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Recycle Cell Phone Batteries For Money

July 9th, 2013 · No Comments

In this article we are going to discuss about Recycling cell phone Batteries for Money. Here are the complete details:

There are certain ways of making money through recycling your mobile phone battery. The basic fact is that mobile phones get upgraded pretty rapidly. So, most of the people have unused phones at home. While we may have a misconception of these being worthless, these phones can fetch good money in case you decide to recycle them.

  • The Process: The most useful and easiest way of doing the same is sending the unused mobile to any web based company which
    recycles phones. There are numerous such companies operating online. Each of these companies is expected to quote a specific price. You must compare among one another in order to get the best price for your phone. The companies will ask you to enter the model and make of the phone. These entries will ensure an automatic offer. Even though the offer can vary hugely, you must understand that newer models of a phone are surely going to get a bigger price than an older one. Similarly, you are going to get a bigger price if your battery is in working condition. On the other hand, an original battery is expected to fetch a higher amount.
  • What is going to happen your phone: After you register your phone to a website, you may wonder what is going to happen to your phone. You may also wonder why these companies are so much interested in buying your phone and recycling the same. The reality is that most of these phones are used in the countries which are in their developing state. These phones are tested
    after you sell them out. After that, these are sold to those countries. Many of these countries do not have landlines easily
    available in specific localities. These mobiles can be used as a replacement of landlines. There may be a possibility that your phone is not in working condition. Still, certain parts of the phone can be usable. For example, even if the mobile is not working, the battery is perfectly alright. The battery can be used separately. On top of that, you get cash for a phone that you are never going to use again.
  • In case your battery is scrap: Your battery may be in terrible condition. The battery of your old phone can longer be used. It may only be used as a scrap. You may find scavengers who move around in trucks or shopping carts which are filled with cans. You can get their guidance regarding the places where you may approach for selling scraps of different kinds. When you get to know some of those places, you can call them up to find out if the company buys the kind of scrap battery you have got. You should also find out the kind of price they are going to pay for those. Alternatively, you can call some of the other recyclers and local scrapyards as well. The prices are definitely going to differ. You must get the best offer.

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