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Tips to Maximize Resale Value of Old Cell Phones

October 26th, 2012 · No Comments

The article describes some important tips to maximize resale value of Old cell phones. Here are some important tips:

Many of us would really like to dispose of our old phones and other gadgets before buying a newer model. This makes a lot of sense as it makes financial sense too. But what can you expect when you try to sell your old phone? What effects the value and what’s the best way to maximise this values? Use these tips of yours and you’ll be on your way to maximising the resale value of your old phones:

Device type / Brand

Yes, the type of device you are trying to sell and the brand matters the most when trying to sell your old phone. According to industry research iPhones hold their value the best with the least depreciation. Android comes next, and Blackberry fourth. Windows Phones come last in this.

Many tech gurus say that one big factor affecting the price of Android cellphones is the fact that manufacturers release new models every so often – this forces them to cut back the prices of recently-released cell phones – this has a knock-on effect for used mobile phones too.

Apply is, by far, the best as Apple only releases one new model every year or so. The higher brand image enjoyed by Apple also comes in handy here. Blackberry and Windows phones are not that popular – this affects the demand in the second hand market as well.

Of course, even within Android, brand matters – Samsung and HTC are said to have the best resale values. And as it may seem, more expensive and flagship model cell phones sell for a higher price.  These days dual core processors are common so a phone with better tech will be easier to sell for a higher value.


Obvious! The condition of your phone matters a lot. How many scratches are there on the case, is glass screen in good shape, does the headphones socket work properly… All these have a major effect on the resale value of your old phone. Take care of your expensive device and it’ll pay a dividend when you go in for a newer model


When selling off your old phone and other gadgets, it helps if you have saved the original box and packaging. For used cell phone dealers, this not only indicates that care was taken by you, but also makes it more attractive for a buyer looking for second hand phones.


I’m sure many of you haven’t thought of this! But it is true. White and black handsets enjoy the best used values. You may find someone who likes pink, blue, or other colours, but white and black make it a safe bet!


The technology of the phone matters too. A mobile phone, available in both GSM and CDMA variants, will usually be worth more in its GSM avatar – as this can be used in virtually any network across the globe!

We hope these helped. Follow these tips and you’ll easily be able to sell your old phones for a good price – allowing you to buy that fancy new smartphone you’ve always wanted!

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