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Best Motion Sensor Games for Android Tablets

January 7th, 2013 · No Comments

Motion sensor games are some of the biggest attractions on an Android tablet. The article enlists some of the best motion sensor games for Android tablets.

Tablet devices are a godsend for any gadget freak. Now, you don’t even need a massive and expensive desktop PC to play your favourite games. These days, tablet devices, especially Android tablets, make for the best gaming device. There are many advantages to these: they are cheaper, are lighter and portable, and you get the latest games at much lower prices. And now, as Android tablets have become far more powerful, you can also find games that use motion sensors, gyros, etc.

In fact, motion sensor games are some of the biggest attractions on an Android tablet – this is one feature that no console, laptop, or desktop can provide! Yes, it might even be worth buying a new tablet for.

Motion Sensor Games for Android

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Anyway, if you have an Android tablet, here are some of the best motion sensor games you can play:

1. Asphalt 6

Now in its sixth version, Asphalt is a very popular racing title. This Android game uses motion sensing technology to deliver you an entertaining experience. With gorgeous, 3D graphics, motion-enabled controls, and many fun gaming modes, this should be on top of your list!

2. Battlefield Fighters

If you loved Top Gun, you’ll love this game. Battlefield Fighters puts you in the cockpit of some of the deadliest fighter aircraft in the world. And as it uses your Android tablet’s motion sensor, it’s a lot of fun too!

3. TurboFly3D


This racing game is set in the future. Install TurboFly3D and spend countless hours racing your futuristic vehicle in a variety of environments. Excellent fun for the whole family!

4. Penguin Skiing

A great motion sensor game for younger children. Install this on your Android tablet and watch your kids have a lot of fun as they help the penguin ski down a hill!

5. Trial Xtreme


Like bikes and motocross? Well, Trial Xtreme will give you that nail-biting thrill right on your Android tablet. Hop on to your motocross bike and jump obstacles in a bid to win prizes!

6. Racing Moto

If you’d rather ride a bike on an open highway, this is the motion sensor motorcycle game you should install: Dodge traffic and speed on the open road – across cities, deserts, and the countryside!

7. Tilt3D

A new, motion-senor enabled version of the old game. In this, you have to steer a metal ball across a maze. A classic!

8. Graviturn

Another maze game, Graviturn is a fantastic game to while away the time when waiting for the train or bus. It’s also a great game for children to play as it’ll help them practise their motor skills.

9. Skies of Glory

Another flying game, Skies of Glory lets you battle against other aircraft and ships. One of the coolest things about Skies of Glory is that you can also play multiplayer games against your friends.

10. Abduction

Careful, there are aliens around! In abduction, the aliens have kidnapped your friends and you have to follow the aliens to get them back. Loads of fun for the entire family – the colourful graphics are also gorgeous!

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