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iPhone Apps for Farming

August 24th, 2013 · Comments Off on iPhone Apps for Farming

In this article we will tell you about iPhone apps for farming. Here’s the complete details:

Agriculture professionals have been starving at large for mobile apps which can assist them in doing their jobs in a better way. There is no way one can get enough of them. Here are some of the best iPhone apps for agricultural purpose.

Speed Scout (Aphid):

This I-Phone application is capable of determining whether soybean aphids reached the threshold for each plant. The number is 250 aphids. Plants are generally considered infested just in case the aphids are more than 40 in number on a sample. This app recommends any further treatment or scouting options on the basis of how many plants are infested in a specific area.

Optimizer 2.0:

This app helps farmers to forecast corn yields. It gives enough data to farmers via daily text messages and also via one web portal. The messages which are sent on a daily basis include the highest limiting factor and expected corn yield for the farm. The projections are designed on the basis of the variety of seeds, weather data, soil type and any other limiting factor.


Precision planting developed this app which provides farmers with an uncomplicated method of calculating and storing the estimates of corn yields. Farmers are capable of organizing estimates on the basis of field, farm and client. They are also capable of seeing the place of every estimate on one map along with satellite imaging.


iPhone Apps for Farming

This is the winner as one of the top ten new products in 2012. This software can be used by multiple users, which you can run even without any Internet connectivity. On the other hand, it works with Internet connectivity as well. Users can take quite an advantage of its GPS technology and geographic info. There are templates for data collection functions such as field spray, employee timesheet, food safety and more.

Farm Manager:

This app lets farmers’ record livestock, machinery procedures and cropping. In addition to that, they can also access the information with utmost ease. They can also record crop history: from the time they got sown to the time they got harvested. The use of fertilizer and chemicals can also be recorded. This includes rate, date applied and type.

Nutrient Removal:

The Mosaic Co.’s new app provides growers and retailers with valuable nutrient removal data in support of higher yields. Utilizing years of agronomic research, the Nutrient Removal app is a next-generation take on the data previously seen in the “Balanced Crop Nutrition” guide. The app also allows users to test potential yields, generating results that are crop- and region-specific. (I-Phone, I-Pad, Droid)


The PrecisionEarth soil sampling app makes it easier to collect grower, field and soil sampling data. The app uses only open standards so the data you load and the data you export will work with your current GIS, Web and desktop applications seamlessly. Users can load and display directed sampling layers and boundary vectors, export soil sampling location and display background maps. (I-Phone, I-Pad)

Corn Planning Calculator:

This app provides real-time useful calculations for the planting of corn from specific inputs resulting in the correct spacing of the corn being planted. Inputs such as population desired, cost per acre, seed counts and spacing in inches or metric format are achieved. (I-Phone, I-Pad, iPod touch)

Grain Shrinkage Calculator:

The Grain Shrinkage Calculator returns the results for the number of bushels after the moisture removal from field to storage for seven common grains: corn, wheat, soybeans, oats, barley, buckwheat, and rye. (Android)

 JD Link:

This equipment management app from John Deere is a telemetric system designed to remotely connect owners and managers to their equipment, providing alerts and machine information including location, utilization, performance and maintenance data to manage where and how equipment is being used. (I-Phone, I-Pad)

If your favorite app is not listed above or in my original column on best mobile apps for agriculture or in “13 New Mobile Agriculture Apps for 2013,” tell me about it at matt@croplife.com or post it in the comment box below. Also, please continue to check back often for updates on newly launched agriculture apps added to my honorable mention list.

Honorable Mention

MyTraps.com enables growers and consultants to electronically manage insect data and pesticide records on a secure Website by entering the data into the site through a Web browser or Smartphone. (Available on most mobile devices)


This app extends the functionality of a 20/20 SeedSense monitor from Precision Planting. FieldView functions as a second display in the cab, so users can view real time, row-by-row maps of their planter’s performance. Then, when planting is complete, simply remove the I-Pad from your cab and have all of the 20/20 data with at your fingertips. (I-Pad)


This app from TapLogic allows users to enter farm records, equipment service logs, spray records and take notes or pictures. You can also draw field boundaries with GPS or by hand. Sync to your Web account where you can print reports, review history and draw and print field maps. (Android, I-Phone, I-Pad)

Soil Test Pro:

Developed by TapLogic, this GPS-enabled app makes soil sampling for the farm easier than ever. Features include unlimited access to FarmLogic’s precision age specialists, aerial imagery of all maps, and test results in 5-7 days. (Android, I-Phone, I-Pad) 


This app from Farmscan allows users to map and calculate coverage area for tractors, implements and farm machinery based upon distance traveled and implements width. It record multiple fields and jobs, including applied products (e.g., fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide). (Android)


CropNAtion is a virtual social network for farmers to share information, images of their crops and track agriculture trends in their region. The app has been recognized by CropLife America and has received the AgGateway Information Technology Innovation Award. (Android, I-Phone)

Dynamic Pricing Platform (DPP):

This mobile app allows farmers the ability to view cash grain prices, basis levels and to make, manage, and monitor firm offers at their convenience. (Android, I-Phone)

ARA Mobile:

The Agricultural Retailers Association app features many of the same dynamic content from its Website, including community discussions and messaging; membership directory; event calendar information and registration capabilities; and news and information. (Android, BlackBerry, I-Phone)



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Choosing a case for your phone

August 21st, 2013 · Comments Off on Choosing a case for your phone

In this article we will discuss about choosing a case for your phone. Here’s the complete discussion:

Almost every individual can be seen carrying an expensive smartphone today. So it only makes sense for the end users to choose a compact case for all-round protection of the Smartphone. And given the current market scenario, there is a plethora of choice for the end users when it comes to choosing a case for the phone. There are large varieties of Cases which are hitting the market every second; however it’s really not an easy task to select appropriate case according to your device. There are many factors which influence the selection of the case.

There are wide ranges of cases available in the market. Cases which are available in the market are aluminium, soft-fitted cases, pouches and snap-on. All types of cases do consider around six elements when selection of the cases comes to and they are convenience, fitting, safety, cost, longevity and finally style statement.


are preferred by those people’s who are willing to pack their mobiles in their belts. It is commonly available with long lasting belt clips which get attached to your midsection seamlessly. The pouches flaunt heavy-duty belt clips and are quite sturdy. It does focus on the protection of the phone when it remains inside the pouch membrane but one thing which concerns over here is that it is exposed to danger or damage when it is removed or taken out. In case you don’t have to take out your mobile phone for each call you make or e-mail you check, then this is your perfect companion. Most often pouches are quite expensive as they are made up of cowhide leather, neoprene, vinyl etc. which makes them durable and long lasting. Almost all pouches are compatible with large number of phones and can accommodate a range of handsets in it. When it comes to design and fashion statement they are built in different colour, sizes and shapes and flaunt some of the new age graphic art or animal skin prints (leopard, giraffe, zebra etc.Occasionaly pouches are even custom designed by the designers  and are pimped up to attract trendy end users.

Hard-plastic or Snap-on:

The cases available in this pattern are quite convenient as they offer you with appropriate fitment and in most of the cases you are able to access the phone all time without any problem. Usually it is constructed in two parts in which one part is at lower end and other covers the top portion of the mobile. With appropriate fitment these snap-ons provide accessibility to almost all ports like charging, volume rocker, camera etc. Most of them are quite cheap and could be purchased by spending few dimes. They are constructed with light weight plastic which offers another layer or membrane to the phone and almost becomes like a backbone of your phone.

Aluminium cases:

They are the heavy duty, heavy weight cases featuring a sturdy aluminium base with a enhanced shell membrane design. Since these sport a heavy outer shell, they are characteristically heavy and it becomes a pain to keep the phone in trouser pockets owing to its added weight. However they are tough and built to last .Its hard plastic cover protects the LCD touch screens effortlessly. Some high end cases these days are water proof and allow the end users to enjoy their phones for a longer period of time.  Aluminium cases are not known to be real fashion elements but they serve the end users’ purposes in ways more than one.

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E-Waste of Computer Components

August 20th, 2013 · Comments Off on E-Waste of Computer Components

In this article we will discuss about E-Waste of computer components. Here’s the complete discussion:

E-Waste comprises of the electronic products that are no longer useful to us. The e-wastes are dangerous, and on the basis of their condition and density the hazardous levels are marked. E-waste management has become a significant problem due to the technical prowess we have gained in the last century. Personal computers are an indispensable part of our lives, but they contain various toxic substances, such as toxic gases, chlorinated and brominated substances, toxic metals, acids, biologically active materials, plastics and plastic additives.

These substances are hazardous to the health and environment, as well. So, it becomes necessary to dispose off these e-wastes very cautiously.

E-Wastes Due to Computer Components

A life without computer cannot be imagined today. They are commonly used in offices, schools, colleges, residences and manufacturing industries. The computer components contain e-toxic substances of a broad range.

  • Circuit Boards- these include heavy metals like lead and cadmium
  • Batteries- these include cadmium
  • Cathode ray tubes- they contain lead and barium oxide
  • Brominated flame retardant in coated on circuit boards, cables, and PVC
  • Copper cables and plastic coated computers release toxic dioxins and furan when burnt
  • Flat screens contain mercury
  • Old capacitors contain PCB

It has been estimated that 286,700 kg of mercury, about 4 kg of lead, 2.87 billion kg of plastic and 716.7 kg of lead are present in 500 million computers, in the world. These heavy metals like lead contaminate the ground water and when burnt produce harmful effects like the emission of toxic fumes in the atmosphere.

Hazardous Effects of e-Waste on the Environment

Acidification of soil caused by the melting of computer chips is one of the most hazardous effects. Moreover, when computers are dumped in the ground leading to the pollution of water sources also. Due to contamination of water resources it is illegal to deposit and recycle e-waste in countries like Guiyu, Hong Kong. These areas now faces severe water shortage issues because of the acidification of the water sources. The recycling process means deposition of wastes in the rivers and water sources, which lead to its contamination. Now, water has to be supplied from far off places to meet the requirements of the people, who live there. It is not only the water is contaminated, but the air is also polluted when the e-wastes are burnt and it produces toxic fumes that mix up with the air. When the electronic devices are destroyed metals leach, for instance mercury from the circuits and the PCBs from the condensers. When plastics that contain cadmium are landfilled, PDBE and cadmium leach inside the soil.

Health Hazards of Computer Components e-Waste


This is present in circuit boards, glass panels, gaskets and computer monitors. Solder contain lead that damage the nervous system, blood system, kidney and also affect the development of brain in children.

Chip resistors and Radium Conductors

The cadmium present in these parts are dangerous to human because the toxins released cause  neural damage and teratogenic effects in fetus.

Relays, Switches and Printed Circuit Boards

Mercury present in these elements leads to brain damage, disorders in the respiratory system and skin diseases.

Corrosion Protectors

Asthmatic bronchitis and DNA damage are caused due to the Hexavalent Chromium present.

Cabling and Computer Housing

When burn these produce dioxin, which causes problems of reproduction, destruction of the immune system, and regulatory hormones are damaged too.

Circuit Boards

The endocrine system’s functions are interrupted because of the Brominated Flame Retardants.

Front panel of CRTs and Mother Board

Skin and heart diseases, muscle weakness, lung cancer, chronic beryllium diseases are caused because of the presence of Beryllium.

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iOS Weight Watchers app

August 15th, 2013 · Comments Off on iOS Weight Watchers app

In this article we will tell you about iOS Weight Watchers app. Here’s the complete discussion:

Apps are always been interesting, and it adds up to your life when it starts checking your daily routine and gives valuable suggestions to overcome our physical hurdles like obesity, fatigue and stress. Not to highlight again, over weight is a problem for which the whole world is fighting. But think about an app on your iOS device, checking your everyday routine and guiding you for a healthier lifestyle. Weight Watchers app is a wonderful weight management app that can prepare regular diet chart or list your favorite restaurants and dishes where you can fill your appetite with delicious foods without gaining an inch.

Features of iOS Weight Watchers App

Weight Watchers International, Inc. has brought incredible weight watchers app for all those who wants to reduce inches and gain flawless body. Weight watchers app works wonderfully when it comes to making your diet chart, regulating your daily workout and checking your daily progress. You don’t have to look for those costly gyms and heavy books printed with no nutrition diet.

All you need is to listen yourself and go with the Weight Watchers. It would help you to find your favorite food point and suggest your menu, you can feed name of food and its nutrient value would be displayed. Then you can decide whether to go for that food or not. Well to make your work easier, Weight Watchers app would also suggest you which food you can take and which one you should say ‘No – No’.

iOS Weight Watchers app also has recipes that you can prepare yourself, these are nutritious, delicious, healthy and fast to cook.

What more can Weight Watchers app do?

Weight Watchers app would provide you opportunities to know about success stories of people, who reduces their inches and are living a healthy and happy life today. These stories would certainly interest you and would help you to stay motivated and stick to your routine.

Losing weight with a healthy lifestyle is today’s mantra. So it is crucial that you are not going for hunger strike; instead you are following a balanced diet with daily workout and you are happy with yourself. For this, all you need is sign in to Weight Watchers app and enter your information, the app starts tracking your activities. You can track your weight, food and photo, as well.

App is listed with your daily chart according to your weight. It will give you diet chart mentioning quantities you need to intake. It would also talk about activities that you would be performing, or you can record your day to day activities and evaluate your progress. Activities earned tab would display a list of activities that are completed and activity remaining would display what activities are left.

You can enter your weight, and Weight Watchers would calculate your progress and give you report how much you need to work on yourself. You can add your shopping list, and it would judge your listing based on your requirements. You can also make friends with people who are in Weight Watchers, needless to say, you are definitely going to be motivated by seeing other people working hard on themselves. You can scan bar-codes of food products and the app would display point value of the food.

People with a hectic schedule need some time for themselves and check on their health. Weight Watchers app is your mobile weight trainer that would always check your weight and help to keep you fit and happy always.

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Electronic Scrap Recycling Equipment

August 13th, 2013 · Comments Off on Electronic Scrap Recycling Equipment

In this article we will tell you about electronic scrap recycling equipment. Here’s the complete discussion:

Electronic waste is one of the serious threats to our environment since it causes all forms of pollution and adds toxicity to the soil and ground water.  E-waste includes all forms of electronic devices like DVD players, cell phones, laptops, monitors, televisions, computers, DVD players etc.  E-waste recycling helps in converting the used electronic devices to usable form by extracting the components using Electronic scrap recycling equipment. There are plenty of E-waste recycling facilities which use recycling equipment such as vertical grinders, shredders, magnets and other optical sorting techniques to extract the usable components from the used electronic goods. A safe work environment is created through strategically placed filtration systems.

Durable and reliable electronic scrap recycling equipment with low capital expenditure is available from Industries. As per
reports from Environmental Protection Agency, more than thirty to forty million personal computers will be thrown out as waste in next few years and an estimate of 20 million tons of E-waste will get generated every year. There are plenty of valuable minerals and metals which can be recovered from E-waste like lead, aluminum, silver, gold, ferrous metals circuit boards, PC, ABS-PC, HIPS and various other plastics etc. Also it may contain certain hazardous materials which should be properly disposed. Modern E-waste recycling equipment includes shredders, conveyor systems, eddy current separators, over-belt magnets, Optical sorters such as L-VIS, MSS CIRRUS etc.While high-power magnets can be used to separate ferrous metals like Iron, Eddy current separators are used to separate non-ferrous metals and aluminum from the Electronic scrap. Eddy current separator makes use of magnetic rotors having alternate polarity and spins quickly powered by conveyor belt within a non-metallic drum.  When you pass the non-ferrous metals pass through the drum, eddy currents will pull the non-ferrous elements from E-scape and throw them away from conveyor which is then directed towards splitter and separated. Eddy current separators are used mainly used in U.S. for recycling E-scrap and extracting non-ferrous metals from them. The category of eddy current separator is usually based on object of separation and type of particles which you want to separate from the Electronic scrap.

Also modern optical sorting equipment like L-VIS make use of high-resolution color cameras to sort small particles like granulated and shredded materials form the E-scrap. It is also very accurate and 98% efficiency using sophisticated software algorithms to identify elements based on shape and size. The equipment is operated through touch screen and contains high-resolution jet array which offers the most accurate ejection. It makes of color-sorting algorithms to extract high value elements like plastic granulates copper, printed circuit boards etc. It can identify and sort even minute particles very accurately. It is available in 3 different sizes like 1600 mm, 1200 mm and 800 mm and each has its own application. Another category of optical sorter is MSS Cirrus which makes use of high-resolution colors sensors and NIR to separate plastics, circuit boards and minute particles from E-Scrap accurately. All these electronic scrap recycling equipment are highly powerful and can help in faster processing with great efficiency.


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How to Increase RAM in Android Phones

August 12th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Increase RAM in Android Phones

In this article we will tell you how to increase RAM in Android phones. Here’s the complete discussion:

Random Access Memory, RAM in short is part of the internal memory of your android phones. The operating system of the Android devices has inbuilt multitasking feature, which is very much dependent on the size of the RAM. With the low RAM, you can not take advantage of the multitasking feature of your Android phone.

The RAM in the Android phones ranges from 512 MB to 2 GB. Most of the high end Android phones have an internal RAM of 2 GB. However, this is only the case with the high end phones and the rest, that is at least 80 % of them have only RAM of 512 MB to 1 GB. If you are wondering that your Android phone performs excellently with the 1 GB RAM, then you need to know that though the 1 GB RAM is enough for day to day usage, but it is always the device getting slower towards the end of the day. Then you have to restart the device again.

How to Increase the RAM

It is important to understand that increasing the RAM is not literally possible as the RAM is an inbuilt feature. Also, the SD card’s partial memory can be virtually made to increase the RAM, but there are certain limitations too, when you allocate a portion of the memory of the SD card to serve as part of RAM. Any way you can make the RAM rise to 4 GB this way.

There are a few requirements for the same:

  • A SD card
  • Rooted Android device

Make a note that the SD card should be of high speed and it should also have enough space. It is always the class 10 SD card that has at least 32 GB free space recommended. Only these specs come handy when the RAM is to be increased. Once you have all the prerequisites ready, you need to use a third party application. Here, in this tutorial we are taking Roehsoft RAM expander and it works by creating a SWAP file in the SD card. Also, it creates a virtual RAM in the micro SD card.

Here is the step by step instruction:

  1. Download memory info and SWAPfile Check app. This is to ensure the compatibility of the kernel for creating SD Card’s SWAP file.
  2. After installing it, open the app and click the bottom tab of the app saying- Start RAM Expander Test. App will start the checking process after you choose your SD Card.
  3. If your android device is compatible with the app, then download the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander.
  4. Install the app and choose the language. Click the Optimal button.
  5. After Installation is over the size of the RAM increases.
  6. Allocation of  up to 4 GB of your SD card can be done to serve as the virtual RAM.

Increasing RAM using RAM Booster

What if your Android phone is not compatible with the process of increasing the inbuilt RAM. Do not worry, there is still an option! Download RAM Booster from Google Play Store. This app has a different working concept when it comes to increasing the RAM of the Android devices. The low priority tasks in the RAM are killed by this app, and the high priority tasks allocate the RAM by RAM Booster. This makes sure that the Android device will always be having some space on the RAM.

You can choose any of these methods based on the compatibility of your Android phone.

Hope this article about how to increase RAM in Android phones helped you.


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Things made from Recycled Electronics

August 11th, 2013 · Comments Off on Things made from Recycled Electronics

In this article we will discuss about some things which is made from Recycled Electronics. Here’s the complete discussion:

Many people feel that there is a certain touch of art in the circuit boards! Wearing accessories made form e-waste are a la mode and in vogue. There is yet another twist in the tale-it doesn’t give you opportunity to support the cause of stopping pollution caused by e-waste. Discarded electronic item is a nuisance and proper handling is essential so that the effects of electronic pollution must not boomerang on us. People have come up with innovative ideas to use the electronic spares into more productive material of daily use and the best example of such a drive are depicted below.

Let us see some exquisite things made out of electronic waste.

Eco-Fashion necklaces and earrings

Let us begin with innovative fashion jewelry made out of electronic waste. Jewelry like necklaces made from RoHS circuit boards are studded with precious metals like copper silver and gold. They are the best use of electronic waste and the best way to attract people’s attention. Similarly, some of them are coupled with innovative earrings. The dangling ear pieces look extremely elegant.


Why not try some new designs on your sneakers? You can try the work of junk metal artist Gabriel Dishaw who uses bits of metal, scrap, wires, old Intel chips, and parts of circuit boards to create some awesome pair of shoes. Now this is what we call perfect pieces of art! The so called hardwired sneaker can fit perfectly till size 9.


You must have seen a lot of brooches ranging from studded diamonds to precious metals. But have you ever seen the brooches made from circuit boards! These brooches have been made by cutting floral patterns on the circuit boards by David Casella and paired with anodized aluminum and brass. Indeed electronic waste can be given a pretty turn!

Pieces of Art

The concept of modern design has touched the right chord in many hearts and for all those people Robotic Sculptures are indeed pieces of exquisite modern art. Just imagine the body of the robotic figure has been created out of the camera lens, other parts of the body are made from different electronics parts and then polished for shine. This has been done by Italian born artist Andrea Petrachi who has given various shapes and designs to the electronic wastes that ultimately land up in landfills.


Recycling may provide some easy and cool options of furniture. Benjamin Rollins Caldwell designs in furniture like Binary Low Table. The base of the furniture has been created from bent computer cases, and mother boards, chips, hard drives and LED display for adorning it. Even the glass on the top of the table is from waste sheets of glass. For Binary Chairs BRC has used old printers serving industrial purposes covered with collages of computers. It is not only visually appealing but also very functional.

Bill Boards

Best Buy has lately taken a green initiative. It has used recycled electronic parts for creating neat bill boards and will be spreading the message of e-waste recycling to us!

Bio Grow Devices

The students at the University of Illinois have created a device, that uses Apple G4 CPU, PVC pipes, High density foam, acrylic panels Dell Latitude CPX laptops and iMAC CRT to create light spectrum to adjust temperature and hence create algae at lower costs. This will one day supply the bio-fuel demand in America!

Cufflinks and Pins

Cufflinks and pins created out of the circuit board circles and then joined to pins and cuffs are simply impressive. Try them this season!

Hope this article about things made from recycled Electronics helped you.


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iPhone App for Salon Appointments

August 8th, 2013 · Comments Off on iPhone App for Salon Appointments

In this article we’ll tell you about some iPhone App for Salon Appointments. Description of those apps is given below:

Before starting with the topic naming iPhone Apps for Salon Appointment, let me share some facts with you. If you have a famous salon then you must be having many of the clients and you must be providing appointments to them for your various services. And after having many clients you must be having a huge database of clients which is not an easily manageable.

So below are some of the apps that you can download to help you have records of your clients easily.

Some of the iPhone apps for salon appointments are:

Salon Iris:

Salon Iris is mainly for the iPhone users who are currently having iOS version 4.3 or above. It helps you make your information secure by storing and transmitting everything securely and providing powerful permission controls to make a limited employee access.

Some of the features of Salon Iris are:

  • process credit cards using XCharge
  • add, modify, and remove clients, products, services, appointments
  • add and manage employee tips, employee online accounts
  • view and modify client formula notes
  • add and modify employees

My Book of Clients Salon:

With My Book of Clients Salon, you can have all the details of your salon with you all the time. It becomes useful when you are out of potential clients as having your book always with you will help you increase your business because you can schedule an appointment wherever you are.

Some of the features are:

  • Easily schedule the appointments with your clients.
  • You can easily store client’s details, date and time provided, price charged, reminder and notes
  • Schedule repeated appointments with regular clients
  • Add and delete information easily.
  • Can keep track of your client’s birthday.
  • You can avoid retyping information.

Vagaro Pro:

Vagaro Pro is an app that can book the appointment in 5, 10, 15 minutes later. It handles all your appointments, your client’s information, history of a client, can send email and text reminders, and can charge the credit cards too.

Some of the features of Vagaro Pro are:

  • Booking Calendar
  • Client’s Database
  • POS and Credit Card Processing
  • Automatic sync and backup
  • Reporting
  • Marketing


StyleSeat is a website where you can book an appointment. After signing up you can manage your account with the app. The best thing about this app is that its free, you don’t have to pay a single penny to use it.

Some of the features of StyleSeat are:

  • 24 hour booking and scheduling
  • Marketing tools to build referrals
  • Post client’s photo from phone to your account
  • 100% secure
  • Offline access
  • Call and text the clients

Photo Finish:

Photo Finish alloes you to keep track of appointments, products, color formulations and services for your clients from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It is easy to use, feature filled application that can help you uplift client relationship.

Some of the features of Photo Finish are:

  • View by month, week or day
  • Easy organize appointment
  • Email appointment reminder
  • Email birthday and anniversary greetings
  • Home screen shows current schedules
  • See all past work

So these are the best apps available for your salon in the app store.

Hope this article about iPhone Apps for Salon Appointment helped you.


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How to Make USB Storage Device Read Only

August 7th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Make USB Storage Device Read Only

In this article we will tell you how to make USB storage device read only. Here are the complete details about it.

USB storage devices are one of the modes which offers fast way for backing up data and transferring it from one computer to another device. In today’s time virus and malware attacks are rising so much that USB devices are becoming highly prone to these attacks and creating a big threat to the overall computer system. Moreover, in the corporate sector so many employees sharing the same computer use the USB storage devices for moving data around. The risk of getting data lost or stolen away is also increased to a great extent. The only idea to prevent all these issues is to make USB storage devices read only.


Making USB Read Only through My Computer with Admin Privileges

Following are the steps through which a USB can be made Read Only.

Step 1:

Login with the administrator account as only administrator account has the privileges to make the USB device Read Only.

Step 2:

Connect the USB device in the USB port on the side of the laptop. In case of desktops connect it in the front or at the back USB port.

Step 3:

Click Start and double click My Computer icon. My Computer will open with available disk drives.

Step 4:

As the USB device is plugged, right-click the USB drive and select Properties.

Step 5:

Click Security tab and choose Edit option.

Step 6:

Locate the section named Write Attributes and click inside the checkbox next to Read Only option.

Step 7:

Click Apply or OK button placed at the bottom of the Properties window; all of the changes will be saved. Once done the USB drive is set as Read Only.

Method- 2

Making USB Read Only through Registry

Following are the steps to make USB drive as Read Only through Registry Directory.

How to Make USB Storage Device Read Only

Step 1:

Click Start and select Run and then type regedit. The registry window is displayed.

Step 2:

Once the registry is displayed, follow this sequence.

Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\

Step 3:

Search the sub-directory under Control\ to check if a key named StorageDevicePolicies does exists.

If the key does not exist then create a new one by placing a right-click on Control\ directory. A

Dropdown menu will be displayed. Choose New -> Key.

Step 4:

Check for the entry as WriteProtect. If the entry is absent then, make a right-click on the right window and select New eventually followed by DWORD.There are 2 important values: 0 and 1.

O = write processes and 1 = block the access.

Write the value as 1.

Step 5:

Once done, close the registry and restart the system for changes to take effect. After the system is restarted do a login; insert the USB device into USB drive. The access level will be set as read only.

Method- 3

Making USB Read Only with the Help of Third Party Software

If you do not want to make the USB storage device read only by the “Administration Privilege” or “Registry Editor” method, then you can use some of the third party software.  Two of such freeware utilities are “USB Write Protector” and “Phrozen Safe USB”. The software are easy to use and will do the same trick for making USB Storage device read only.

Install the software after downloading any of these freeware utilities from their official site and then you will be provided with a simple Graphical User Interface prompting you to follow easy instructions. You will have to click the “Next” or “Yes” button.

This is quite easy and does not require a deep knowledge about computer programming.


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Recycle Cell Phones For Charity

August 6th, 2013 · Comments Off on Recycle Cell Phones For Charity

In this article we will discuss on recycling of cell phones for charity purpose. Here’s the complete discussion.

Cell phones are made up of materials like metals and plastic. The primary metal that is used in making cell phones is lead and it goes without saying that lead is not good for our environment. Millions of cell phones are discarded every year resulting in electronic waste or e-waste equivalent to more than 50,000 tons. Cell phones mostly end up in the landfills or are burned in incinerators after they are disposed and since they contain harmful metals, plastics and hazardous chemicals, we should always recycle our old phones to conserve energy and other valuable resources. It is also important to use rechargeable batteries in cell phones as they reduce the amount of toxic wastes created by the disposable ones. The rechargeable batteries if recycled can also be used to make new batteries and stainless steel products. We should use the cell phones as long as it works and not replace them without any reason. We can also extend the life of the cell phones by taking care of it by following charging instructions as given by the company, by not dropping it, keeping it away from extreme hot and cold and water or any other liquids.

Cell phones are usually made up of lead as said earlier it can cause serious health problems if exposed to high levels. The circuit board of the cell phones comprise of metals like copper, tantalum, beryllium, gold, zinc, mercury etc  which if recycled can save many precious metals which otherwise would be needed to be mined or manufactured.  E-waste, these days have become a global problem and we very often get to see these wastes not being properly burned or disposed resulting in the emission of toxic gases that are poisonous for any living beings. If they are disposed in the seas, the marine life gets seriously affected. Lead and mercury if not disposed off properly can lead to biomagnifications i.e. these metals can enter our food chain through contaminated food or water and cause serious health hazards. The least you can do for your society is, give your phone to recycling centres and they will do the rest.

Recycle Cell Phones For Charity

Once you have recycled your cell phones, many of its accessories can be re-used. Also the precious and semi precious metals are extracted and used elsewhere. The recovered plastics are used to make moulds. Parts like battery connectors; printed circuit boards (PCBs), LCD screens, microphones, lenses, integrated circuits (ICs), screws, speakers and many such things are re-used. An investigation has revealed that about 308 pounds of copper, 7 pounds of silver and half pound of gold is recovered from one metric tons of old cell phones without batteries.

Mostly all mobile phone providers have drop-bins for your old cell phones. Also there are a few charitable organisations that collect old cell phones. Organisation like the Cell Phone Soldiers collects old phones and are sold or recycled and for each phones overseas soldiers get one hour of calling their families. Other non-profit organisations use the money to raise funds for charitable events. Also you get paid if you want the money or the organisations donate the money to your favourite NGO.  So be a responsible citizen and recycle your phone.



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