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Nomophobia: Loosing Cell phone is Worst Fear for this Generation

July 5th, 2012 · No Comments

Nomophobia worst fear of phone users. Nomophobia is the fear of losing your cellphone which has become one of the important phobias of this generation.

Nomophobia is the fear of losing your cellphone which has become one of the important phobias of this generation. Based on recent research in UK, around fifty three percent of users having cellphone suffer from this phobia. Also, it’s estimated that we check our cellphone 34 times every day though we don’t have any message or calls.

The term Nomophobia is short form of “No Mobile phone Phobia” which is irrational fear and anxiety suffered by loss of cellphone. The term was coined by the UK Post office that did a survey on over 2,163 people about their obsessions towards cellphones and fear of losing their phone.

Some people panic when they lose their cellphone and don’t get receive signal as they have the urge to remain connected with their contacts always. Apart from fear of losing contact without their cellphone, people experience certain physical symptoms like sweating, dizziness, chest pain, nausea, accelerated heart rate and trembling. The fears include running out of battery, losing signal reception or misplacement of the phone.

The symptoms of nomophobia include obsessively ensuring that cellphone is in the pocket and constantly worrying that mobile is present though it’s in a secure place and experiencing a panic attack in case of loss of signal. Some people constantly check their phone for mails, texts and keep charging the phone often with fear of running out of battery.

Also, they can’t turn their phone off anytime or even go for bathroom without taking their phone with them. Treatment of nomophobia can be done through medications or various type of exposure therapy. People suffering the phobia are advised by a therapist or counselor who gives radical suggestions to avoid this imaginary fear. Also, therapist might request the person to remain without cellphone for certain time period and practice controlling his fear.

The therapists will suggest certain self-help techniques to avoid their fear of losing cellphone. In order to avoid, first they should be well-informed about the phobia and its symptoms. They should practice staying out of negative thoughts and follow certain relaxation techniques like Yoga, muscle relaxation, deep breathing which can help dealing with physical and emotional symptoms of phobia. Nomophobia is not a bizarre disease, but its natural urge of human beings to stay connected with friends and family.

In modern times, communication through social media, internet and mobile phones has become part of everyday life. There are lots of phobia professionals in market who can help you in recovering from this fear. Through proper counseling and therapy, one can easily avoid this panic and fear of losing a cellphone. You should use the phone only when it’s necessary to make important calls or messages and avoid keeping it in possession always.

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