thus is certainly a stand out choice.

5. Samsung Galaxy SII

Widely recognized as the best smart phone of its generation, Samsung Galaxy SII when launched did not have this knack of the NFC technology. However, the latest launch of this product has eliminated that drawback and NFC features are built-in the device.

6. Sky Vega Racer

A Pantech product, this, is aiming high to be recognized as the smart phone of the league of Samsung Galaxy SII, and it has to accepted that with its latest launch with the much awaited NFC Technology, it has undoubtedly acquired that coveted spot.

7. HTC One X

After being on the receiving end for several days since launch of the Samsung Galaxy SII, HTC have finally taken a toll at Samsung and other market leaders by launching its own flagship model, HTC One X. It is fully equipped with much desired NFC technology support and thus is a strong contender.

8. BlackBerry Bold 9790

Apart from the BlackBerry Curve smart phone, BlackBerry is successful in including one more of its wide range of the devices in this list of the smart phones with NFC support. Powered with 1GHz CPU and 2.44-inch of display this smartphone is a reputable name to be here for guaranteed!

9. Casio IT-800

This perhaps is the least established name in the smart phone world today but has successfully delivered a powerful and common device with the Near Field Communication support to be part of this list. Casio IT-800 has PDA handheld built and commonly used for business use.

10. Acer E320 Liquid Express

On the similar grounds with its newer compatriot Casio, this Acer product of the Taiwanese manufacturer is a relatively new name in the industry of NFC enabled phones and is a first product from Acer with this technology. However, this fact does not overshadow its incredible capacity and superior performance with NFC.

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