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Manage pregnancy with cool Android pregnancy apps

May 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

Here in this post we will tell you some of the best Android pregnancy apps. Here’s the list of some:

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. It is every woman’s dream to become a mother. But for all those expecting mothers out there, especially working mothers, do you really have time in your hectic schedule to sit back and keep tabs on those small intricacies and details of care to be taken during pregnancy? Well worry not; there are a couple of android apps for expecting mothers, out there to help them enjoy their pregnancy as well as motherhood. The top 5 pregnancy apps for android smart phones have been listed below just for you.

I’m Expecting

Once again amongst the top 5 pregnancy apps for android (pregnancy apps for android) is I’m Expecting application

  • Helps keep track of everything happening with the unborn baby.
  • Gives weekly updates and info about the baby’s growth.
  • Tracks the symptoms to compare them with other mothers to check the common ones.
  • Shares your info with the doctor.
  • Adds doctor’s appointments.
Android pregnancy apps
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My pregnancy today

This is the third amongst the top 5 pregnancy apps for android (pregnancy apps for android). The features of this android pregnancy application are:

  • Gives you images of foetal development to see how the baby looks every week
  • Makes you learn the body changes
  • Pregnancy checklists helps you keep track with appointments, decisions and much more
  • Birth club lets you connect with all the other women due
  • Get access to the videos; watch the baby grow inside the womb and see mothers giving birth
  • The calculator of due date lets you find out the due date
  • Weekly notifications to begin countdown for the big day
  • Nutrition guide to manage the weight gain using recipes and tips to help eat right

BabyBump App

It is another very useful and one of the top 5 pregnancy apps for android (pregnancy apps for android) Smartphone. The apps allow staying connected with family & friends and sharing your pregnancy experience while staying informed about pregnancy progress.

  • Meet expecting parents from across the world
  • Calculate due date from the Last Menstruation Period
  • Remaining days and weeks as well as trimester info
  • Progress bar shows remaining time until the delivery
  • Personalize the countdown screen along with a profile picture
  • See the baby’s embryo pictures each week
  • Cravings, common symptoms and expected body changes to experience every week
  • Weekly details and regular tips about the baby’s weight, size and development
  • Track waist measurement and daily weight
  • Tracking of energy, mood, craving, appetite morning sickness, etc.
  • Create slideshow of the growing baby bump
  • Add pictures of pregnancy from the library or camera

Pregnancy Disc

Features of this beautiful pregnancy android application are:

  • Pregnancy disk also called wheel calculator, forecasts pregnancy dates every week to know dates in each week of pregnancy.
  • It helps plan flights, medical appointments, baby showers, etc.
  • Enables to see 3D and 2D ultrasound images.
  • Forty two weeks information lets you know everything about pregnancy at the fingertips.
  • Pregnancy glossary provides with pregnancy terms often used by doctors and other health professionals.
  • Baby names.
  • Pregnancy Tips.

To use this application pregnancy disc, just provide any of these details

  • Expected Due date
  • Conception date

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