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Top 10 Call Blocker Apps on iPhone

September 5th, 2013 · Comments Off on Top 10 Call Blocker Apps on iPhone

In this article we will tell you top 10 Call blocker apps on iPhone. Here’s the complete details about them:

Ever wondered how many spam, Tele-marketing calls you answer during the entire day during your personal time or even during meetings. Quite obviously you wouldn’t know simply by looking at the digits that it is a spam call. Unless you have a caller id or call blocker app installed. Today, we are going to talk about some of the most popular call blocker apps for iPhone. Spam, Tele-marketing calls have touched a greater magnitude over past couple of years. And then you must not forget about the touts or the unwanted individuals in your phonebook whom you would tend to avoid most of the times. You just can’t live without a call blocker app today!

So here goes your must have list of call blocker apps:

  • Call block –Stop Telemarketers

Most users are always worried about calls from the telemarketing guys as they keep bugging for some or the other promotional stuff. When you are really waiting for a crucial call and end up receiving some XYZ marketing guy trying to sell you a Credit Card or Broadband connection it gets annoying to say the least. With the help of this application you can block the unwanted calls you don’t wish to attend.

  • Do Not Call

It helps you in registering yourself for blocking the unwanted calls with the United States Government.  It initiates a report of violators or spammers. In this list you should select all the telemarketers whom you wish to block momentarily or forever!

  • Hide the Caller

It allows an individual to hide the numbers you don’t wish to keep on your mobile device. It allows individuals in creating the aliases for those numbers which they wish to keep as secret numbers. Application also gives you the leverage to rename callers to something of your wish.

  • The Bad Decision blocker

It blocks you from initiating the call. It’s an age where the people are more often attached with their social networking sites, emails, and text messages and of course calls. Have you ever come across a scenario where you feel like initiating a call to someone?  But you don’t wish to call, so with this application you can block by setting a limitation over the call.

  • IBlack list

With the help of this application you can select those people from whom you don’t wish to receive calls and also can hide or screen the messages which you wish to keep as secret. It also provides you with a parental guidance feature which is going to block the outgoing.  With this application you can set an auto-reply for all the text messages.

  • True Caller

It is a phone directory which keeps the records of all the calls and numbers from across the globe. They have both mobile and landline numbers in this directory. It does have the feature of warning you from attending to any unwanted calls and also it maintains a directory which has the list of all the unwanted callers.

  • Call Bliss

It is well known for enabling the user with the feature of DND. It is quite effective and also easy to handle. As its going to silent all the users whose calls are not to be attended. They also ensure that some of the important callers can still make calls. You can also send the calls on voice mails by suppressing the caller.

  • CIA

It is developed for checking the caller who is calling you. Also it can reveal the identity of the unknown numbers. It shows the name, other information with regards to the callers and the address on the screen. It is also beneficial in searching the numbers via the interface provided.

  • Fake Call Advanced : Get a Call Anytime

With help of this application, you will be able to track the spammer right at the spot and don’t need to fix or add any setting beforehand. You can also set a proper timer for the caller and can check the fake call of the rescuer. You can decide based on the situation at hand.

Mr. Number Block Calls

This application helps the user in blocking the number of any caller whether it’s initiated from the landline or the mobile set. In this you can also block the specific area code of the incoming calls.



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How to Make Your Android Phone Safe

September 4th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Make Your Android Phone Safe

In this article we will tell you how to make your Android phone safe. Here’s the complete discussion:

Today’s smart phone, thanks to the innovation taking place in the segment, is not meant for voice services alone. Modern smart phones are capable of handling complex activities like data transmission and online transactions too. They can play videos, movies, music and also run several office and commercial applications. In other words, they have substituted desktops or laptops and have added greater agility and mobility for their users.

Likewise, smartphones are increasingly becoming mission-critical equipments that carry large chunk of sensitive information in them. Thus the users have to attach lot of attention and care towards protecting their smartphones from possible misuses like identity theft. In this article you would be reading about safeguarding your Android phone.

Tips to keep your Android phone safe

How to Make Your Android Phone Safe

  • As a user of smartphone you should know that the gadget in your hand is nothing but a mini computer.
  • Keep it locked either by screen lock or by setting up a password.
  • Smartphone becomes vulnerable because of unfriendly apps that look so cure and useful. Hence be careful while downloading them as the malicious apps can steal the vital information stored on the smartphone.
  • Download apps from trusted sources. Identifying the original source is highly essential because all the sources that allow installation of popular apps are not trustworthy.
  • Similarly, the apps that flock various app stores like Google Play must be scrutinized as a legit app before downloading.
  • Keep checking the app permissions from time to time. Stop unwanted apps accessing the contacts, phonebook and other critical data.
  • Now a day, text messages are also carrying malware. Hence beware of messages that come from unknown sources.
  • Install good, powerful antivirus program on your smartphone. This would create an extra layer of security and strengthens the security of the data.
  • Get the periodical updates for the operating system and install them. These updates usually carry improvised security patches that could protect your smartphone efficiently than in the past.
  • Be cautious while choosing your cloud storage service. It is a wise decision to opt for a cloud storage as it can save lot of space of your phone’s physical memory but do not end up with a shady service.
  • Exercise a strict control over online financial transactions through the smartphone. Many online security experts have warned the users against this practice.
  • Data encryption is the best way to keep the data safe and secured. This would make it difficult for others to sneak in to your data when the phone is lost or stolen.
  • Get some useful apps that could locate your lost phone. Chose apps that could turn on your lost phone’s speakers and ring an alarm.
  • Take regular backups of your smartphone data. Add the remote wipe feature to have a quick counter mechanism when the gadget is stolen.
  • Finally handle your gadget with care. Physical damages also can cause irreparable damages to your data.

Your smartphone entices you in many ways and hence it is your responsibility to take a good care of it.



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Why is E-waste Recycling Important

September 4th, 2013 · Comments Off on Why is E-waste Recycling Important

Nothing is waste in this world.

This is a true and wise saying as the scare resources like flushed water too is being recycled through STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) for saving the over exploitation of natural water sources. Similarly, we usually come across with the news about recycling of the waste materials like steel, plastic, paper etc. Experts say that majority of the used items can be recycled to produce new ones thus reducing the load on mining for resources and lower the environmental pollution.

The industrial revolution that took place during 18th century in the United Kingdom has spread like a wild fire throughout the world and has usurped the active industrial units. This has lead the modernization of the lifestyle with many instruments, gadgets and equipments being invented by the researchers. Manual works have been mechanized through automatic machines which can work faster than the humans.

On the same note, entertainment too has gone off the field in to the air or underground thus bringing radios, televisions and record players into life. Further researches have helped in producing power resources like batteries which can supply power in remote areas as well.

While up till here it is a happy story of invention and innovation and everything was looking absolutely beautiful. But when the reality made its entry on to the dais in the form of electronic waste, a huge chaos and confusion has settled on the minds of the visionary people like environmentalists. They quickly understood the dreadful effects of electronic waste aka E-Waste and have started finding the ways and means of tackling the rising heaps of E-waste.

As far as the common users are concerned, they were making merry with the careless discarding of the E-Waste with complete unawareness of their harmful effects on their own lives. By the time the actual realization has donned on to the society, enough damages were done to Mother Earth.

Why is E-waste Recycling Important

International organizations like the United Nations have quickly swung into the action of carrying out awareness campaigns and many countries particularly the biggest contributors to the pollution have joined hands in making these campaigns successful.

The importance of recycling E-waste can be summarized as below:

  • E-Waste is contributing to more than 70% of the environment pollution.
  • Precious metals like gold and silver are being lost due to mindless disposals of electronic items.
  • Careless dumping of batteries which contain harmful chemicals like mercury can spoil not only the environment but also the health of the humans who live in close proximities of landfills.
  • The poisonous effects of E-Waste can cause serious and adverse reversals of nature i.e. natural disasters.
  • Flora and fauna could get affected heavily thus destabilizing the bio-diversity that is crucial for the survival of the human race.

As a civilized and highly evolved species we can contribute to the efforts of environmentalists and safeguard the nature by adopting the following:

  • Every user of electronic goods must adhere to 3Rs i.e. Reduce, Recycle & Reuse.
  • Ensuring the safe disposal of E-Waste to protect the environment.

It is not only important to have socio-economical growth but also protecting the ecological and environmental surroundings. Safe disposal of e-waste is one of the best solutions for protecting our Mother Earth.

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How to Setup Passbook Phone on iPhone 5

September 3rd, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Setup Passbook Phone on iPhone 5

In this article we will tell you how to setup Passbook Phone on iPhone 5. Here’s the complete discussion:

Apple released the Passbook app on iOS 6 that is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPod touch. Passbook app detects location, time and manages all of your other features like retail coupons, loyalty cards, movie tickets and much more. Added to these are many other apps that are compatible with it. Now you can even have leading airline companies like United and American Airlines that allow boarding passes with Passbook. Yet another example is the Starbucks app that can add the payment methods to the Passbook app. Select the top 10 Starbucks outlets and whenever you are close to one, you will be notified. You can immediately access your payment method on Starbucks. Barrista can even process your payment from your iPod and iPads. Add location aware coupons to your Passbook the next time you shop at Macy’s, Old Navy, Petsmart, Sweet Tomatoes, Target and many more. The coupon will automatically be displayed on your device as soon as you enter the store.  So P?Passbook finds a utility in many ways!

Setting up Passbook on your iPhone 5 or other iOS 6 Devices

  • Passbook comes by default on your iPods and iPhone devices that are running on iOS 6 or the later versions.
  • To set it on your device you will have to locate first and then launch this app.
  • As soon as you do so you will notice the welcome screen with the various uses of the app.
  • For getting started click on the icon appearing at the bottom of the welcome screen saying “Apps for Passbook”. Soon you will be taken to a section that displays all the compatible apps with Passbook.
  • Try using the Starbucks or Target app. In the Starbucks app go to the payment option and choose a mode. Go to the manage icon that will cite the payment method by the option “Add Card to Passbook” icon. Now go to the stores button and choose up to 10 such outlets.
  • As for the Target app, you will have to create an account and log in. Now hit the red button situated at the bottom. Not tap on the option called “My Target” and view the “coupons” option. Now scroll down and choose the “Add to Passbook” option to get all the available coupons.

Passbook Apps for Other Purposes

How to Setup Passbook Phone on iPhone 5

Passbook app is aware of both time and location.

  • For example, you have a ticket for a movie from Fandango. As you approach the show time, the ticket will appear on the Lock Screen, and you will be able to use it.
  • Same is for the boarding passes for some of the airlines and as soon as you approach the airport you will have access to the boarding pass on the Lock Screen based on your location.

Hide or Delete an App from the Passbook List

  • To hide an app-Open the Passbook app.
  • Now go to the small ‘i’ icon that appears at the bottom and choose it for editing Passbook items.
  • In case you are anxious of the Passbook item security you can turn off the option- “Show on lock screen.”
  • But next time you want to access this app you will have to log in, look out for the app once again and then use it at the time and place required.
  • For deleting an item on the Passbook list, go to the trash can on the top left side of the screen and tap it. The item will be removed from the list.



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E-waste Model of Oklahoma City

September 2nd, 2013 · Comments Off on E-waste Model of Oklahoma City

In this article we will tell you about E-waste model of Oklahoma City. Here’s the complete discussion:

It is undeniable that since the last decade electronic devices has added a lot of comfort to our lives. But this rising trend has posed a new threat to the environment. Survey reports state that, in most countries, e-wastes has exceeded that of municipal waste. This is not a myth; just look around to see the dependence of human beings on consumer electronic items! If there are not proper channels to recycle and reuse these, the soil and water sources will be polluted leading to devastating consequences.

E-waste Recycling in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma city metro population comprises of more than 1.4 million people, which is highly dependent, on the consumer electronic items like computer, CPU and monitors, telephone and cell phones, fax machines, camcorders, copy machines, gaming consoles, DVD players and VCRs, audio/stereo devices and many more.

After the Computer Recovery Act came in Oklahoma in the year 2008, many e-cycling efforts are done for making the environment safe from the various threats imposed by the improper disposal of the e-waste. Several e-cycling drives and programs in Oklahoma have helped a lot in collecting, refurbishing and reusing the e-waste items. According to Oklahoma Recovery Act computer manufacturers will be representing a proof of computer recovery or recycling program to DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality). The evidence includes mail-back system, collection events, and the various contracts made by recycling shops.

Proper e-cycling methods opted by medical facilities, businesses, individuals and schools make Oklahoma city a perfect e-waste recycling model. The city is following many safe and EPA compliant recycling options for discarded computers, cell phones, PCs, laptops and other electronic items.

How You May Participate in Oklahoma e-Waste Recycling Drive

E-waste Model of Oklahoma City

Spreading awareness regarding soil pollution and how to combat it is the only way you can stop further deterioration of the environment. Here is how you may participate in the Oklahoma e-cycling efforts-

1. Do not dispose your old devices as soon as a new version appears. Rather upgrade the existing, refurbish and keep using them.

2. If your old electronic item is no more of use, don’t throw them in landfills, try to donate them.

3. Check for recycling events regularly. As soon as you come to know of one try, to reap its benefits.

4. You can also contact your local solid waste collection department to check if they have some way to collect electronic items separately. In Oklahoma City,  you will get periodic collections for this purpose.

5. Various electronic companies offer to recycle or take-it-back offers; Use these offers.

6. When you are purchasing a new device look out offer trade-in offers. Many companies have third party retailers handling these efforts, and you will get their names by searching on the internet.

7. Check for energy efficiency of your gadgets. It is better buying gadgets that have higher efficiency. Look out for gadgets that have fewer toxins and are easily recyclable.

Oklahoma City Disposal of E-Wastes

The workplace needs constantly upgraded devices to stay at par in the market. In Oklahoma city,  there are several websites that accept old and outdated gadgets and help the under privileged to reap benefits out of them.

Pacebutler Corporation is one of pioneer organization, which has helped many people, in re-selling and recycling their used cell phones. Moreover, there are campaigns like EPA’s e-cycling Campaign that tries to increase the collection of recycling products nationwide.

The Oklahoma “Department of Environmental Quality” encourages every individual to upgrade, resell, donate and recycle their products that are not in use.



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Best Recovery App for Android

August 29th, 2013 · Comments Off on Best Recovery App for Android

In this article we will tell you about best Recovery App for Android. Here’s the complete discussion:

The data in Android phones can be lost due to several reasons like formatting your memory card, upgrade failure, factory reset by mistake, deleting accidentally etc. You might be wondering how to restore the lost data which might contain important documents, videos and pictures from your Android phone. There are many advanced data recovery application designed specifically for Android phones which can assist you to recover any videos, songs, images, archives, documents and data stored on the memory cards of Android phone.  Some of the popular recovery apps for android phones are,

Wondershare Data Recovery

It’s an excellent data recovery app suitable for Android phones. It allows users to restore save videos, SMS, photos, contact details, music files and whatever data which you have stored on your phone’s memory. The app will automatically scan for data which is lost from your phone and then restore it safely. You can instantly recover whatever data you lost within a single touch of recovery button. It can handle the process of recovery within seconds and you can download the trial version of the app from below link,


Hexamob Data recovery software

This is one of the interesting and powerful apps for recovering accidentally deleted files and important data from your Android phone. In order to install and use this App you should be the root user of the phone and it is compatible with Android version 2.3 and later. It is compatible with both tablets and supports major file types and different file systems such as ext4, ext3, ext2 and vfat systems. It is also compatible with USB storage devices. The recovery of data will be based on how bad the corrupted or deleted data blocks are. If the files deleted have been over written by new data, then it is not possible to recover them. The recent version comes with revamped UI and is compatible with both tablets and smart phones. Also it is compatible with Android 4.2/4.1 devices and also supports new files types. There is support for multiple languages and also new total recovery technique for better efficiency and quick recovery of data. Also previous version issues have been fixed and new recovery tools have been added. You can download the free version of this App from Google Play in below link,


Data Recovery from Google Store

This app helps you with complete analysis and diagnosis of your smart phone. It can also assist you in checking data status, identifying contacts, multimedia files, textual data and copies the data bytes one by one and helps in recovery of lost or corrupted data from the phone. This App can be activated from any location and will instantly help in data recovery. You can use this app to recovery data from your phone’s SD card and also lost contacts from SIM card as well.


Undelete for Root Users

Undelete for Android is another application which helps root users to recover lost files from either internal storage or memory card in their Android phones. It can recover more than thousand supported file types and is very useful in case you have accidentally deleted any old tunes or photos. It can also help in securely deleting the shared files such that it cannot be recovered by anyone else. The important features of this App are,

  1. You can recover any type of file which has not been overwritten by new data.
  2. Securely shred/erase unwanted files
  3. Compatible with various file formats like binary executable, music, videos, pictures, documents etc.
  4. You can also preview media files and perform batch operations, thumbnail previews and restore folders in custom manner.

If you have downloaded the trial version, you can only recover image files and if you wish to get the full functionality you might have to purchase and get the unlock key. It supports only FAT file system and hence can be used only for recovery of files from external memory card. If the files that are scanned but are corrupted or overwritten by new files, then it might not be possible to recover it. You also must be a super user or root user in order to install and use this application.


Undelete Beta

It’s an excellent recovery software for Android mobiles which can be used to restore all types of data such as audios, photographs, videos, messages, e-mails and all information which was stored earlier on the your Android smart phone. You have select the location where you should scan for lost data whether SD card or internal memory. The app performs a scan or recently deleted files, the actual path and whether it’s possible to recover or not. You can download this app from Google play using below link,


DDR Data Recovery Software

This is also another efficient data recovery app for Android which can help you restore lost messages, contacts, graphic files, multimedia, videos and music files. When you click “restore” files , the app will scan for all files within your phone and you can select between different search options like Signature, Photo, Video, Deep search or Basic search based on your requirement. You can download the App’s trial version from Google play using below link,




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How to Increase your Android Phone Memory

August 28th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Increase your Android Phone Memory

In this article we will tell you how to increase your Android phone memory. Here’s the complete discussion:

Internal memory of the old Android phones is just 200 to 400 megabytes. If you want to install some trendy apps and new games, then you will find this limited internal storage irksome. However, by rooting your android phone, you can virtually increase the internal memory of the device by making use of the SD card’s storage as the internal memory to a certain extent.


All you need for this are:

  • A rooted android phone
  • A memory card of 2 GB or above. Less than 2 GB memory cards do not work
  • A memory card reader, but not a phone for this.
  • A computer.
  • Install MiniTool after downloading in your computer.
  • Link2SD app (download from Google Play Store).
  • Take the backup of your memory card and copy the data into a computer’s folder.

Process for Increasing Internal Memory of your Android

Step 1:

Memory card back up

When you start the process make sure that you have got all the files and folders of memory card backed up. You can do it easily by copying all the files and folder and pasting everything on your computer’s folder.

Step 2:

Memory card partitioning

Make use of a memory card reader to connect the memory card to your computer. Remember, you cannot make use of a phone, and USB cable to get this done.

  • On the My Computer page of your computer, you can find that a letter is assigned to the memory card (F:), (D:) so note down it.
  • The MiniTool that has been installed previously has to be opened at this point of time.How to Increase your Android Phone Memory
  • Now, right click on the letter assigned for the memory card (e.g:- F:, D:)and delete it.
  • The memory card now will show unallocated space instead of the letter.
  • Right click on the memory card and now choose create as.
  • Now choose primary.
  • Select File system of memory card of 2 GB as FAT and for cards above 2 GB as FAT32.
  • Now decide how much memory you want and reduce the size of the memory card accordingly on partitioning size.
  • Select unallocated space and choose primary under the option create as.
  • File system EXT2 has to be chosen.
  • Click ‘OK‘ and then ‘apply‘ present on the top menu.
  • The process is over, and you need to copy all the data back to the memory card from the computer and insert the card in your phone and reboot it.

Step 3:

Configuration of Link2SD

  • The pre-installed Link2SD is to be opened now.
  • Select the file system ext2, when you are prompted by the Link2SD.
  • Click ‘OK‘ to restart the phone.
  • After the restart, a dialog box appears then click ‘OK‘ again.
  • You can find an icon in the shape of a funnel on the top. Click on it and choose on internal applications.
  • Then you need to select all the apps. To do this, the option key has to be tapped. Select multi-select and press the option select all.
  • From the option key click action—>create link.
  • Options-Link application file, link dalvic-cache, link library files could be seen, choose them and click ‘OK‘.
  • From the second partition of the card, all the apps and games are moved, and a link is created by Link2SD. After this click ‘OK
  • When you install new apps, you need to do the same. That is from Menu–>go to settings–->auto link and the 3 link options are found, select them and click ‘OK‘.

Now, enjoy your android phone with increased internal memory!



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E-Waste of Computer Components

August 27th, 2013 · Comments Off on E-Waste of Computer Components

 In this article we will tell you about E-Waste of Computer components. Here’s the complete discussion:

Computers are indispensable for the present day human life.It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that some of us are really lost without  this logically thiking “box”!However, how many of us know or understand that computer components are toxic. They are generally called e-waste and re-cycling or disposing them causes great harm to the workers who handle them. Computer components contain harmful ingredients like lead, cadmium beryllium or flame retardants etc. and needs to be handled with great care and under safe environment.

E-waste is the name given to some electronic and other parts from the computers. When computers become old or obsolete some parts can be salvaged to be re used and some needs to be discarded. The computer is needed to dismantled and parts which can be re used separated from the useless components. E-waste comes from the computer parts which can be dismantled and disposed off as scrap to be reused, recycled, or simply discarded all together. E-waste is divided into two parts, the parts which cannot be recycled like Cathode ray tubes and the parts which can be recycled, repaired and reused. Copper, steel or plastic comes under the recycled part of the e-waste. However, to get the reusable part of e-waste one needs to dismantle the computers entirely. All developed countries have very stringent laws which makes recycling of e-waste very difficult and expensive. They have stringent laws which makes it difficult for the wase operators to salvage computer components which can be re-used. UK, USA and other developed countries have enacted Hazardous Waste Regulations Act which makes it very costly for the waste operators to salvage usable components from old or discarded computers. However, there are no such laws in the developing countries or even if there are laws to protect workers from hazardous electronic toxic materials it is difficult to impose them. Generally discarded or old computers are shipped to developing countries where it is fairly easy to dismantle them and salvage parts which can be recycled and sold in open market.E-Waste of Computer Components

Old and obsolete computers are shipped to the underdeveloped Asian and African countries where, regardless of exposure to the toxic e-waste, they are dismantled and the parts which can be recycled are separated from the parts which can be discarded and can either be incinerated or used as landfill. The cost of transportation is offset by the good value for recycling products. The trade in e-waste is a very lucrative business. As the amount of e-waste increases the trade in dismantling computer components is becoming more and more attractive to the unscrupulous traders. Many countries like, India, China and African countries have become dumping ground for e-waste. A report from United Nations says that the volume of e-waste produced is reaching a level and in few years the world would produce so much of e-waste that it would be difficult to manage its disposal safely.

E-waste management has now become a global issue and it is time the nations of the world come together to find a solution before the damage to the environment and human beings becomes more severe. Processing techniques can be improved and the workers can be trained to use machinery instead of using their hands, global awareness campaigns can be launched to propagate the toxic nature of the e-waste.




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  2. Collecting Old Mobile Phones for Charity
  3. iPhone Apps for Farming

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How to Turn on Cookies on Android Phone

August 26th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Turn on Cookies on Android Phone

In this article we will tell you how to turn on cookies on Android phone. Here’s the complete discussion:

Technically cookies are messages transmitted to the web browser from the web server. It stores the messages/information in a text file. After which whenever the user requests for the same page, the browser sends the request to the server and gets back the response. The primary purpose of cookies is to customize web pages according to the user requirement. For instance if the user has already set a custom setting for a page then every time he opens the page, the browser should identify the user and open the site according to the instructions stored already. Whenever you are entering the site with the help of the cookies, you are asked to fill out some questions (also known as forms) which contain some very basic information like name, occupation, interests etc. Cookies essentially use the same information to identify the end user.

A cookie allows you to read and save the cookie data from the Android browser which is set by default or from the chrome browser. Standard users can handle cookie behaviour and modify the way information is stored on the cookies. Some of the steps which need to be taken care while activating cookies on the Android phones are-

  • To begin with, Fire the android/phone browser.  Ensure no idle background apps are running,How to Turn on Cookies on Android Phone
  • Once when you have started the browser you will have to push “Menu” button on your handset. By doing so, you will be directed to the page where you can see the list of running apps.The options available in this window are -“Go”, “new Window”, “Bookmarks”,” forward’, “Refresh” and more options. Choose “More options”Once “more options “is chosen, you will be given a list of available functionalities of the web browser. Here you will have to select the option “Setting”.
  • Settings give you the various options for handling the functionalities of your android set. You can also control the browser settings from this very window. You can go through all the options available in this window. You will have to keep on scrolling down until you find the option to “accept cookies”.
  • When you reach to the option of “Accept cookies”, you just have to check the box or select the radio button. When you select the box, it will display a green color check mark which depicts that the functionality has been accepted by the device. This will enable the cookies for your hand set.
  • Should you wish to turn off the cookies at a later point then you will have to run through the same steps mentioned above and “un-check” the box in front of the text- This would disable cookies acceptance. Please note that this just changes the cookies behaviour on the local environment, i.e. your handset.Additionally, if you wish to remove all forms data and information stored by cookies you can select “clear all cookies data”, this option is available in the menu of the “Accept cookies” itself.



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Collecting Old Mobile Phones for Charity

August 25th, 2013 · Comments Off on Collecting Old Mobile Phones for Charity

In this article we will discuss about collecting old mobile phones for charity. Here’s the complete discussion:

There would be hardly a single living person who is not aware of the device that is now a part of human life cycle that is mobile phones and there use, but less may be aware on the recycle part. Buying mobile phones would be quite easy but working or knowing about the recycle part would need some research. Many of us buy mobile phones out of curiosity due to various design and new features thinking that would better than the prior. We spend huge chunk of money on buying the latest model and playing around with that. Some of us also have multiple phones due to business needs or just to brag about it. We also keep the old phones aside in some stack of old things and buy a new one forgetting the old one, some sell them and some give those to others. Now instead of following of these methodical practices we can do a more valuable and beneficial effort of donating the old mobile phones to charity.

Collecting Old Mobile Phones for Charity

The make and take of mobile phones with its treasurable entities used like metals or plastics can be helpful for recycling.
Many mobile companies give you the option of unloading or delivering your old phones to themselves so as to make recycle easy job. But there is lot better you may do with it like by contacting several charity firms who have contract with mobile firms. These charity organizations collect the old mobile devices and try to generate income from the same to help the needy in many ways.Usually the income raised from donation of old devices is primarily used by the charity groups to run their firms so as to offer food and shelter to the one who need it. There are other groups also who use it for various purposes like running a dog firm, helping various national organizations to run their job cycle, helping old and homeless people, helping orphan kids, helping some small groups to run environment friendly campaigns and much more.

The motive for all of us is to collect old phones from around in your neighborhood, your colleagues, your family members or any one whom you think is willing to donate it. You may run the drive in your organization, in your company, in your friend circle, in social events and many places where there are gatherings of people to make them understand as how helpful and supportive it would be in contributing your old cell phones rather than making it a hazardous item for the environment and mankind.

The donation cycle is very easy going and friendly. Before donating your device you may remote wipe your device as a precautionary measure so as to save your personal stuff by going into wrong hands, And then call or email a charity firm to inform them your willingness on donation of the outmoded device. They will provide you the details on packaging and delivering of the gadget and you will be free of the item in a better way.



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