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How to Install iOS Software on Android

August 6th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Install iOS Software on Android

In this article we will tell you how to install iOS software on Android. Here are the complete details about installation:

Most people are fascinated by iOS, the operating system of Apple who has lately created a stir in the Smartphone and tablet markets. In fact, an Apple device is most coveted, but people do not have much access to devices under this umbrella because of the exorbitant prices. But there isn’t much difference between the look of an Android OS and an Apple OS! The major and most obvious difference is pertaining to the notification box-in android you drag it; in iOS you double tap it.

Installation of Apple iOS 7 User Interface with iOS7 UI Launcher

The iOS 7 UI launcher is a paid application, and you can get it from the Google Play store for 2.05 dollars only! The application will turn your existing android phone to that resembling iOS 7. It can let you download Live Wallpaper, and you might even customize the launcher logo if you wish to.

Process of installationHow to Install iOS Software on Android

  1. The first step is downloading the iOS7 UI Launcher from Play Store paying $2.05 or even you may download it for free form www.Blapkmarket.cz.
  2. After having done so you may now transfer it to your SD card and run it on your Android. If you are downloading directly from Smartphone it will start installing automatically on it.
  3. After the installation is done you press on the home button. Two options will appear- one the usual launcher and other the iLauncher.
  4. Choose the Launcher and select ‘always’ for making it as a default browser or press it just once’.
  5. After installing the iPhone style launcher on your Android device now you can download the iOS software on your android.

Installation of iOS 7 with Nova Launcher

The iOS 7 has been recently launched in the market and has a lot of advanced and innovative features. The OS is also supplied with a completely renewed design that has found a liking in many of the Android users. So Google’s mobile platform has been good for most of the android users because it allows a lot of customization in terms of theme packages that give close looks to that of Apple’s latest Smartphone devices.

The aid of Nova Launcher has allowed one user, named shmogt, to create an application that can change the look of an Android interface to that resembling apple interface. Presently the Jelly Bean OS (jbOS7) is applied to Samsung Galaxy S3 but you may have this app on other devices too!

Apart from all the conventional background images and application buttons, jbOS7 offers a new locking screen that gives an option of two home screens for live applications.

This lock screen is very close to the one that exists in the Apple screens, and the primary screen has options like weather information that is displayed on the screen itself. The secondary screen serves the purpose of displaying all the other calendar applications like appointments and events in simple terms. This simplifies the gathering of information and both the screens are accessed rather simply.

This package can be derived from Dropbox, and there you may also get features like UCCW, fonts, icons and re-sized wallpapers. The font serves when there is a necessity for extension because the default font cannot be changed by the application. Yet all jbOS7 has a default android font that is applicable to all.

You ought to feel that the icon folder looks somewhat empty but since the owner is facing some copyright problem he has kept it empty. However, it is also not needed for installing iOS theme on your android device.



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Global E-Waste Management and Services

August 4th, 2013 · Comments Off on Global E-Waste Management and Services

In this article we will tell you about Global E-Waste Management and Services. Here are the complete details:

Electronic waste has become an issue for all the people and agencies in the world. Dumping electronic waste publicly is causing major pollution to the environment. Most people are interested in finding a way to stop this environment pollution. People and experts have been brainstorming since long to find ways to dump the waste in way that would not pollute the environment. Recycling the waste is also a way to escape the pollution. Reusing the useless would be a great way to do justice to the environment.

This is when global e-waste management and services agencies have cropped up on this soil. These agencies have taken it upon them to create a world that is environment friendly. Their basic motto is to create a green world.

What do these agencies do? This is probably the first question you would be asking yourself? Well, they collect electronic waste from your place and, recycle them. They pay you handsomely for this waste and, in turn save the environment. They do not cause any injustice to landscapes on this earth. You just need to call these global services agencies and, inform them about the wastes that you have in your house. It could be any electronic item ranging from CPU, printer, fax machine, laboratory equipment, monitoring equipment etc. You just need to be sure of dumping it and, these people are ready to take it home with them.

Global E-Waste Management and Services

They have their offices in said places and, they are ready to come to your house and pick up the dump. It is a long process. You need to just book your dump with them using either mail or phone. They will visit you and check your dump first. Once that is done, then they will submit a proposal at their end. After doing this and getting a green chit they will come and collect the item from your place. They will be responsible for packing and checking as well as transporting the materials. Once, it’s done some agencies pay for the material while the others issue a certificate whatever be the process.

This dump is then taken to their factory where it is broken down into various parts and each part is recycled differently. The process of recycling gives out copper, iron etc. which is later used in making the same parts again. Now, you don’t have to waste the non-renewable resources of the earth in creating the same parts. You can use this dump, recycle them and re-create the magic of this electronic world.

The best part of these agencies is that your waste does not give out pollutants even when they are being transported as they have vehicles that are protected and non-hazardous. So, you won’t even burn within that you are giving away any way to pollution. With these agencies being present across the world, you don’t have to worry about anything.

So, if you have any electronic waste with you, better give it out to some agency and protect earth.



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iPhone App Google Adsense

August 1st, 2013 · Comments Off on iPhone App Google Adsense

In this article we will tell you about iPhone App Google Adsense. Here are the complete details:

The iPhone is a procession of Internet as well as multimedia-enabled phones intended and advertised by Apple Inc. This application is a third-party software series. The Google Adsense is a supple, trouble free technique to bring in revenue by displaying relevant and appealing advertisements next to our online content. It works on pay per click technology and helps to raise CTR or TRP of a website.An iPhone app is such an application, which is typically developed by a corporation other than Apple®, and intended to be used purposely on the iPod Touch or iPhone.

The following are described as few iPhone applications of Google Adsense:

  1. AdSenseZen is created as the most striking AdSense iPhone application. It not only keep tracks of your adsense earnings but also organize them in certain formats following which we can also focus on other striking events of our life. It is hassle free and also keeps a log of clicks, ad impressions, CTR, graphical pictures and information. It is not only safe from the security point of view but also provides speedy and accurate results.
  2. Quick Adsense by ESCOZ Inc. is another Google Adsense Application for iPhone and iPads. It is an uncomplicated and swift technique of verifying your account in AdSense. Version 2.3.1 is latest which rectifies errors by means of custom date ranges.

The following screenshot depicts app for iPhone


iEarn was amongst the foremost iPhone apps on the way to present our Google AdSense data. iEarn have in recent times made few advancements to enable us view the particulars. IEarn will demonstrate us the same data as nearly all other Apps.Certain ocons such as the statistics icon or Since Last Payment icon will too illustrate us a little info like eCPM, Impressions, CTR and Clicks. Its shortcoming is that it is only restricted to single account of AdSense. Though the speed of this application is little less but in spite of this, it accomplishes the job.


iAdSense is appealing yet indispensable. It is fast as well as accurate, till the time we keep on pressing the refresh button after the starting screen of Please wait appears. It is inexpensive and provides almost all the goods on single page download this application and call it complete. Keep in perspective that neither, it will not offer channel breakdowns, nor it provides for numerous accounts however it does demonstrate the usual CTR, Impressions, eCPM, Clicks, and Earnings along with 3 incredibly restraining time options i.e. Today, Yesterday, as well as This Month.


It’s quite similar and amid QuickSense and SenseApp. However, QuickSense is “faster” as compared to SenseApp apparently more reliable. Besides this, it provides the utmost history and paycheck aspect of any of the applications discussed so far. We only are required to select a day or a channel for ad and we will get the required information to fine tune our advertisements. It is undoubtedly an extremely useful Google AdSense Application for the iPhone.

It has also received the approval seal of Mac101.net.

We have covered few of our favorites applications used lately.



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Increase Internet speed on Android Phones

July 31st, 2013 · Comments Off on Increase Internet speed on Android Phones

In this article we will tell you how to increase Internet speed on Android phones. Here are the complete details:

Internet is the lifeline of any android phone. Fast and reliable internet connection enhances the user experience. It gives more browsing speed, better online gaming experience and fast data downloading.

The internet speed in android phones depends on the strength of the signal and the maximum internet speed provided by the ISP. But most of the users have to deal with slow internet connections. This problem of slow internet speed can be solved by using these techniques and apps which helps in increasing the internet speed.

Set Data Preference in Settings

This is the most basic step for increasing internet speed in android phones. Setting ‘data prefer’ instead of ‘call prefer’ in settings menu will increase transmission of data and will boost internet speed. It can be done by opening ‘settings’ menu, then choosing ‘wireless & network’ and then ‘GPRS transfer prefer’. In this menu, select ‘data prefer’ instead of ’call prefer’

Using Opera mini and UC browser

Opera mini and UC browser are much faster and reliable than conventional Google chrome. Google chrome uses much more data and time while opening web pages. So if you want faster internet surfing, go for UC browser or Opera mini as these both are better options than Google Chrome.

Use 3g Network or WCDMA Network

3g network is much better than usual 2g network. It can increase internet speed very much and also keep download rate steady. To start 3g services on your android phone, select ‘enable 3g’ from settings menu. First, go to ‘settings’ menu, then open ‘wireless & network’ and choose ‘mobile networks’. Select ‘enable 3g’ on that menu. Also select ‘3g only’ to prevent your phone from switching to 2g from 3g network.

Disable Android Apps from Accessing Internet

Many apps such as Gmail and Facebook Messenger keeps on accessing internet in background which makes the internet connection slow. They reduce downloading and browsing speed of the web browsers on the android phone. You should stop these apps from accessing internet. You can also download apps such as ‘task manager app’, ‘droid wall’ and ‘LBE security’ which prevent other apps from accessing internet in background automatically. ‘Droid wall’ and ‘LBE security’ needs the android phone to be rooted before installing them

Apps to Increase Internet Speed on Android Phone

Internet speed mostly depends on the strength of your network signal. If signal strength is increased, internet speed is also increased. There are many android apps available in the market which increases internet speed by increasing the strength of your network signal. The most used apps are:

  • Network  Speed Booster
  • Internet Speed Up Booster
  • Android Speed Booster
  • Internet Accelerator Booster
  • Network 3G & Wi-Fi Booster                       
  • Quick Internet Speed Booster                                             

Although the list is very long, these apps are the best and have top ratings

If you’ll follow these simple tips and apps, it will boost up your internet speed 40-50% faster. You will notice the improvement in your internet speed. These methods are compatible with almost all the android phones available in the market and helps in increasing their internet speed.

Hope this article about Increase Internet speed on Android Phones helped you.


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E-waste Laws

July 30th, 2013 · Comments Off on E-waste Laws

In this article we will tell you about E-waste laws. Here are the complete details about E-waste laws.

To stop the pollution via e-waste, the very first step must come from the government. The government from various states in US has implemented laws, and anybody who violates these is punished. Not only the manufacturers but consumers are also equally bound to these laws by the state government.

California was the first state that saw the emergence of environmental laws. The step was taken by California Integrated Waste Management Board who began collecting and recycling of e-wastes. The year 2003 saw the passing of the Electronic Waste Recovery Act Vide which imposed collection fees at the time of lease. Manufacturers have to develop a system of e-waste recovery system for collection of e-waste, handling and transportation of them to various recycling units and then processing refurbishing them for all the devices they sold. The act became a law in 2005 and the funds that were collected served as a relief for the e-waste collectors.

The Oklahoma Computer recovery act was made a rule in May 13, 2008. It was a recovery program made to save the environment from the threat of e-waste in which the e-wastes are collected, recycled and refurbished for further use. In Oklahoma computer manufacturers have to provide proof of a recycling program or computer recovery to the Department of Environmental Quality. This includes various collection events, mail-back system or the contracts made by the electronic recycling shops across the state. If the manufacturer does not work according to the regulation act, he is not allowed to participate in state contract bids.  However, the e-waste recycling legislation is applicable to the computer monitor, desktop, notebook computer but television is not included

In the year 2009, the Indiana House Enrolled Act was created a rule that started electronic waste recycling process for products such as outdated television and computers. The program is taken care of by the Indiana department of Environmental Management and is funded by the manufacturers without any taxes levied on the consumers. In the year 2011,  another step was taken towards its regulatory efforts when the Computer Manufacturers had to get registered with the state or else they will not be able to sell their product. The law even states that, by 2013, the manufacturers have to recycle 60% the amount of electronic items they have sold.

The New York Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act became a law in the year 2010 Vide which the manufacturers of all electronic items must maintain an effective system of collection, handling, refurbishing and recycling of the products they sell. Manufacturers must also have acceptance programs maintenance and implementation under scrutiny of the state’s department for Environmental Conservation. The law also specifies the amount of e-waste that the manufacturers have to recycle at the end of each year. Since 2011,  the manufacturers cannot dump e-waste in landfills and very soon it will take into consideration other retailers, and businesses. Consumers too are prohibited from disposing off their electronic waste in landfills.

In the year 2007,  the North Carolina 1492 law was enacted that prohibited electronic items like monitors, computers, laptops and other electronic devices from being disposed at landfills. The next year an amendment was added to the law and the list also included televisions and in 2009, this became a law. In the year 2010,  the bill was altered a little and the responsibility of collection and recycling of e-waste was added to the manufacturers of this electronic product. They have a choice to start their own recycling attempt or fund the recycling efforts taken by the state government.



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How to Install iOS Theme on Android

July 30th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Install iOS Theme on Android

In this article we will tell you how to Install iOS theme on Android. Here are the complete details:

Many android users are quite fascinated with the iPhone look and Apple operating system. However, they choose android for its customizable platform and the choice for a variety of carriers. The other reasons are the android Smartphone are more versatile, and they will give a lesser pinch in the pocket than the Apple iPhone 5. The android Smartphone offer a host of attractive customizing features and one among these are to install the mimicking features of the iOS operating system on your Android phone. So stop being jealous of those carrying the new iPhone 5 and install some of the apps available in Google Play that allows some features very close to iOS apps without much trouble. 

Step One:

Launcher Installation

The first step to do so is to download a launcher. The launcher can be downloaded from Google Play, and the best one is known by the name of Go Launcher EX. However, the other alternative is ADW Launcher. Go Launcher EX will allow you to customize your home screen, size of widgets, how many pages to be available and other details. After downloading Go Launcher EX, open the app by clicking on it. You will see a number of introduction screens after the Go Launcher EX boots up. Just explore all the slides to get your new screen page.

Step Two:

Installing a Theme

Launchers already have some themes which you can download any time that looks closer to the Apple iPhone theme. There are simply many themes which look very close to the Apple’s iOS like ‘Theme from Droid4fun’, ‘iPhone Go Launcher EX theme from Urtegata’, ‘Go launcher theme from DG themes’ and ‘iOS iPhone Theme Go launcher from AVillardoArts’. But take a close look into these and choose a theme if it is compatible with your device. Once the screen is downloaded you will have to go to the menu of your phone, choose the screen that you have downloaded and apply it. The new theme will be on display. Now your android device’s home screen will get the look of Apple iOS 5.1.

Step Three:

Installing a Lock Screen Theme

Lock screens can also be customized to look close to that of iOS. Go Locker is the one that is recommended because it works well with the Go Launcher EX. Download Go Locker in your device and now it is time to install a lock screen theme that closely resembles iOS. Go Launcher EX Locker can be befitting or even you can try Magic Locker, which is free.

Now that the process of the download is complete go to the Go Launcher EX Home Screen—>menu button—>plug-in—>Go Locker and choose the option- iPhone Go Launcher EX Locker.

Step Four:

Download iPhone Themed Apps

Now it is right time to decide for some more apps that make your android look like an iPhone. Try Go Contacts that organizes and manages your contact list, and Go SMS iPhone theme that will handle your text messages as talking bubbles, and lastly with the iPhone Keyboard Emulator FREE your phone keyboard will get the look of iPhone.

Step Five:

Cherish your Phone

So your Android phone is now an iPhone, just take some time out and finish off the other customization options and enjoy it. The best feature of Go Launcher EX is that it allows you to customize and adjust many details on the main screen. You may resize the widgets and app icons anyway you please!

Hope this article about how to Install iOS theme on Android helped you.


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How to Make Best Out Of E Waste

July 28th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Make Best Out Of E Waste

In this article we will tell you how to make best out of E Waste. Here are the complete details:

Have you ever thought of what all you could do with your Electronic waste materials? Never, right? Yes, most of the times all of you are busy thinking of what do to with the waste and, finally come up with an idea of dumping it off. When you dump the waste, you are not only polluting the environment but throwing away means of creativity.

Just imagine, if only you could create a whole new world out of waste how would you feel. Waste can be made best by using these wastes to create something that you use on a daily basis. Say, something like making a pen stand out of waste. Think about it, what all you could do with some of the electronic waste. Here are a few ideas that would bring in some creative ideas into you.

Love for Bags

Do you love collecting bags? Are you fond of shopping for new bags every week? How about creating some real good fashionable bags using this electronic waste? Well, you can use the keyboard that you were planning to dump into creating a beautiful bag for yourself. Black coloured keyboard would just fulfil that desire of yours.

Frame Your Pictures

Buying a photo frame is not as good an idea as making one to store your memories. You can create beautiful photo frames using the keys of the keyboard. You can surround a nice block of board with white keys and make a desirable memory for your home. Your photo would look awesome in this photo frame.

Plant with Planters

Those old floppy disks that you just dusted out of your cupboards are obviously going to be dumped in the waste as soon as possible. No doubt, they are of no use to you anymore. Just imagine what magic you could create using this floppy disk. You could create those table planters and make your plants rest in some home of their own. Beautiful and colourful rooms for the plants that would rest lovingly on your desk! Just imagine how pretty they would look.

Accessories Give Joy

Are you in love with accessories that make you look pretty? How about creating some accessories out of the waste that you just got out of your computer? A circuit board can be cut into various shapes and, converted into a beautiful earring for your ears. You could even use the keys of the keyboard to create desirable pendants.

Keychains & More

You can use these circuits or the RAM that is useless now to create interesting keychains that you can use to store your keys. It is indeed interesting to see how lovely they would look.

Creative Stationery

Old floppy disks can make up for beautiful covers for your note papers. Imagine a small book that would look good on your table to take notes. You could create creative stationery with electronics.

You can actually create beautiful instances using your electronic waste. You would actually protect the environment in the process.



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E-Waste Recycling in Bay Area

July 25th, 2013 · Comments Off on E-Waste Recycling in Bay Area

In this article we will tell you about E-Waste recycling in bay area. Here are the complete details:

Think Green, Go Green, this is the modern philosophy of life. Most people have started taking this line seriously. Simple habits like separating the trash have been cultivated in the modern societies. Students are being taught how to be responsible citizens by making them grow more trees, go on tours to get people’s wastes that can be recycled etc. With every move made in the recent times, green movement is gaining importance from all corners.

Recycling electronics is possible and, there are many companies across the world that is concentrating on recycling the various electronic parts. When your computer grows old or, your once new printer has suddenly stopped working, what do you do? You cannot just dump them in the waste can you? Do you realize that the amount of disturbance that would occur in the environment by the waste you have dumped?

There should be a better solution than dumping the waste that won’t decompose. This is where the various electronic recyclers play an important role. They buy out your waste and, help you in serving the environment. They scrap these wastes and rebuild new materials out of this waste.

So, let us understand how this system works? Whenever you have some electronic waste that is not going to be used by you, just sell it at these recyclers. When you dump your waste, you do it for free. With recycling you can earn money. In fact, you could even do some fundraising activities. There are several recyclers who need several materials and pay you for these goods. You could buy out prepaid labels from recyclers and, draw pamphlets claiming you need electronic waste. People would come rushing in to give you their waste that’s been gathering dust in one corner. Once you have these goods, you can put up labels on them and, send it to the recycler. Once, the recycler has examined your waste and, found them useful he will pay you off. This is the way the process of selling your goods occurs.

What happens at the recycler’s end? On receiving and testing the materials, the recycler fixes which product goes where. The process of recycling electronics is very simple. Accordingly, the goods are recycled to the end and, from them materials like plastic, iron, copper etc. is removed so that it can be reused again.

If you are in Bay area, San Francisco, you would most certainly wish for the environment to remain green and healthy for your living. There would be many recyclers in your area who collect these dumps from your place. They may even have their own drop towns and cities that you have to find out. Research a bit on the various recycling companies and, their drop locations before you plan to send your goods out. This would be a good idea.

At the end of the day, be a responsible citizen and, don’t dump your electronic waste when you have a splendid option of recycling and reusing the waste.



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How to Sync iPhone to Multiple Computers

July 24th, 2013 · Comments Off on How to Sync iPhone to Multiple Computers

In this article we will tell you about how to sync iPhone to multiple Computers,  Here are the complete details:

Many people use multiple computers one for office work and the other for personal work  for storing music and movies. So very often there comes the desire to sync the iPad or iPhone with multiple computers. But iTune does not allow it, and it simply does not let you synchronize different kinds of applications in different computers.

Yet it is possible to do such a thing with your computers and iOS devices. iTune has been set so that by default it does not allow this kind of application but what if the settings are itself changed? Well then it can be definite connected to two computers.

In the first part of this tutorial, we will deal with changing the settings of iTune, and in the second part we will deal with the secondary computer so that it may have the same iTunes default settings.

Part I (Mac)

For Mac computers.

  1. By clicking on the ‘Finder’ symbol open a new Finder window.
  2. Now from the Go select ‘Go to Folder’.
  3. Type ‘~/music/iTunes/’ and then choose ‘Go’ button.
  4. Open the TextEdit file –iTunes Music Library.xml by double clicking on it.
  5. Note the Library Persistent ID value key. Do not modify the file before closing it. It must look close to this- D501EB4887717F8F.

Part I (Windows)

For Windows OS follow this tutorial-

  1. Go to the ‘Start’ button and choose ‘Music’ from the options.
  2. Click twice on the iTunes folder
  3. Now click twice on the iTunes Music Library.xml open it in a notepad
  4. Note the Library Persistent ID key value. Do not modify it and it may look like- 20F830293962CBA4.

Part II (Mac)- Secondary Computer

Now follow these steps for Mac as secondary computer-

  1. By clicking ‘Finder’ icon open a new finder window.
  2. In the Go menu choose ‘Go to folder’.
  3. Type ~/music/iTunes/ and choose ‘Go’ option.
  4. Select the files-iTunes Music Library.xml as well as iTunes Library– and choose Command+c and then Command+v to make a back-up of the files.
  5. Open iTunes Music Library.xml file by clicking twice.
  6. Change the Persistent Library Key ID into one that we have noted from Part I and save it.
  7. Now open iTunes Library with HexEditor (after downloading it).
  8. Use HexEditor to look for the old Library Persistent ID that we have replaced by typing in the ‘Find’ option in Menu bar. Choose ‘Hex’ as your search option.
  9. Now replace the old ID with the one we noted in Part-1 step 5 and save the file.
  10. Now launch iTunes and sync with new computer by connecting your iPhone to it. From the Summary Tab if you will select ‘Manually manage music and videos’ then you will not be prompted for erasing the data. 

Part II (Windows)-Secondary Computer

For Windows as a secondary computer you must continue here-

  1. Look out for ‘Music’ in the menu by clicking the start button.
  2. Click twice on iTunes folder
  3. Create a backup of the iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Library.it/ by Control+c (copy) and Control+v (paste) options.
  4. Open iTunes music Library.xml once again
  5. Note the current Library Persistent ID and change it with the one that we noted in Part I. Save the file
  6. Download HexEditor and open iTunesLibrary.it/ using it
  7. After opening iTunes Library.it/ utilize HexEditor to look out for the old Library Persistent ID that was replaced in step 5. Check ‘Find’ option in the Menu bar and choose ‘Hex’ as your search option.
  8. Replace the old ID with the one that we noted in Part I
  9. You are now free to connect iPhone to a new Windows computer by selecting the device from the available list of devices.

Hope this article about how to sync iPhone to multiple Computers helped you.

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E-Waste Drop-Off Locations in Oklahoma City

July 22nd, 2013 · Comments Off on E-Waste Drop-Off Locations in Oklahoma City

In this article we will tell you about E-Waste Drop-Off Locations in Oklahoma City. Details given below:

The usage of electrical and electronic devices has been on the rise substantially over the past few decades. These gadgets have greatly helped the people in many ways and have improvised their lifestyle. The speed with which the people could complete their household or official works has increased beyond imaginations. And hence the growth rate of these equipments has skyrocketed thus creating new challenges of handling the discarded items.

The quantities of electronic waste (E-Waste) that get accumulated in the landfills of the states have got the attention of the federal authorities. The findings about the careless disposal of E-Waste and its harmful impact on the public health and environment have forced the authorities to formulate guidelines for handling and disposal of E-Waste. They have also earmarked exclusive landfills to store and discard these items.

The 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – have become the buzz words for all the states in the United States of America. The City of Oklahoma too has embraced the modalities prescribed for the effective handling of E-Waste. There are many ways to discard the “beyond-the-bin” E-Waste by the citizens of Oklahoma City. In 2008, the state of Oklahoma has passed the Oklahoma Computer Recovery Act which has made it mandatory for the certain electronic items manufacturers to fund the collection and recycling opportunities of E-Waste.

The City Council has partnered with organizations like Best Buy, Staples and Sears for offering e-cycling services. The Council also has a tie-up with Goodwill Industries who in-turn has associated with Dell to recycle the computer and computer related waste.

Best Buy is operating Recycling kiosks in every store and consumers can drop-off E-Waste like rechargeable batteries, chords, wires, cables, toner and ink cartridges. They also accept almost all types of electronic items at their customer service counters. Apart from these drop-offs, Best Buy picks up the TV or any other electronic appliances freely from the customer’s home, if they buy the items from their stores.

Consumers can utilize the Staples e-cycling services by dropping off their used office technology items at their stores. Staples would do the recycling of these products at no cost to the consumers. Staples’ e-cycling of office products does not have any strings attached and thus consumers can drop off the products even if they have not purchased them from Staples. They also handle the disposal and recycle of ink and toner cartridges. Moreover, consumers can get $2 back in their Staples Rewards program on dropping off the cartridges at Staples stores.

Goodwill Industries is a 110 years organization having the expertise in social and environmental practices. This organization helps the public in recycling many items including E-Waste. They also train the people to become skilled professionals and also assure placements for them. Dell and Goodwill Industries have joined their hands in the year 2004 to offer safe and secured recycling services of E-Waste. The Dell Reconnect program is aimed at collection and safe disposal of computer and the allied electronic components. Consumers can find the drop-off locations of this program from the official website of Dell Reconnect (dellreconnect.com).

It is the social responsibility of every citizen to have voluntary participation in E-Waste recycling programs as it helps the future generations to live in greener and healthier environment.

Hope this article about E-Waste Drop-Off Locations in Oklahoma City helped you.

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