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Optimus Prime Recycled

January 27th, 2010 · No Comments

Optimus Prime Recycled- A Taiwanese guy inspires sci-fi fans when he upcycled junk materials into 14-foot replica of Optimus Prime of The Transformers series

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For those familiar with the oddities at Ripley’s museum, life-sized action figures made from discarded materials isn’t exactly new. This 14-foot Optimus Prime statue created by a Taiwanese DIYer from recycled material, however, is special.

Optimus Prime replica made from recycled junk

The figure, made from recycled every-day materials like the window frame in its chest and some old TV roof antennas at the back, do resemble a giant robot, by any stretch of the imagination. What made it stand out was when a newspaper in Taiwan interviewed the man who created the replica, and posted the interview on YouTube.

Watch video: Interview with Taiwanese guy who created the 14-foot Optimus Prime replica from recycled junk.

It’s not exactly as faithful a rendition of the leader of the autobots as the West Loh’s 7-foot Optimus Prime replica (see picture below) auctioned on eBay last December, but I’d like to think of it as a work in progress. Hopefully, the guy will add more features to his bot, now that it gave him his 15 minutes under the spotlight.

West Loh's Optimus Prime replica auctioned on eBay last month
West Loh’s Optimus Prime replica auctioned on eBay last December for $43,000.

Some tech sites, surprised by how the video above went quickly viral, dismissed the creation as nothing more than a glorified “clothes drier.” Still, I’d give more credit to the Taiwanese guy for his creativity and use of recycled and discarded materials. If anything, it shows the millions of Transformers and sci-fi fans out there that there’s no limit, save your imagination, to what can be upcycled or created using recycled and discarded materials.

via: TFormers

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