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Pacebutler Buys More Used Cell Phones Through Search Advertising

March 14th, 2012 · No Comments

Pacebutler has been in the business of buying and selling used cell phones since 2002. Pacebutler buys more used cell phones through search advertising.

Pacebutler Corporation CIO Mike Arms
Pacebutler CIO Mike Arms explain how the company has leveraged search advertising with Bing and Yahoo to reach millions of potential sellers of used cell phones

Pacebutler Corporation has been in the business of buying, recycling, and selling used cell phones since 2002. In the United States, an estimated 125 million cell phones are discarded every year. Of this total, about 10 percent are trashed in landfills while some 30 percent are carelessly tossed into drawers (many of which will be trashed at a later date) and promptly forgotten.

A number of states, Illinois for example, have already recognized the dangers posed by the heavy metal toxins in used cell phones and other junked electronic devices and have passed legislation to keep these these materials out of landfills. Most cell phones contain traces of dangerous heavy metals (like lead, cadmium, and mercury) and other toxic materials like brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These can potentially contaminate water supplies and nearby farming areas when discarded cell phones are deposited in landfills.

“We keep toxins from our landfills and our ecosystem by actually paying people to send in their old cell phones instead of just throwing them away. I like that,” explains Mike Arms, Chief Information Officer of Pacebutler Corporation.

Stiff Competition

While the number of cell phones being discarded every year in the U.S. has grown tremendously since 2002, the number of companies that are into cell phone buyback and recycling have also increased exponentially.

“There’s a massive amount of cell phones out there we need to buy, there are also a lot of companies that are doing what we’re doing — competition’s stiff.”

Used cell phones being sorted by a Pacebutler technician

Pacebutler has been actively marketing its cell phone buyback services and trying to reach cell phone users throughout the U.S. using multiple channels of advertising for the past several years now. Search advertising, i.e., displaying paid ads in the search results of engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing has always been one of its most profitable marketing channels.

“Our market is in all 50 states and most of our customers find us online so search advertising makes a lot of sense. It’s affordable, the number of people you can reach is huge, and you can measure results immediately.”

Like everyone else, the marketing team at Pacebutler initially focused on Google Adsense but this proved to be costly and delivered less than satisfactory results. Looking for alternatives, Mike and his team turned to Bing.

“We decided to give Bing a try. We found out with just one account we can have our ads in both Bing and Yahoo search. Millions of them, including millions who don’t use Google, who knew?”

The result so far has been spectacular, as Mike confirmed:

“The results have been fast and strong, so strong that we doubled our advertising budget twice in the first 12 months. When I made some changes to our landing page and our keywords, I got a flood of leads for about 4 dollars each. That’s huge for our business.”

If you’re planning to start or would like to expand your own cell phone recycling business, you might want to take a good look at search advertising yourself.

“Search advertising is an awesome way to go for anyone starting a new business or looking to grow a business.”

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