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Reasons why Cell Phone Advertising has Strong Future

November 15th, 2012 · No Comments

There are various reasons why cell phone advertising has strong future. Here are some important points.


Smart phones and tablets have become very popular leading to an era of mobile-based advertising which has a strong future. There is more than thirty percent market penetration with approximately 250 million Android phones and 315 million iOS devices already sold in market.

With increasing number of smart phone users, advertisers have now started to focus on mobile media to reach the customers.

There are different options for advertisers to use mobile advertising space through push notifications, rich media, search ads, mobile application display ads, WAP, SMS etc.

Around thirty percent of population in U.S. own smart phones which has got big attention from advertising and marketing sector. There are various reasons why mobile advertising is considered to be future medium for advertising.

Availability of Various Tools and Advertising Techniques

Advertisers can choose from a wide range of mobile tools for promoting their products and services to the target audience. There are plenty of mobile websites and mobile applications designed for this purpose.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, twitter are designing custom mobile apps to share views among mobile users and advertisers focus on using such platforms to market their product. Also mobile search ads and SMS updates are easier way to reach the customers. They help product owners to embrace loyalty, increase purchases and create brand awareness among users.

Accelerated Innovation

There is lot of innovation taking place in mobile industry with plenty of user-friendly features and UI advancements that have increased the usage of smart phones to great extent. Latest features include personalization and voice control with apps like iPhone Siri, S3 Voice Assistant which improve the user experience. The complexity of mobile applications has reduced and this has increased accessibility of the users.

Cultural Impact on Society

The usage of mobile phones has increased tremendously over the last decade with people spending 2/3rd of their time communicating or surfing in their smart phones.

As per recently survey, it has been found that around on average citizens in U.S. are spending ninety four minutes per day for using the apps on mobile phones. Mobile phones have changed the way people experience relationships, education, entertainment and life.

Available Always with Users

Another important advantage of mobile advertising is that it is always available in hands of the users unlike radio, wired internet, newspapers or magazines. Since it’s always with users, mobile ads have better reach compared to other media and this is why it will be considered as primary medium of advertising in future.

Different modes of Advertising

With mobile platforms, there are various forms of advertising which include Location based advertising, Application based advertising and SMS based advertising. Location based services are very popular in Smart phones as they are integrated with GPS and application can keep track of location of users.

So, based on locality there are different methods to advertise products for users. For instance, whenever a user checks in a hotel or visits tourist spot, ads related to that particular hotel or popular restaurants in that particular tourist spot can be displayed to user.

Application based advertising is another trend. Based on statement by Steve job, users of iPhone spend 30 minutes on average daily on applications. So, by targeting ads on popular applications, we can easily reach a majority of users. This is more powerful that web-based advertising.

Another popular mode of mobile advertising is sending text messages about products and services to users. The availability of various techniques for mobile advertising is considered favorable by the advertising companies and this is why it will be considered as an important medium for advertising in future.


Though there is lot of growth in mobile phone market, it’s only considered as beginning and still lot of changes are yet to come. Mobile advertising industry will be a multi-billion industry in future with number of mobile users increasing in a fast pace and introduction of latest technologies.

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